Monday, May 26, 2014

Short & Sweet

Emails are just shorter and shorter! 

This week has been great! Saw a lot of miracles, and putting forth more and more faith. I feel like im in the middle of my mission and that things are rolling. 

I can't stop now! 

I can't think about leaving these people, I love them!!

A miracle we had is when we met a new investigator last week, picked him up and then met him again and taught the first lesson. When we were walking to the church together He turned to me and said, "I hear that I'm not allowed to smoke in your church....So I've decided from today on i won't smoke again!"- Miracle! But the great miracle was teaching him the restoration. I know that he was prepared by the Lord and his angels because as we taught of the great apostasy the light filled his mind. He couldn't stop saying how true it was. That he had always wondered why all the other churches said that God stopped speaking with man at the end of Christ's ministry and the death of the Apostles. It was amazing. I'm so humbled by the opportunity I have to see the elect come forth and desire the truths of the gospel. 

I love you and Hope you are all continuing to shine forth the Light of Christ. You have to be the angel that is sent by the Lord to declare the gospel, never shy from that responsibility and blessing. 

Elder Kaufusi

Monday, May 12, 2014


Sorry about last week's email blunder. I realized that I typed in "sm" to send it to your email which usually pops up right away, but hilary's email popped up and without looking out of habit just hit the enter button. I'm sorry, luckily i don't have to many opportunities to make that mistake again. 

Thanks for the phone call! 

It is always great to hear the voices of those I love so much. The Lord really has blessed us with eternal families, and of course kenny. But truly as I talked with you all I could feel the amazing spiritual connection that the Lord has allowed me to have with each of you and I'm grateful i  might help others learn to make that connection. My new amazing companion elder Fonnesbeck (from Preston area Idaho) just listened in and laughed because everyone asked how much i weigh... I weigh about 250lbs and my arms can only lift about the weight of 2 books of mormon! but that is sufficient as a missionary so I'm happy!! 

This last week has been a work crazy week. We truly are going to the edge and jumping off without hesitation. We were able to see so many great miracles. 2 of which came as we met 2 new investigators. Our first week together we just started, as you know, running and working and trying to find investigators because our last investigators got baptized. This week we were able to see some fruits as in getting 5 new investigators and out of those five we were able to set 2 baptismal dates in the first lesson. The numbers are good and all but the miracle came in the spirit as we taught these people. We opened our mouths in boldness and spoke the words that the Lord needed us to speak. Both times I was able to recite the first vision, and both times the spirit bore testimony to me and the investigator of it's sanctity. After stating it, both the investigators paused and were just in this awestruck state. They didn't know of it's truthfulness right away, but the spirit was upon them and it planted the seed of faith. I love this work so much. I can't tell you how much this means to me. I feel as if I can never stop doing this. I know that my time to return is coming but I don't know if I have the heart to return. I love you all so much, but these are my people and I love them!! 

Thanks for all you do, I love you all!
Elder Kaufusi