Monday, September 30, 2013

Well it's gonna be short....I am the new AP

So I got transferred again....And because of where I am my emails are going to be really short...... My new companions are elder Clearwater and Elder 설명우 in the office...yes, I am so humbled, I am now the new AP, (mom, that stands for Assistant to the President)

 Really just been crazy, so sad to say goodbye to my last ward... was only there for about 3 months but i love them so much. Shed some tears and stuff when i said goodbye but then my new comps came after church and swept me away to the office.

 I'm so grateful for the opportunity I will have to work so close with president Christensen and just help the other missionaries in the mission! Things are just going to go into overdrive and work work work. I might come home about180 lbs. but I'll have saved some souls and that's all that matters!

Getting busy! scariest thought is I'll have to get a drivers license and drive the crazy streets of korea!
 (I know you are all laughing because we all know I wasn't that great of a driver in good old Provo, Utah)
Love you all,
 The church is True! I Love Korea, I love You!
 Elder Kaufusi
President just walked in and told me that you will have to do somethings for me so i can get my license here in korea. So I will send you the paper work and if you could fill it out and what not I'd appreciate it. Love you!

Monday, September 23, 2013


Dear Familia,

Sorry to hear about the game.... well to be honest not really, the Lord's work moves forward if we win or not so I'm a happy camper. 

However, I'm sad to hear that Bronson got a concussion.... 

This last week has been a very interesting week. It was the korean thanksgiving so we had a mission conference on Thursday. It was great! We had a mission wide fast on Wednesday and broke the fast as a mission. The meeting was so spiritual, and to fast as a mission was something that I'll never forget. President's talk was exactly what I, and the mission needed to hear. I know he is called of God. I also had the opportunity to share my testimony during the conference and as usual I got up, introduced myself in korean as 행복한 카푸시  장로 (happy elder Kaufusi) and bore testimony of the power that comes through sanctification and purification. 

On the way to the conference I flipped my scriptures open randomly and it fell to Mark 10:21. As I read, pondered, and prayed in my heart I knew this was something I needed to share. This fast as a mission was to help us re-dedicate ourselves to the work here in Korea and in doing so we as a mission need to give more of our hearts. I also shared Ezekiel 36:26-27 which speaks on gaining a new heart. It was a gratifying opportunity to stand before the mission and bear testimony of the work and our Savior. 

Anyways, no investigators could meet this last week because of the Holiday, we had a cleaning day and they changed our P-day to last saturday. So Saturday we had a zone activity. We met with 동대문 (dongdaemun zone)  at 신당 (sindang) ward and played basketball, and then watched The Best Two Years! It was amazing! super fun. That movie was to so much more fun watching it as a missionary. 

Then on sunday, President came to our ward and our investigator got the gift of the holy ghost/confirmed. It was great. 

Got the package! thanks soooooo much! I am in heaven! To be honest, the shoes couldn't have come at a better time haha I have had to get my other shoes fixed probably 3-4 times haha. In fact I used it as a proselyting technique last month! My sole was just flopping when i walked and so i'd start conversations with people by asking "where can I fix my shoe?" One lady even stopped on the spot and had crazy adhesive glue in her purse and glued it on the spot! However, it made it so i had to walk around for 20 minutes shoeless, which also is a great conversation starter haha. 

Anyways I love you and I love this work. I love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know that through him we might feel and partake of the everlasting love of our Heavenly Father. 

LEx! happy Birthday! I wrote in big lettering in my planner that it was your birthday! I have the family calendar hanging up in our room and since it has all your pictures up this month, when president came to our house for a cleaning check, i think he got a kick out of it.  If there's anything you need, let me know! 

I Pray for you and the family always.

Love Elder Kaufusi

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

sorry so short...again

Things are just going so fast that email time is not what it used to be! Sorry for last week, and this week, but I hope you find joy and peace knowing that Your son (me) is finding the greatest joys and happiness of life losing himself in the Lord's work.  

The Baptism this week is the miracle! 전정환 (paul) came to church and was prepared to begin his journey as a witness and follower of our Lord and Savior. As we sat and listened to the testimonies of our members during the baptismal service I was watching 전정환 and elder Perry. Both of them were beaming in their white baptismal clothes and I had such a powerful feeling of the spirit rush over me and open my understanding more. I felt the Spirit testify to me of the work we are doing. That there are so many people in need of this eternal change. After the Ordinance there was a special musical number by the young single adults. During the musical number our newly baptized Brother had his head bowed and was praying fervently. what an amazing sight it was to see. More importantly what an amazing manifestation of the spirit.  The Joy that was felt is inexpressible. During this time of fasting, purification, sanctification, and re-dedication; my studies have lead me to the idea that I, like every other missionary bearing the name of Christ, must  willingly give more of myself. However, it is much easier said then done. Like all doctrine, the more clearly it is understood the more we will apply and follow it's principles. During the baptism I was able to understand more deeply of what I must become spiritually, and what I must give temporally. The joy that was felt is without a doubt one of the "why's" of missionary work. 

Continue in faith. Remember Faith over Comes Doubt everytime.  Sanctify, Purify, and become the disciple of Christ you were pre-destined to be.

Elder Kaufusi

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Way to beat Texas! 
Great Win! What were brons and dev's stats?

 Well glad to hear everyone is doing well! Love you all so much. Gotta get going on some p-day activities my son told me in comp inventory that we need to have more fun on p-days so we gotta go have fun! then focus back on missionary work. Love you!
This last week's miracle happened on Sunday. During sacrament we sat by our investigator and after Sacrament everyone crowded towards the back of the chapel for some reason. We went back there and a family had come to church that Elder Luker had met on the street and had tried to refer to the Korean Elders. Her kids had heard of our church and the Mother's friend (40yr old male) had also visited our church 30 years ago and really liked it. So the Mom, her daughter and the Mom's friend was there. Elder Perry and I went into the young single adults class with Paul (전정환, our most progressing investigator who will be baptized next week), and Elder Luker went into another room with our ward mission leader and the sister missionaries and the Korean missionaries. Things all went well, we taught Paul and he accepted everything great. It truly brought peace to my soul to hear him so readily and willing to follow the commandments of God. It's easy to think negatively, especially with the situation we are in where someone is so prepared to be baptized, yet satan is working so hard. That hope for baptism can be clouded by doubt and fear, but everytime we meet Paul and bare testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, that fear is washed away. The lesson went well, after church meetings ended we went into our room and evaluated how things had gone. Elder Luker told us the amazing story of the family and how they saw a light in the missionaries faces, especially when the lady came up to Elder Luker on the street and started talking to him. Also, that when she ran into Elder Luker again on the street that it wasn't an coincidence, but that it was meant to be. Due to the miracle of the family finding our church and coming to sacrament meeting we have 3 new investigators and if things go accordingly we will have a way to passour baptismal goal of 3 and have 4 baptisms this month. The Lord Always Provides a Way.
Love this work, I know it's true.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quick- "I LIVE"

  • QUICK- "I LIVE"‏

  • WHERE ARE YOU????‏

To: Michelle Kaufusi
On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 10:26 PM, Michelle Kaufusi <> wrote:

Son, we did not get an email from you yet???

Are you alive???

Are you in the hospital??
What is going on???

If I don't hear from you today, I am calling!!

Michelle  Kaufusi

 because of mission leadership council our p-day got changed. Anyways, not a lot of time, things are flying and I got to get flying with them! 

Sorry to hear about the losses.... It's ok we are all winners because we are on the Lord's side! but a couple of sacks would be nice huh? Anyways, so many miracles this week. This week my testimony grew again, just like every week. I know that this is the Lord's work and I know the Lord lives.
Our most progressing investigator is named Paul, 전정환. He is a miracle. we had felt moved to ask each area in our zone to have a baptismal date by the end of the month.

 We put our faith in the prompting and decided to just go to work. Well, a week ago we were dateless and starting to feel the familiar pressure, and discouragement that satan so readily provides. Last Monday night we had a lesson with Paul, who has been studying with missionaries from 서울 south mission in a english class. He reads the book of Mormon with them and likes it a lot, in fact, he has also gone to church a couple times with those missionaries and liked that too. On the other hand, he didn't know what the Book of Mormon was?? and just had never heard the lessons because the english class gospel message that he listened to was just general information on gospel principles.

 Anyways, this was our second time meeting him and we decided that he needed to know the "why" of everything we believe, and "why" we are different. We started with the first lesson. The lesson went amazing. The spirit was strong and as we testified to him of the truth you could see that he enjoyed the fruits of the spirit he was feeling. As the lesson closed I was bearing final testimony to him. Then in the middle of my testimony while I was looking him in the eye, the thought just came into my mind to ask him to be baptized. Here we were just the second time meeting and him finally hearing a legitimate lesson for the first time. The Lord was asked me through the spirit, to scare away this awesome new investigator with the commitment of baptism! As I put the thought to the back of my mind I continued to bear testimony. Then at the climax of my testimony when I could see the light of Christ beaming from Paul's countenance I knew that the prompting was not to be ignored. This was the Lord's time for him to commit him to baptism. The spirit would have had it no other way. The commitment was given, and received well. Paul felt the spirit and responded. Now we've taught Paul the 2 and 3 lesson along with some commandments, and he is preparing to enter into the waters of baptism on September 15th. I know that Lord is using us all as tools in his work. How great is it to not only labor for the Lord, but with Him, side by side, enjoying his presence and feeding off of his diligence.
Another cool experience. 

We have this investigator who just is rather pathetic sometimes. I love him but he just doesn't get it. he has great pride towards God and has wasted missionaries time and efforts for a year. However, i love him and want to help him. Anyways we met with him and it was great. During the lesson he went off about his normal trials and that God can't help him and that God can't give him money. I was very stern with him and then at the end he started whining. I got this weird feeling while i was listening to his whining. It wasn't anger, frustration or anything else but something new. It welled up inside of me till finally i realized what it was. It was the exact feelings that prophets had in the scriptures especially Jacob in the book of Mormon. The spirit was constraining me to call this man to repentance. So i opened my mouth and the words fell out, and it was such a spiritual experience. He stopped whining and things ended ok.

 I love teaching with power and authority in korean, it has a special spirit about it!
Well love you all! Bye!
Elder Kaufusi