Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I had to photo shop him to make him look tanner. He has never been so pale or skinny in his whole life!!

anyeoung ha sayo cho aye kajoke! how goes it?! can i just say i was so happy to see yall on sunday!!!! ha you all looked so wonderful it made my day! now mom i know your mad because i didn't come give ya a hug or a kiss but it is because i need to be an example to my zone and show some composure....but i almost "rent" my clothes and went crazy. i love all your emails and letters and packages! everyone in my district is so gealous i kinda feel bad haha cuz i've gotten a package or letter from some one or other every day for the past 4-5 weeks! pretty good streak aye? well i want to say congrats to isaiah! when i read that he got offered i freaked out and started yelling and i kinda made a mess haha o well. I know that it is a blessing from the lord and that byu will be a place where he can progress athletically, mentally, but most of all spiritually. plus we could play togeths and have a blast haha. well dang i always get a brain freeeze when i get on the computer....o yeah well it's p-day and it's also the day we are having a special devotional and like 10 apostles will be there! but that's not even the craaziest part, president brown asked me to say the prayer during it!!! im so scared but i know the spirit will guide me, plus i might get to sit behind the apostles! i have a plan to accidentally trip and fall onto the laps of elder holland and president uchtdorf and then steal a lock of president ucht's hair and grabbing the jowl of elder holland in a subtkle mannner but we will seee haha. but i can't wait to be spiritually fed today!

well i would now like to tell yuraboon about a spiritual experience i had, ha espeicially you dad! so saturday after we met with president christiansen (our mission pres to be) we got to watch a movie. and what movie was it, none other then the other side of heaven! i hadn't seen it in forever but my companions were like these are your people! and they kept asking me if i was related to anyone in the movie haha because my white companions have given into the fact that all poly's are related. anyways while i was watching the movie i started thinking about you dad, and your mission and how you literally got to go to the place of your heritage and work and learn. As i watched i saw the polynesian people and i felt my heart just swell becuase they have a special place in my heart but in my mind i was also thinking, why didn't i get called to tonga! i want nothing more then to learn the culture and heritage of my family, and i already love the people! but then the spirit edified my mind and i thought "corbin, think about the people of korea! you love them and they will come to love you. they are waiting for you! the lord is waiting to give you experiences in korea that you couldn't get anywhere else." as soon as i started thinking i felt the spirit just envelope me like i had just jumped in a pool. i sat there and as i watched the movie and how elder groberg loved the tongan people and they loved him, i could imagine myself in korea and having a similar experience. It was just another testimony to me that i am going where i need to go and the lord is preparing people. i pray every night for the korean people because i know that they are a choice people and that through the atonement of our lord and savior, jesus christ, they can recieve blessings they can't even imagine! So that's my lil spiritual schpeel

in other news. ha i love recieving all the letters and stuff about what's going on with my friends and other missionaries. haha im excited because boden will have class on the same floor as me! um we get 26 new korean missionaries tomorrow so im a bit excited and nervous because i have to do this whole orientation thing on for them and it will be weird because now our district is the older district! to answer some questions, no i don't think im that skinny mom! i eat like a....well....a.....polynesian!! but i do enjoy the food you send, if it isn't too much to ask could you send some of your homemade rolls?! i told my district about the whole pocket of butter and that amazing heavenly roll you make and they just don't believe me. i need to prove them wrong!!! korean is coming along, i've really been increasing my study for both korean and the gospel and it is helping alot. dad, i haven't done my pin number yet for my card, do i need to do that asap? i haven't done it because my companions and i dcall it our get out of jail free card and we are saving it tilll we can't stand the mtc any longer. but if i gotta do it now i will! fus im so excited you get to go to canadia! lucky duck, and i love your hair, loooks awesooooomemme! tell brons for his birthday how much i love him and that he has been the greatest example any brother could ask for. he is a reason why i want to serve the lordd with all my heart mind might and strength. i can't wait for the day he comes in here and i get to hug him! welll love you all! twinnnys, be good!


p.s ok today i am sending my memory card, the videos on it are random and do contain topless men.....beware..

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some new pictures!!

From the Friends.

Ok so Corbin's two best friends Sam Tempest and Ryan Sagers are in the MTC with him. Here are some little parts about Corbin...

From Elder Tempest:

K I need you guys to thank Michelle, the Tempest's, and the Earls for me. I loved all of their packages. also you need to make
Corbin something that will make his belt break cause that kid is skinnier than four bendy straws strapped to
a rocket ship landing on mars.

From Elder Sagers:

Oh and before I forget, I just wanted to make it known to all you people out there.... by far the FUNNIEST thing about the MTC is seeing Corbin and his two companions!! Hahah I freaking can't help but laugh every time I see them! It's like Gandalf leading a couple of hobbits! Haha his companions are literally like five foot nothing, and they just follow behind him in a line wherever he goes! Haha it's sooooo funny.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 18, 2012 Email

(my family)

How's it? I love hearing about all of you all the time! it makes me so happy! and mother!!!!!! i saw you on Sunday and you didn't even recognize me?!?! it was at like 3:40ish and we were walking back from our temple walk and I saw your car and i started waving so you slowed down and waved but it seemed like you didn't recognize me! What the lumps woman! haha I turned to my zone (I'm zone leader now) and I said everyone wave to my mother! It was great but you looked confused with so many people waving at you. Mom you have to roll your window down and say something only my crazy, loving mother would say! haha.
Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was fathers day!!! happy fathers day!!!!!! I love you soo much, I was gonna send a card but I'm so busy with this new calling and keeping my companionship going that I didn't have time to send it but i do have one and it will get to you someday. I just want you to know that i couldn't have had a better example of a worthy priesthood holder and man growing up. Everything you have taught me has helped me soo much in the MTC and I can't thank you enough dad. I promise one day I will make it up to you and buy you a truck and a fishing boat!

Well, it has been another crazy week in the MTC! lots of learning lots of Korean lots of......weirdies. hahaha um where to start?.....well funny things that have happened. I saw mother and she looked great but she did not break a rule and it shocked me...and I saw Katya a few days ago, and some other random person honking at me from a car...probably some Mexicans thinking i was a Mexican. anyways it was a sad week because our senior districts and the Korean district finally left for Korea! I was surprisingly really sad to see them go because they were my mentors and what not but I know that they have been prepared and are ready to preach for the lord. Ha I'm going to miss all the lil Asians running around saying KAPUUSHI KAPUUUSHI YOU SOOOO BEEEEIIIIIGGGGG! but it's OK because we get another group of white boy missionaries coming in next week. in fact we get 26! which is like almost triple the amount we have now....then in like 3 weeks we get another Korean district who will leave with us. So weird because I have to do this orientation thing for all of them. Learning Korean is going well, I am starting to get to the point were I can just formulate sentences in my head because I've learned a lot of grammar forms and I know the syntax of it. It is still frustrating at times but i know the lord is helping me out. I'm starting to understand things too especially when we talk to our "progressing investigators." I feel like I can finally start teaching to the needs because I can understand them and that's what missionary work is all about!

I almost got in trouble the other day....hahaha jk it was funny, so there is no dunking in the gym but we were playing and my teammate shot and missed and I came running in and jumped like a bazillion feet in the air and I felt like a darn spartan or something and I grabbed the ball off the rebound and was like "NOOOOOOOO----SOOOONNNNNN" (that is your voice mother in my head) and I forgot the "no dunking" rule for a split second and had this massive put-back dunk.....as soon as it happened though I felt so bad, I ran into the gym office and was like "I didn't mean to dunk it!!! I swear like I just couldn't not....." they just laughed at me and said it was fine! ha they actually kinda wanted me to do it again but I won't because it's against the rules!! I've had some really spiritual experiences this week. we taught a middle aged Korean lady who was a volunteer and we were teaching revelation through the Book of Mormon. she seemed really insecure and so we had her read some verses and she like started to cry. I told her that I know that the Book of Mormon could bless her life and through it we can fee God's love. She already had a testimony of it but i told her that she could receive more revelation if she would read it every day. She said yes but then our time ran out and we had to go, before I could tell her of the Saviors love for her! but I am pretty sure she felt it through us. I'm striving to learn how to receive personal revelation and today at the temple i believe i will get some. The temple is such an amazing place and I know that the Lord has been in there. Every time I sit in the celestial room I truly feel like i am in the Lord's presence. it's amazing.

Well keep telling me everything! I love to hear it! If you want you can keep sending me packages, I love love love them!!!! Could you send me a water bottle or like some capri-suns? I need to drink more. thought i saw Dora the other day....how I misss that girl...I still need to set up a time to go activate my pin number. ha my companions and i call it our get out of jail free card! o and Bronson met Jonah Lomu......................................I"MMMMMM SOSOOOOOO JEAAAAAALLLLLLOOOOOUUUUSSSSS/EXCIITTEEEEDDDDDDDDDDD Jonah is such a beast!.;...well maybe I'll meet a famous Korean that invented space travel.......ha probably not but I will send a card for Bronson's b-day but my time is out!

Elder Kaufusi 250lbs. Yes I have lost about 15 pounds, I am trying to gain

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Email to the family 6/12/12

Aye derrrr yura boon! how's it? i swear you sons of mother ducks!!!!! you sent me a small child in that large lasst package!! i was sooooo happy to partake of that human sacrafice. i've been enjoying it alot. i now can bond with the koreans because right before bed they gather together and eat food in a circle so i join and the just say "kapushi....come at me broww" turns out they all wanna fight me. or just fake fight me and hug me. either way i love them. one of them told another elder in our district to proprose to the korean sister in the zone hahaha he was like "elda lodes (elder rhodes) propoose to seeeista cho, you man, if you love herw you must propooose!" they are hilarious, one of them looks like a panda and they always make him go workout and he hates it hahaha he's like "i fat, and i not as fast as dem!" it's like being around a bunch of edward shins! anyways it's great. let me tell you about the funniest story that happened to me. so the other night someone changed our alarm clock to 1 in the morning so that was weird but i thought it was as maintenance man playin a joke on us. then this morning elder woodford and myself found all these tissues under our bed spreads, literally like 20! and i was like what the mother teresea is this?! so we asked elder julian and he looked down and this is what he said.

"well yo, i was soooo mad at you both becuase you wouldn't let me write letters during gym time, and i have just been so mad that you both are making me wake up and go to bed on time so while you both were in the showers i changed the alarm clock to 1 in the morning so that you both would wake up. but when it went off neither of you two woke up so i had to get up and turn it off....then it went off 5 minutes later because i guess i hit the snooze button it was so annoying! then i was still mad so last night while you where in the showers i made balls of tissue to put under your bed so that it would be uncomfortable for you both to sleep in....but i guess it didn't work."

I started laughing soooooo hard, in fact all of didd ha all of his plans to get back at us backfired completely! i really was laughing sooooo hard, because he reminded me when i would get mad at bronson and thrash his room then i'd end up cleaning it up because you would make me mom.... hahah so funny. but at the same t5ime it was good because i think my companion is starting to realize the reasoning for our strict obedience. and that it isn't something he should be mad over. he's gettting better to work with. hmmm other experiences this week..... well i've had a ton! in one of our lessons with a random korean volunteer it was really hard to understand him and my companions didn't say much and i know he was a bit confused. so i bore testimony to him in korean and while baring testimony i was prompted to tell him of his worth in god's eye. so i told him that through prayer he can recieve answers and that god wants to hear from him. then i looked him in the eye and said, i know that heavenly father loves you. that small simple statement brought such spiritually feeling and witness to me of how important it is for us to know that god loves us all. and that the savior knows us so well. never hesitate to turn to him. he will bare you up and bless you.

Well i gotta go, this dumb timer says only a minute left, i might have to hulk smash this computer! im sending you my first camera memory card, it is full of classic videos and things so put them on my blog haha. yes fam i can still be naked in here....the few moments from walking to and from the shower are moments i enjoy haha. o could you give me the garry's address, and send bronson's letters through dear elder. love ya!

Email to Me (Alexis) this one is priceless...

sissy! i thank you for the update, sounds like the fam is doing good. tell mother to stop crying! ha but it is weird that i haven't seen her yet, i see a ton of people whenever i go out and play soccer. that's all i do is lift, bball and soccer with the koreans. they love me, but some of them are a bit too touchy, they just want my bod. tell father he needs to lose weight because he still has to be alive when i get home! and not on a respirator. i miss lil porsche, she's such a cutie, you should bring her on a walk around the temple!...so that i can say hi to my only niece. ha so i totally got this wedding invite from steph and trav and it was so cute (i'm not gay) anyways they look so great. im so excited for them! when you go up there you gotta rep for me and do some crazy stuff. maybe i should send a letter with you to give to suze! or barb! ha they'd like that kind of crap right? i gotta write steph and trav back and send my congrats but how are you doing sis? i heard you got shingles, im sorry....i pray for you in korean but maybe it doesn't help because my korean isn't great. but i'll keep praying. what else you doing this summer. you should totally ride horses in canada or with boden sometime so i can live vicariously through you! well gotta email the fam. love yaa!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

an older email... so funny

 Here's an older email from Elder Kaufusi

ha where to even begin, it's been such a crazy week! i it's so been so crazy i probably look like an asian right now!!! well hmm ok so tuesday was when we conversed last correct? well that night we had a devotional it was great, then we just started our week over again and all we do is study korean and teach in korean, and yes that may sound easy but it's sooooooo stinkin harddd!!!! geezy laweezy, i am probably doing better then most the people in my district but i don't say that to be prideful, it just shows that the lord knows how dumb i am so he's givin me a bit of a help up haha. guess who i found elder tempest!! and guess what, somehow our district got switched with a really old district so we get to host newbies tomorrow, and guess who comes in...RY DAWG sagers!!! im totally gonna pick him up from the curb! and i'll just spit some crazy korean at paul and they'll be so impressed.... hahaha tell them to look for me! the temple has been awesome, last tuesday we did the endowment and i think we'll do the same today. i lvoe our temple walks, i got some tight pictures for y'all so i'll have to send my sd card. by the way are any of my letters making it to you? i've sent everyone a letter, so idk i pray it made it to you! how's fam bam life? you got some sweet trips planned for the summer? tell me about them, then i will re-enact them with my companions in my residence hahaha. hmm what else.... well i should probably tell you some good spiritual experiences that i've had.
so the other day i was with my companions and the one from canada, elder julian has really been struggling with homesickness and my heart really went out to him but i just didn't know what to do. his homesickness affects us all and it makes him not want to be obedient really so it's been a bit hard to deal with, because since im the senior companion in the threesome i have to conduct companionship inventory and i don't want to be mean or sound offensive to him but we needed to address it. so finally after companionship prayer one night he was feeling really down and he just kept saying he was gonna call home the next day. so when i said my personal prayer i pleeded to the lord to let the spirit guide either myself or elder woodford so that we might say some words that would comfort elder julian. as soon as i ended my prayers we were all in bed then elder woodford said exactly what elder  julian needed to hear and he helped bare him up. i knew my prayer was answered... and strangly im starting to think i already told yall this story. well another one is yesterday we had to teach 2 new investigators and we were not prepared at all. we had been studying hard but we just were not able to say the things we wanted to going into our first one. so naturally our first lesson was a disaster and after i tried to laugh it off but in my heart i knew that i ahd failed the lord in being a good representative. so after dinner we had to teach again so we quickly made another vague lesson plan and went to the next lesson. this time we did so well and the spirit was so much more peaceful and comforting during the lesson we all spoke great korean and i loved it. the difference was we humbled ourselves and we had a prayer in our hearts for eachother. it was great, after we immediately went into a seperate room and prayed and i gave thanks to the lord for allowing us to get through the lesson with the spirit. i love this place! ha it's like a space time continuim in here though....like i feel like the time is just non-existant and im in a whole new world. but then when i walk out into the field or the temple im like wow i know this place!!! the native koreans came in last night and they just marveled at me... kinda weird but i just kept telling them i love them. um things i need....maybe an extra shirt and shorts cuz i go through them so fast during my workout time! also um idk nothing ha just love to hear how yall are doing. i lvoe you alll bye bye!

Corbin's Address

Here is Corb's address for the MTC. When he goes to Korea I will make sure to post this new Korean address. The boy is starving so if you want to send him something, send him food :) 

Elder Corbin Kaufusi
 MTC Mailbox # 224
KOR-SEO 0731
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

June 5, 2012

 This is Corbin's latest email!!! This boy is hilarious!

aye der familia!! how are YURDABOON?!!!  hahaha o my son of a baby pig i don't know where to begin, this week has beeen so crazy and amazing and crazy! um ok so i'll just fire off a bunch of random shenanigans and hopefully you haven't heard it before from me. if so, be patient, or i'll set you on fire!!! hahah ok hmmm so this week has been good, I feel like i am progressing in the korean pretty well. i will admit sometimes i wanna hulk smash through the wall because i can't say things i feel i need to say but it's ok, that is why im working on patience right?! haha um o goodness i have seen so many people in here. i see elder tempest all the time and i love it. he has a short but hefty black brotha and a glasses studded white male has his companions. I saw elder sagers as well! i totally saw his car pull up so i dragged my 2 dwarves with me to go say hello to ry guy. it was classic. i hope that they are both loving the mtc as much as i am becuase it's trully amazing in here. everymorning i wake up and i sing, and every night i lead the choir in the showers, but i try to not sing tooo loud cuz it's against the rules and im all about the obedience! which brings me to  a story. so one day my companion who is struggling with home sickness from canada wanted to go get garments during personal study time and i firmly told him "no we need to study, we are on the lord's time elder" so he was like ok.....plus no one really argues with me hehe. anyways that night after i had just showered i came into the room and he just started getting mad at me for not lettting him go get garments and i was a bit vexed so i told him that we are here to do what the lord needs us to and we will be completely obedient! well idk after we argued i was just so mad and wondered why he was lashing out at me, so i prayed and asked the lord to let me know through the spirit what i could do to help elder julian and myself so that we could come together in unity. well after i had layed down in my bed and put my ear plugs in (his sleep apnea machine can make some crazy weird noises) i looked over and saw that he was just staring at his pics from home, so then it hit me that he was just taking out his homesickness on me and that i just needed to bare him up in kindness and love, because his homesickness is the root of all his disobedience problems. so that night i stayed up for a little while and just felt horrible for rebuking him (never thought i would use that word) so the next morning i woke up and decided i would apologize and ask him if there was anything i could do to help him. well apologizing is sooooo hard, especially when i feel like i was in the right at the same time. so like 5 perfect instances came up where i could have apologized for the little confrontation we had but i let them go cuz in my mind i would rationalize that i said what i said because we neeeded to be obedient. then for some random reasons the nephites came to my mind. and the pride cycle and realized that i was going through a pride cycle and that i wasn't apologizing because i was getting pridefu. so even though i felt i was in the right i did as you always tell me dad and took the higher road and apologized. i felt so much better and more in-tune with the spirit after it was great. another funny story about confrontation is i love playing soccer withe the koreans that just came in. but we always happen to play this district who are pufffed up and stuff and i never get competitive cuz we aren't supposed to so usually i run around aimlessly just trying to kick the ball. so this one elder who is super competetivehad the ball so while screaming like a monkey i ran to him and kicked the ball out of his legs and stole it from him, but he fell down. i guess, so when he got up he yelled "kaufusi get your trash over here!!!" i was like hmmm ok :) so i walked over and said what's wrong elder and he kinda shrunk when i got close and said some dumb thing about how i don't know how to play soccer and i was like , "i know, the lord doesn't make bodies like me for  soccer" haha it was funny. ha i think it's so funny that some elders get so competitive during sports. i usually run around and try to look like a jungle beast haha. during basketball when i play in my NEW SHOES THAT ARE AWESOME!!!!!! THANKSSS SISSSSSSYYYYYY! the koreans just lvoe me cuz im so tall and they always want me to dunk but i can't because i will not break the rules ha so i just do dunks without touching the rim haha. Well i love all the stuff yall send. it's awesome, i was so mad though because tracy jackson sent me  some salsa and the mail place consfiscated it. i was about to go ape crazy when they gave me only the bag of chips! o and i have lost a bit of weight.... im around 245.... i eat sooo much too, i think its cuz i need to eat more throughout the day. so if you could keep sending snacks and candies and whatever i would love it, plus i tell everyone that you're the best cook mom! ha and i need to send yall my memory card cuz i got alot of pics and videos of hilarity. alot of it is just soo random. um what else....o my goodness i tots saw yous all the other day hahah i walked out of the building where all my class time is, and i heard this wild honking and was like, "what the korea?!" and when i looked over i saw our car and some child hanging out of it or something. it was so crazy hahaha sometimes i forget that i'm in provo. what else.... so how is everyone doing? did dad love philly, i bet he weighs liek 312lbs because he ate so much over there haha jk dad you're all muscle, i wish you could transfer your muscle to my bod! mom don't go kill yourself on a 100 mile bike ride. lex don't have too much fun without me, ps how's the shingles, you could totally use it as a pity thing and get some free stuff! but really are you ok?!?... daryl and dev.....don't let your hormones get the best of ya! bridle your passions you lil hot dogs! i pray for yall all the time! i love you all sooooooooo much!