Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hello Family - Mission Life

Hello Family! No greater tender mercy then to see a picture and read the story of my family bringing someone into the fold of God. I can't express to you how amazing that was for me to see and think about. Truly the results of prayer and love! 

Things are going great for me here. Just rolling on through with things. We had Interviews with President right after staff meeting today. It was big because since Elder Sol and I have been together 4 we know that the next transfer one of us will be leaving the office. So we thought president would tell us during interviews today and he did talk about it but nothing really was stated! So it's still up in the air if I will go for my last 2 transfers or if Elder Sol will go and I'll stay in the Office for my last 2 transfers. The spiritual experience that I had though was President asked me what questions I had. The thing I told him that I was studying on and praying about was with the time left on my mission how can I know and accomplish all that the Lord has for me? How can I squeeze every little bit out of what is left? How can I have the change of heart and nature complete so that I can go through life and eternity with my head completely turned towards God? As we talked he began to tell me of his recent studies and insights on the idea of a changed heart. As he talked literally everything that I had been studying and thought about was brought  up and aligned so perfectly. He spoke of the words from Alma 5 and focused on, "Remember/Understand." It was incredible to see him be used as a tool from the Lord to help me gain personal revelation and direction. We do not change our hearts, the Lord changes our hearts. We must do all that we can to show forth our faith so that when the time comes the Lord can change our Hearts. 

A miracle this week was the opportunity I had to go on exchanges with a missionary that I had lived a long time with and had seen grow since day one into an amazing tool and servant for the Lord. As we were teaching we asked a man if he had ever wondered about where we, as human beings com from. Out of the thousands of times I've asked this about 99% of the people say, "no I don't wonder, and I've never really thought about it." However, this time the man said, YES. He went off on how it was one of the greatest mysteries to him and that he wondered so much about it. We were shocked to see how prepared he was and gratefully told him that he could come to know the answer to his heart's great question. It was an amazing experience and I'm so grateful the Lord allowed me to experience it. 

I Love you all and am excited to see who is next in the family teaching pool of investigators! 

Elder Kaufusi

Monday, February 17, 2014



Korea is great as always, the winter has been so mild, spring has definitely come early. 

The new transfer is in full swing and we have so much good time to proselyte! 

Last week we were able to go out and do a lot of street contacting. Of course there are those that don't accept the message but to raise my voice in Korean and testify of Christ is one of the greatest if not the greatest experience ever. 

This week I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with Elder Rhodes (i think you met his mom or what not but we came to Korea together). During the exchange we just did amazing things! Miracles were everywhere! We met with 3 people and picked them up as new investigators, and had quite a few street lessons. The best part was as we worked together the spirit filled our hearts with even more desire and fire and we literally ran from place to place, person to person. The work just never stops! I love it!

 And I LOVE that my family, YOU are all involved with it at home. Listening to the miracles that our family is having in missionary work truly gives me great strength. I have prayed countless times in behalf of you asking the Lord to keep you in safe hands and out of harms way. He has answered my Prayers, he gave you the greatest spiritually protective blessing of doing missionary work! I love you all so much and I hope you know, that I know, that you are truly in the hands of the Lord. 

Love, Elder Kaufusi

PS: answers: MOM...yes I got my license thank you so much for doing all that. Nothing better than a picture of a 12  year old, (at least thats what I look like in my picture) with the measurements of 6'10 250 lb... haha classic. and Yes I got your package that came with the license a couple weeks ago, so I am super happy as always.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hello get mad at me for short emails!!!!??? Just kidding 

I appreciate you taking the time to email me. Dad made up with his amazing sermon from stake conference.  It's always a blessing to hear from everyone in the family! 

Here in Korea we are seeing a lot of miracles. 

One happened not exactly to me but to a missionary i know. 

he was having some hard times and up till this point in his mission he had wanted to go home multiple times. We are decently close and so for 2 days I was on exchanges with him last weekend. For those two days I prayed so hard for him, that the Lord might use me as a tool to allow the spirit to be felt in his life. Spiritually this Elder just was dying and did not want the gospel in his life. He was allowing himself to be lead into the mists of darkness and thought that returning to the great and spacious buildings is what he wanted in eternity. 
It was very stressful and Truly sad to see a fellow servant of the Lord in this position. 
During our exchanges we talked a lot about his decision to go home and pursue the things of the world. The end of the first night, I felt that I had spoken a lot and shared many experiences that he could learn from, but he still wasn't changing. 

I went to the Lord in earnest pray and just asked, "Lord what should I do? I have no idea, I will do whatever is asked of me if you will just ask me." The thought came to me that I should just bare simple plain pure testimony to him. The next morning we had another talk and as the thought came to me to bare testimony i followed, and bore strict testimony of God and Jesus Christ, their love for him and desire for him to return. By the end we were silent and continued to sit. We watched a mormon message and then he turned to me and said, "It's too bad, I think that I wanted to stay for a second back there." I knew that the spirit touched him, but it wasn't enough. 

However, He had an interview with president, his stake president and his father, yet he still was set on leaving. I coudn't understand, I thought that surely someone's words would touch his heart. I couldn't believe that after hearing everything he was still set on going home. I prayed again but the feeling that came was that it would be ok and that the lord's will would be accomplished. That night he prayed to God and in desperation asked for a witness that he was needed on a mission. The next day he got a call from someone random person asking to learn English. They said yes, but the person said that he wanted to meet with them immediately. After church they met with him and he told them how he had a sister that was baptized into the church and that him and his children want to have the same things his sister had obtained. He asked if he could learn of the Gospel and come to church from then on out. This elder couldn't believe his ears, truly the Lord had sent a sign to him. He told us that evening that he was willing to stay and that he gained a witness that God was there and that he needed to become the missionary the Lord needed. It was a miracle. To see and hear this Elder find/remember the Lord. I didn't know how it would turn out, but I do know that constant prayer and faith in the Lord saved my brother from spiritual darkness. Well That was  a Long story/miracle but it truly was amazing. 

Love you family!

Love Elder Kaufusi

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Service of the Lord

Another amazingly packed week here in the Korean vineyard.

 The biggest Korean holiday of the year was this last week so we held a massive conference and My companion and I had to do language progress evaluations with like 13 people and they each take about 1 hour and a half so I got to talk with a lot of missionaries. It's always such a faith building experience to hear the testimonies of these amazing missionaries and see them progress in korean but more importantly spiritually. It was good. The transfer is next week and we finished calling and telling everyone everything last night. 

It's neat to see the hand of the Lord just reach down and make things happen every transfer. Going on transfer 4 with my companion. We are super excited! Hope everyone is doing ok. 

I love it here and don't know if I'll fit in back home. I think I should just stay here for a while... Anyways I love you all so much, and I know the Lord lives and Loves you too! 

Love Your Living Son, Brother,
Elder Kaufusi

Last weeks email

Sorry got caught up in doing transfers with President so couldn't email till right now. Not a lot of time, there's always more to be doing but I'll give you a sweet miracle that happened this week. 

We had this investigator named go-joon-hyoung and he was picked up before I got here. Anyways when he first had a baptismal date everything was great, he did the interview and was prepared. However, when we went to call his mom who lives 4 hours away she denied. He wasn't able to get baptized and it was a pretty big deal and everyone was so sad. 

He felt really embarrassed and didn't come out to church for a couple weeks. In fact, he didn't even meet with us for a couple weeks. We had tried to meet up with him, but it just never ended up happening. well after a couple weeks rolled by he started to come to church again to see his good friends in the ward. then he started going to activities. However, when we asked if we could meet he still was too busy. Finally last week we met with him and had dinner and talked. We originally didn't want to bring up baptism with him because we were afraid that it would be too much for him, but the Lord helped us and we talked about it. His response to baptism was that he felt more ready now then ever, and that he would truly put a great effort into persuading his mom. 

We ended up hearing him talk to his mom and it was amazing. He didn't shy away, he told her what baptism was and that it wasn't the same as sprinkling (his mom is catholic), and the spirit worked on her and said it was ok. That very week we had his baptism and it was a great meeting. I'm so grateful that we had the opportunity to see the Lord's omnipotent hand in this work!

I've been here the longest i've been anywhere in my entire mission, and i've been with my companion the longest I've been with anyone. We are going on 4 transfers together (6months). We are going to make this last transfer explode and we will bring down so many miracles it will be unbelievable! 

Love you all so much!

Elder Kaufusi