Tuesday, August 27, 2013



What an amazing day, I still remember when I got offered... barely haha but let this not be a sign of arrival, but a launch point. You've gained the honor but now you have to show that you're worthy of it. Keep working hard, become a beast like Brons! But read the scriptures and become a servant of the Lord like me! I expect to come home to you lifting twice as much as me! I'm a skinny little boy right now but skinny boys make for great tools in the hands of the Lord.
Anyways family i love you! That's all I have to say. Love is just crucial to our life on earth, and fulfilling our glorious destinies as inheritors of the Kingdom of God our Father. This week has been great, just goes by way too fast! Quick Miracle:
A miracle this week that happened Saturday was we were asked by our ward mission leader's son to go visit a less active together. He had felt that there was someone that he needed to visit. We also had a lesson right before we were going to go and we invited him to come and teach with us, then go visit the less-active together. He is about 15 and pretty shy but the lesson went well. During the lesson powerful testimony was shared, especially by Elder Perry and our little member was very impressed by it. Before we set out to the less-actives's we said a prayer in the church and prayed for that Lord to consecrate our efforts and allow the spirit to be with us. As we set out our little 15 year old member was just in awe of everything. He literally was just impressed so deeply by the spirit and kept saying, "wow, this is what it feels like to be a missionary." We ended up not finding the less-active's house but I see now that the purpose wasn't exactly for the less-active, but for our member to feel of the spirit of missionary work and recognize our calling as the Lord's servants. 

Anyways yes things are great here. President Christensen just stitched up my comp's fingure haha he cut it with an exacto-knife (reminds me of someone who cut their thigh with one of those....Dad...) He ran around like i did when I did something dumb and didn't want to tell Mom or Dad. Ha I was playing Brons, the brother who freaks out with him for a bit and tries to play doctor....but they I played Mom and told him he had to get if fixed. So we are at the office this morning!
I'm excited for the package, you don't need to send it if it's inconvenient but I will say, I love them. They are always amazing and today you saved my companionship with the food you sent! ha we ran out of food and for breakfast we were just going to eat rice, but then the poptarts you sent came to mind so my companionship was able to eat delicious poptarts for breakfast! It was great! saved the day! don't worry I'm going to go shopping at Costco today! we just didn't shop smart last week.
Fun experiences:
Ate cereal with water.....don't recommend it
Investigator came to me asking for a place to sleep....helping the homeless is always fun
Told an investigator that baptisms done at other churches are not valid because of the lack of priesthood keys and authority...he wasn't very accepting.
Made 200 cookies for the ward... You'd be proud mom...they were delicous! 
Fun when people ask if I'm korean....Lord's been helping me out alot with language study :)
Tried to do a couple pushups....failed....just kidding dad I'm rippled wtih muscle and Devin has nothing on me.
Ward mission Leader had a dream that I got transferred...he hasn't slept well and said he'd cry if it was revelation haha
Random question, Daryl how tall are you? people always ask me when they see our family pictures.
Love you all!
Elder Kaufusi

Monday, August 19, 2013

Alright Mamma

Ok I'll try and be better with my emails... but we are just soooo busy all the time sitting down to email seems...ineffective. 

But I LOVE YOU ALL! Sounds like things are just going great! Love that everyone is happy and if you aren't....then keep the COMMANDMENTS (mosiah 2:41) but really the gospel is truly what brings happiness in this life and as we all strive to convert ourselves more and more our enjoyment of the gift of the Holy Ghost grows.
Dad...you are looking pretty grey.... I think you'd rock grandpa's pure white hair pretty well! Loved the Email, always a blessing to recieve strength from our family Patriarch. Team sounds a bit shaky...but as we learn from the scriptures faith overcomes fear and doubt! 

I'll come back with clouds of skinny glory to save the people of provo from fat king Bronson's reign of terror!
Mom! you look beautiful as ever!!! You are getting younger and I LOVE YOU! So provo high got a football facility...i guess the state or school dristrict needed to throw them a bone sometime. Well I hoope things are going great with you and you enjoy crying at my friends' homecomings. Take lots of pictures with them. In fact it would be really cool if you could get them to send me a video of their testimonies! I could use it for a training or something!
Lex! how's life sissy? Miss you, as always. Sounds like being a basketball coach is fun! how do your little girls do? please don't let anymore girls highschool basketball players shoot the ball with that weird cocked-back shot...its an abomination! But hows the doggy? Need anything? Things here are amazing. The work is sweeeeet! love the spirit that just is constantly around missionary work. You should refer some friends ;)
Hilary!...and that Bronson(son of the brown man) dude... Hey hows life? keep bronson in line and keep going to the Temple with him! Brons how's family home evening and scripture study coming? yeah you know i'm going to follow up on you with that! Be a beast this year because the whole mission knows you and if you don't I'll be an outcast....just kidding. but really, don't get hurt.
Daryl! Princess! first off we have a member that Looks like you!!!! no not an asian look but that Jasmin the princess look and everytime i see her I say "hey! you look like my little sister!" But anyways, congrats on making the news paper!!! keep on being amazing and humble and the Lord will continue to bless you.
Devin! you are pretty big now dude. I give you props....but I'll still destroy you with my mantle of missionary powers!!!! How's the mission prep going? ok dev, i have a commitment for you: Will you commit to going every day to seminary? I feel that if you do so, the Lord will lighten your burdens and make you the spiritual leader that you were chosen to be before the world was. (Abr 3)
Ok here's a miracle!
Here is a miracle from this week. In fact, it happened yesterday. So while we were at SPM our 책임자 talked about 오두막 모임. And when the other bishops and mission-leaders had the question of, " what happens when the times don't match up or when an investigator cancels," 김홍민 had me answer. I felt impressed to assure them that the Lord will provide if we put forth the faith. So I did, I bore testimony that as the members work with the missionaries to provide opportunities for missionary work the Lord will see our faith and even if things don't seem like they will work out, the Lord will bless us with another way. I felt the spirit as I bore witness of the Lord's mercy and desire for us to succeed. Well that night we had a planned meeting with our member and had an investigator all lined up to go. Well 20 minutes before leaving he didn't answer his phone.... We were a bit frightened and we found out that he wasn't going to make it. Well we spent those 20minutes calling all investigators and potentials that we had just met off the street, yet none answered or could come. There I was knowing that the spirit prompted me to bear witness that the Lord provides for these member-investigator meetings yet I was investigator-less. As I pondered I asked Elder Luker if we could say a prayer 5 minutes before we go. Relying on the spirit I had felt to testify to the stake leaders I asked Heavenly Father in faith that if it was his will, then to allow by some means for us to take an investigator to this amazing opportunity. Well we were out of time and we headed off towards the appointment. The other Elders in our area along with Elder Perry were coming from another direction and were coming after us. On the bus ride to the members we got a call from those Elders. On the way to the bus stop they met a kid that we had talked to a couple of weeks ago on the street. When Elder Perry asked him where he was going he said he was going to meet with the tall missionary and his other friend. So they told him that we had left for the members house and they brought him to the member's house and we had an amazing time. Now, we had no rememberance of this kid, yet he was on his way to see us. Truly the Lord answered our prayer and provided. I know this work is handled by powers greater than I'll ever know, and i'm grateful to be part of it.
Love you all! the Lord truly is watching over you and I.
Elder Kaufusi

Got a hold of the Referral from bishop and I will try and meet with him in the coming week. He actually lives not too far from my area. In fact, he lives in my last area! He's very busy with work and things right now but really nice and from his voice alone it sounds like he has a lot of potential! thanks Bishop Watt for always having a mind for the work of the Lord and being a valiant servant in His Kingdom.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 well this is super quick because i HAve to get going but I love you all so much and it was so great to see all the pictures and hear all the things that are going on!

 Brons looks fat,
 Lex's hair look beautiful, 
Daryl is awesome and i'm pumped to go driving in her self-bought car, 
Devin is just the snorlax as always! LOVE OUR FAMILY! 

Tell bishop I called his friend 3 times when he first sent the contact but something went wrong with the lady that answered the phone.... but i'll try every day this week till I get a hold of him!

 So much happening but no time. I love you. 

For all my friends that come home this week, i told them to go sleep in my bed and cuddle with zeus and eat food....so if you could all be so hospitable i'd love that. Especially Mom, I I told them you would cook all their favorites. Your the best!

 literally have nothing to say because theres no time other than I LOVE YOU. 

 here's a short miracle.

Our most progressing investigator is a man named 

Moses who lived in L.A his whole childhood and then 

21-50 he's lived in korea. 

He has been to our church before and met missionaries 

a long time ago. The interesting thing is his interest in 

our church wasn't the Book of Mormon, it wasn't

 Joseph Smith, it wasn't Temples or not drinking coffee 

or polygamy but.....The law of Chastity....It was pretty 

interesting to have an investigator on our first visit ask

the question of if I'm a virgin and when we all said yes 

he was shocked! and continued to go off on how 

important chastity is in our world of changing values. 

Pretty amazing to meet someone like him because that's 

usually the last thing on people's minds. 

Love, Elder KAUFUSI 강대산 (Elder  : Strong Great Mountain)

Omni 1:26

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

another week of crazy‏

  • another week of crazy‏

So busy! 

not enough time in the day.
 Literally by the time i finish calls and stuff and go to reach for my journal to write in it....it's 10:20 and I have to not do anything but prep for bed!

 it's so crazy so yes we had transfers and yes I am in a threesome training with Elder Luker and my new companion from Bountiful Utah Elder Perry!! they are such angels and i'm so grateful to be serving here at this historic time with them anyways. our mission added 1/3 because of all the new missionaries. everyone is training, it's ridiculous!

 man I love the 12 week program! but only Brons knows what that is. Anyways, in our ward we now have 7 missionaries, and i'm excited to get some work done for this 9 week transfer.

 Oh, and yes i got your PACKAGE and I am SO GRATEFUL for it! It was amazing and just a heaven sent gift. I gave all the little girls in our ward ak10 wrist bands. It was great. They all looked so cute and loved them. The toothbrush and paste was AMAZING and also the Garments and the Other things as well. Just amazing!! I can't thank you enough. I'm so grateful I was sent to the best family ever.

 Spiritual experience I had this week came by ways of our ward mission leader. His name is 김홍민 kim hong min ( become friends with him on facebook and tell him hello and how awesome he is please) He's truly a great leader and disciple of the Lord. So fun, yet so hardworking. I look up to him a lot. Anyways, at a meeting we had at our members house with investigators  i was sitting next to him and everyone else was eating and just talking. I was talking to him and asked him how he met his wife because they are always fun stories. They met and were married 3 weeks later... anyways it was a fun story and I was happy to get to know him better. then he asked me how I was going to get married. I, just like any other missionary, told him I hadn't and won't think about that till after the mission, then i changed the conversation to our investigators and stuff. 

Wasn't a big deal at all. Well lately I've been thinking about my work and how i can do better and if it is acceptable to the Lord and if it affected people. Yesterday at ward mission leader council kim hong min brought up the experience and got teary and said how it had a profound affect on him that I didn't talk about that marriage stuff with him. So through tears and broken english he looked at me and said, "I think you are a great missionary." It was an answer from the Lord to me that I was fulfilling my purpose. That my actions though small can affect those around me. I know that any other missionary would have done the same but to have that experience and have that spiritual experience with my ward mission leader was sacred and I'm grateful for the tender mercy the Lord did send me.

 well there's a foreigner black man in front of me and i think he wants to hear the gospel so i gotta go but