Monday, July 29, 2013

Here You Go

Well Family,

Sounds like everyone is having a blast! Well i haven't gotten the box yet but this week is transfers so i will for sure get it this week.

 Crazy things this transfer. My zone about doubled in size. from 16 to 28. 2 districts to 4 and every single companionship is training. Even we are. Elder Luker and I will still be zone leaders but we will also be training a new missionary in a 3-some together so yeah different. 

we moved houses to one in our area. Money has been tight because we had to travel by bus everyday to our area but president fixed it with a new house. ANd it is soooo nice and soooo big! i feel pretty spoiled... But it will help us to focus on the work and not have to worry about other things which I wont discuss because I don't want scare mom. 

This whole morning before studies I played mr. plumber and went at our sink. We need to install a water filter but it was....difficult. I felt like dad all those times he fixed the sink....then mom would call someone to really fix it.... haha it was fun. 

Work is picking up super fast. When we started this transfer we basically had no investigators and just went to work. we now have 23 investigators, only about 10 meet regularly but it has been a blessing to serve here with the Lord and watch the miracles unfold. Now we just need to get them all progressing to baptism and conversion. here's my miracle:

Miracle this week was we got tons of 소개's! not from members but from other missionaries. 

It was great.

 Especially one of them was amazing. 

The Sisters tried to 전도 to this lady on the street and she wasn't having it so
 she told them to talk to her son, who was right next to her. He started talking and he agreed to meet with us (the elders). We met the first time on friday and it was amazing. He expressed to us how he has found the only true way to live is the way God wants him to live. We jumped right into the first lesson and it was so spiritual. He had really good questions and we were able to show him the answers, and when we bore testimony of Joseph Smith and recited the first vision it was a blessing to see the spirit working in him. 

Helping him to gain a desire to know the truth just like Joseph Smith. Before we met he thought we were a cult and wanted nothing to do with us. He even told us that he had rejected a lot of missionaries on the street when they'd try and talk to them, but now he knew that we believed in Christ and God. He was so grateful for our message. After he was so grateful for us and treated us to dinner. Even at dinner we continued to talk about Christ and Heavenly Father and how they affect everything in our lives. He just wanted to be with us the whole day, He kept saying how he just "fed off of our spirits and energy." it was amazing teaching this prepared man. It was a miracle for sure. 

Love you all so much! Excited for the package! 

Stay strong in the faith. If you ever get lost. Turn to the Lord. 

Love, Elder Kaufusi

Ps. make sure Bronson isn't on steroids... he is getting HUGE!!!

 and if i needed anything here it would be just new insoles... my shoes will make it, but i wore through the insoles completely and just don't use any haha. Love you

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another amazing week in Korea

  • Another amazing week in Korea‏

Man it's blazing here!

 Wooo weee I'm sweating like a horse with a 300 lb indian on my back! But I love it! 

This week was crazy, just like every other week! Lots of miracles and great things going on in the area and zone. The biggest thing was our musical that we did for our stake. It was last night and it was so great. I sang and danced my heart out. Sadly not a lot of investigators came however, some did and President and Sister Christensen came. It was so fun and spiritual and I was grateful for the opportunity. 

Hey dad, a man named mr. Napp or Knapp or something like that is here and he looked familiar and you and him served in the same young adult ward with Steve Roy. He served in 2 of the 5 wards in our stake. Fun to see him.

 Also twins, i met some koreans that go to Timpview and know you two! my little brother and sister are so famous! I love it. Anyways yeah i think they have a girl your age and one older, but if she comes up to you and says hello...say hello back. and Devin take her on a date so you can learn some korean and become smart. ha ha

Had temple day last week. what a blessing. Keep taking the advantage of the temple, truly it is the house of the Lord and the spirit within can enlighten our minds to a different plane of thought. Seek revelation within. 

So transfer calls are this saturday, i can't believe it has been a transfer already. We are just working working working and the time is flying too fast! I gotta do more with the time! We are moving houses and getting a lot of new missionaries. We have 8 companionships in our zone right now and we are looking to gain I believe 4 more this transfer with the hastening of the work. here's a miracle from this week.

. Our area is doing good. we have found a lot of investigators and now just need to work on

 getting them progressing. One is our 15 year old. He was ok, but when we met with him last he

 started talking about how he didn't have the desire to know God, and that he was OK with 

just not believing. It was hard to hear, but the spirit guided us and we talked about Christ. We 

watched finding faith in Christ and after bore powerful testimony of his reality and Heavenly 

Father's existence  It was different because we have come to love this investigator and to hear these

things before was hard so when we testified it was truly with the love and 

intent of keeping him

 from falling away, almost like bearing testimony to a less active family member or such. His 

heart was softened and he agreed to continue meeting. I remember just staring him in the eyes 

and just tears came because i didn't want him to fall away, I truly felt that I cared for the 

welfare of his soul and happiness. It was a great experience.

Haven't got the package yet, but no worries, just thanks for sending one and thinking of me. I'm

 so blessed to have the best family ever! 

Oh and my glasses are fine, i just look like a Korean nerd but that's what I'm supposed to be. 

Love you all,
Elder Kaufusi

ps. any news on my little nephew baby Corbin??? huh? Just I am serious! Come on Brons, you can do it!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Just another day in paradise!

Hey there family!
This is short but just know that I love you!

 Wedding sounds and looked amazing! Love it. can't wait to see more pictures and stuff. How was the after math? Did mom go into depression, ha ha like when Bronson left on his mission? (if so no body get surgery because if you do you are on your own!!!! hahahaha JUST KIDDING MOTHER!!!)

 But seems like the nest is getting emptier. So Mom, I'm supposed to ask you if you would ever be up for renting out rooms.... some man in my ward's family lives in provo but they might be interested. Anyways, i think he may have already worked it out but I promised him I'd ask. I told them my mom would love it.

 Going on. This week was crazy busy! Just one thing after the next! We are finding tons of new investigators and just filling our schedules up! THE WORK OF SALVATION IS THE BEST! 

Our most progressing investigator is our 15yr old student 이태호. He was doing great, and we had a great lesson with him last sunday but this whole week he didn't meet with us and didn't answer calls or txts.

 We went and took some cookies over to his house last night and he was so surprised. We were able to meet his mom and she warmed us to us very quickly. 이태호 was just in shock that we found his house and visited. However, the overall outcome was good. 

The miracle this week is we were able to pick up an investigator that we met on the subway on our way to last leadership council. He was young and spoke good english, and 전도ing in the morning on the subway is sometimes difficult but as we showed forth our faith "justin" popped up. He ended up living in our area, and when we met and picked him up last week he talked about the "peaceful/good feeling" he got when talking with us. He talked to his parents already and they said that it is ok for him to be a member of our church! So we told him about baptism and is thinking about a date. It was an amazing first lesson. The Lord is and has prepared people for us. Now we must just continue to help him on the path of conversion. 

Well I love you all! Keep up the good work at home. 

Love, Elder Kaufusi

Monday, July 8, 2013

Well sounds like the wedding was an amazing event!

 I hope you took tons and tons and tons of pictures and videos because i want to see them all!!!! I wish that i could've been there but the Lord needed me here, and I know that you will be blessed if I work hard, so i can't stop working! Congrats family on pulling it off! ha i'm glad that I wasn't there to feel the pressure or the stress haha.
 I would love to see a video of them doing the haka! that would be classic.

 Well today was great, just had lunch with none other than our boy Johnny Oh! He's so great. Truly a wonderful man and a great friend to our family! Invite him over to dinner sometime, he goes through great lengths to come and see me. 

But yeah this week has been soooooooooooooooooo busy. Just yeah...i've never been this busy before! Ha i'm a whole week behind in my journal writing! (don't worry mom, I'll catch up quick!) 

But some crazy things, had mission leadership council, since the mission split, half as many people were there. Then made my first training with my companion elder Luker, than President and the AP's came to our training and then we went on exchanges with the ap's and then a member of our zone (who was with me in the mtc) just decided to finish his mission early dragged his companion into the south mission and got on a bus back to his home and left his companion alone at a bus station in the other mission..... So  I was called on and had to help with that and go comfort his companion.  We bought a half gallon of baskin robins ice cream and went over and kinda bore testimony and ate well. 

But it truly has just been so busy! Miracles left and right, but I can't tell you them because i don't know where to start. SO just wait and read my journals someday. Something that I've focused on the past couple of weeks was virtue and faith. They are amazing, and I would commit you all (Brons and Hilary as well^^) to read those sections out of Preach my gospel chapter 6, Christ like attributes.

 Well I LOVE YOU ALL, so glad to see a couple of pictures of our wonderful friends and family.

Somethings I need,

1) addresses.. the Holladay family, grandma kaufusi, jared's email those are just some of the people I have had on my mind lately and yeah anyone else you think would enjoy a nice spiritual letter!  

2) don't be alarmed but i'm getting glasses today....(mom, I know you are going to want to call the mission home and get the details on my "blindness" but no need to call the mission home, really it is nothing) things have been a bit fuzzy lately so yeah. maybe i'll get smart with them and finally learn Korean.


Elder Kaufusi, who now has his first sister-in law. I will be expecting you to pick me up from the airport in 10 months with baby Corbin in your I am serious!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello Aliens!!! and married brother!‏

  • Hello Aliens!!! and married brother!

I'm the worst brother in the world and totally forget to send a wedding gift or letter or anything! 

things are just so busy here so... I'm so sorry brother....Please know that I love and support you and Hilary and that your wedding invitation was received well! I still claim the first name of your first born! anyways....

Family I lubba yews sooo muchie! that's how a korean would say it ;)

 anyways not alot of time, got to send some stats into the office especially the 5PM stats (brons you know those right...what a pain). But this week was awesome! just working working working! 

Funny story today we get a call and my comp answers and then says its for me. Some man named 오정훈 called and i was like hmmm and he asked (this is all in korean) if i remember him and I said "sorry i don't..." well then he starts talking about provo and football and then I ask for his name again and recognize his last name is "oh" hmm only one man it could be.. i asked if he had an english name and he told me to guess and i was like (in english finally) HEY JOHNNY OH! haha classic! he was probably dying at how bad my korean is haha but it was way fun!  anyways going to play bball today whooooo and yeah i want alot of pics about the wedding and stuff! here's a spiritual experience:

Miracle for this week is: THE WORK OF SALVATION. 

I don't just say that because it was what we watched and it was great, but I say it because i feel that As I watched the Prophet and Apostles talk and give divine instruction I was overwhelmed by the power of the Spirit.

 Truly this worldwide training was revelation from the Lord. As I watched my heart took courage and was filled with the spirit. Multiple times the spirit testified to my heart of the truths being taught and the truth of our church. 

One particularly spiritual experience I had as I watched was I was sitting there and as I watched the missionaries in the videos it made me think of how much more work things will take, and how much more devotion it will take. 

As i pondered that for a moment my mind was taken to the white handbook which states something along the lines of, "you will be expected to devote all time and talents to the work, leaving behind all personal affairs." I thought about if I was giving my complete devotion and if I had left everything behind. To be honest reflecting on my mission work I felt pretty confident that I had given my all to this point and that I had left everything behind to do the Lord's work; but at that very moment a strange thing occurred.

 My mind went blank and I heard a voice, and it said 3 words, "GIVE ME MORE." Immediately the burning of the spirit filled my heart and body and I realized that the Lord may be pleased with me but he is not satisfied. Throughout the whole video I felt like Alma or Ammon and my soul rejoiced! those 2 hours were such a spiritual experience to me and I'm so grateful for modern day revelation. 


Love you all soooo muchie!
Elder Kaufusi