Monday, February 25, 2013

HOLY COW - Engaged 2-24-13


 I'm so excited to hear more about the proposal! Ha everyone said that someone else would tell me about it and no one actually ended up telling me about it... So please let me know...Bronson.  This email is short because we are going to Seoul for my companion's Visa and also to go see President.

Well a lot has changed here in Korea, we had transfer calls and I'm being transferred to a place called Dong-Dae-Moon 동대문. It is awesome and I will be district Leader and trainer. It will be very exciting and I'm grateful for the opportunity the Lord is giving me to move and serve there. It was sad to say goodbye to the Ward yesterday. I gave a talk on happiness and talked about it being a choice. I shared 2 Nephi 5:27. After we had a big Ward lunch and it was sad to say goodbye to everyone. I've been here the longest, which isn't even that long (2 transfers, 3months) but I love the Ward. When we were leaving outside of the church the little kids swarmed me and for 20 minutes i had to try and pry little cute Korean kids off of me. One little girl wanted a picture but because of the chaos she couldn't get one and got bumped and she was so sad she started crying. I will really miss these people.

It made me think about the day I leave Korea and it just made me so sad....I love these people.

Anyways my new missionary is a Korean! Another Korean companion means a lot more Korean practice! it will be great! I love you all so much and I can't wait to hear more from you. I loved the valentines day box and so did the ward members. I'm so grateful to be here and I love the mission. A funny new thing, hilary knows elder Clearwater right? ha So he is my new A.P! so fun huh? Also, if there is just one thing I need I would have to say the DVD of 17 Miracles! we watched it for a zone activity and I wanted to cry like a baby. If you could send me that I would be very grateful because I want to watch it 100 times and cry 100 times. Really that Movie has such a profound affect on me. Please send!

Well i love you! Carry on in the work at home.
 Be Safe!
Love Elder Kaufusi

Some Pics

I even love our Pets!

It is I the Korean boiiiii Elder Kaufusi!

How are you all today? Church sounds like it was great, except for the sick-lings in the family....Sorry Daryl and Bronsini.

Daryl, I'm so excited for your winter formal! it's OK you aren't going with your "boy who's a friend" so don't worry. Have an awesome time with the little Driggs boy!

Devini, winter formal is fun! you should go, but of course you have agency. Sounds like you're killing it in bball! Keep it up, but keep working out in the weight room! Oh and get good math grades broski!...(also send an adventure time picture so I can send it to Boden)

 Brons what were your stats for your last game?! So you traveled a bit in the paint...typical. Just kidding, I'm so proud of you!

Lex, your hair is growing wooopeee! and your new car sounds sooo sweet, you should have a photo shoot with it and send them to me ;).

Dad you are such a crazy recruiting master! keep bring the best players/investigators to BYU so that their lives can be blessed,....and also our team!

Mother, I lubba you! Don't worry about the hamburger helper next box ha truth is i haven't exactly eaten it yet because we've been pretty busy and just survive off of quick meals. 

Josey! barkk ruffff grrrrrr bark barkkky barrrrrrrrrrrk.

 Porsche meow...meow meow
Well, anyways things here are busy and great!
We saw some great miracles that I would love to share. But of course I will tell you the tragedy that our investigator who was supposed to get baptized last week dropped us. His parents are really against the church and told him he can't meet with us or even come to church. They told him he could go to a catholic we will try and show up at his house with some delicious cookies (mom send your chocolate chip cookie recipe please!) and soften their hearts.

Well, despite of the disappointment I was calling off an old potential sheet and found a kid, and we met with him and he is so golden and prepared! He met the missionaries a long time ago and accepted it all well and wanted to be baptized but things just didn't work out and he was kind of forgotten. SO, we will baptize him this Saturday! Such a miracle! The Lord also provided 5 new investigators for us this last week and we will be teaching a lot more which is such a blessing.

 Another, quick miracle is we taught another investigator about fasting. He accepted the concept but he wasn't very sincere.  So, I told him my experience with fasting and the blessings that come, especially when we fasted for Alexis. The Spirit filled the room as I tried my best to explain the power of fasting. After, he said that he would like to fast to quite smoking so we planned to fast with him. Mom your right, Personal experiences bring the spirit so powerfully it's amazing.
Everyone keep a journal!
well love you all!

Corbins Letter

Well here we are again on a Monday afternoon in Korea.

 Things are great, this last week was great! I had some awesome spiritual experiences but also some trials. Well, we dropped 2 of our investigators that had come the furthest. One was the man who we were supposed to fast with, however, he never met with us and didn't answer when we were going to fast. We met with him again and he definitely feels the spirit but he just tries to play the feeling off and change the subject. It's so sad to see him just deny the Spirit. My heart aches for him. So we ended up dropping him. My companion bore powerful testimony of our purpose of missionary work. It was sad to see him walk out. He cried a little bit. Especially when I told him how much I loved him and cared for him. I said if he ever wanted to meet again we would be glad to, but I will not teach him any more English. So it was sad but also a very spiritual experience. Hopefully he will realize the feeling he is missing not meeting us and will call this week.

Just to keep everything on the positive note ha ha, we got one of our investigators all ready for baptism last Saturday and he had a great interview and was ready. We asked one of our favorite members to baptize him and so everyone was super excited! But the morning of the baptism he cancelled. It hurt my soul. I prayed earnestly to Heavenly Father that whole morning. Trying to love like the Savior is probably one of the greatest things I've experienced on my  mission, but it is also comes with much pain. It has brought me so much closer to Christ and my Father in Heaven. Everything revolves around LOVE. So even though our investigator didn't get baptized my soul hurts because I love him, but I continue to love him and pray that I can more fully find out what God's will for him is.

We had zone conference with president! Man he is called from God! He's trying to get the mission to arise from the dust and wants us to be MEN! I just want to go running from person to person declaring the gospel! We trained on Self conversion, it was fun and very spiritual. Well gotta go LOVE YOU ALL!!!
PS. Daryl hope your date is fun! Dev, stop talking and get good grades! You know Mom, her favorite number is 4.0. If you want to be a talker in class you better have the grades to back it up, at least that is what Mom always said! Lex, how's work? Anything exciting?! How about Porsche?!'s the talk with dad coming? I'll pray for you! Get a dunk and send me a pic! Mom! Sorry it's cold...I know how you hate it. I remembered when you saved Sam Tempest and I in the blizzard when we were kids. You are such a hero! Dad! Give Brons some good advice. Keep your ward strong and build up the Lord's kingdom forever!
PSS. is Cassie stilll dating Terrenn? I have been thinking a lot about him. Can I get  his address from Raleen, I would love to write him! LVOE YOU ALL!

Death is so hard 2-3-13

Dear Family,
It was such shocking news to hear about the death of Parker Allred. Reading this here in Korea is just shocking and it truly makes me feel so much sorrow. I didn't know him well, but the things I did know of him were only good. His passing is such a tragedy but, he is on the other side where he is needed. Death is such a hurtful experience. However, I think of what death would mean to me if I didn't have knowledge of this gospel and the thought is horrible. How comforting is it that we know the Savior came, that he lived the perfect life and chose to atone for us. He has conquered sin, He has conquered death.

 I have been reading in the war chapters of Alma and every time they mention the death of the thousands of warriors they say that they are happy because thy know they have gone out of this world to not only a better place, but a place where they can find happiness. How great is our joy in the plan of salvation. My heart goes out to the Allred family at this time of mourning, but I too know that through the Savior they an find comfort. Please tell them of my love for them and their family. Their faithfulness is an example to me. They can, and will have a fullness of joy with Parker one day, of that I can testify.
This week has been good, not a lot to talk about. Work continues, got about a foot of snow last night. I love this work, it is amazing how the miracles from God are manifest daily. I bore my testimony yesterday in Sacrament, I got that usual feeling that my heart was going to explode out of my chest so I went up. I bore testimony of the Love of Christ and how when I visit the Korean saints' homes I can feel Christ's love within.

 What a blessing it is for us to have this gospel, and be edified through it. Whether we know it or not we are blessed beyond measure. Continue in Faith and Love. A scripture I memorized this week is 2 timothy 1:7 & 8  "For God hath not given us the spirit of Fear; but of Power, and of Love, and of a Sounds Mind. Be not thou therefore ashamed of the Testimony of our Lord..."
I Love you all! continue in faith!
 Elder Kaufusi
Please pass on to the Allred Family I will be fasting and praying for them on Saturday as they lay their son Parker to rest. I will pray for the spirit to comfort each and everyone of them.

Everybody Just Hug and Kiss

Well hello family!

I hope you all had a great 설날! that is the lunar new year holiday they celebrate here in Korea. It's a huge deal this weekend all the Koreans go to their hometown and have family parties and things.

My comp got to call home for the last time as a missionary ha it was fun. He didn't know what he wanted to say to them so we made a list. It is so strange because he is getting everything ready to go to BYU!  I am helping with everything and the other day I got to call the English Learning Center! but it didn't go through so I'll get to call America maybe today ha.

 The reason i didn't email yesterday was because of the Holiday. Everything was closed. SO I pulled a "mom", I did deep cleaning for 7Hours of cleaning! ha and we aren't done, so hopefully we can finish that up soon. Sounds like the family is great.

Sorry everyone has been sick.... especially you mom it makes me hurt to hear you were so sick! Don't over work yourself! aren't married yet, so when your mama is sick you and your little girl friend High tale it to the ER to see her!

Anyways Things are great here. the weather is cold, not a lot of snow but out here on the coast the wind just blows ice!

The work has slowed a little bit but we will keep pushing on. I know there is someone here for us to teach and bring salvation into their lives!  One of the miracles this week happened in the 부평 when the Sisters asked us to come bless their investigator who was in the hospital. So we went and what a blessing it was. When we got there this man was in a room with many other very injured people. It was so sad to see these children of God injured and without the gospel. However, when we saw this man it was so great to see the sisters talk to him and explain the blessing. It was easy to see that the sisters loved him and that he loved our sisters. Finally, being able to exercise our Priesthood authority was a miracle in itself. Even with all the commotion in the hospital behind a little curtain the Spirit of God was manifest through a priesthood blessing. it was great. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve. I love you all and pray for you daily. I know the Lord is taking care of you and I'm so grateful for his love.

I love you!

Corbin's letter: CALI!!!!‏ 12-17-12


Well while you are soaking it all up in the beautiful land of California, I'm here soaking in the gospel in the more beautiful land of Korea! Maybe one day you will get to feel how I feel about Korea Well, lets get some business out of the way.
1) yes the Packages came and no i haven't opened them...I'm so tempted to though!!! They look amazing and I'm so grateful for them. I love my family!
2) Call home! i was sitting here the other day and was like.....wait.... i get to call my family... so weird... But I'm excited, but I'm going to tell you that I can only call for 45 minutes so please plan accordingly. I'm allowed to call on the 25th or the 26th Korean time-wise. it will be in the morning. so I'm going to call around 11am( Korean time) on the 25th. so that means it will be Christmas eve at about 7pm in Utah right? is that ok with you? I don't want it to be inconvenient. No's ok, you don't want to see my ugly face  ha ha.
3)I'm sending the families Christmas box TODAY! i procrastinated it for 3 months so now you will hopefully receive it in happy late Christmas. O and Alexis, I'm sending you a letter with 2 memory chips full of memory from like the past 4 months! so hope you like them. My Korean comp wants one of the picks so if you could send it back soon that would be appreciated!
Ok That's my business! work here has been busy! just trying to find new investigators and what not. Learning a ton as zone leader. So much stuff to know and learn! Our zone is doing great, just trying to help the other elders become more obedient and effective. The zone vision we came up with was: "Sanctify ourselves so that we might perform and witness miracles." One miracles we had was last night a drunk man fell and bloodied up his hand and got blood on his face so I picked him up then we sat him down and tried to figure out how to get him home safely. he was super nice....but drunk and he smelt horrible but if Christ still loves him then so do we! we are hopefully going to meet with him tomorrow! Reading some awesome stuff in the New Testament and the Book Of Mormon. I would encourage you all to continue to feast on the Words Of Christ!
Dad! man when I get home we got to go on a couple road trips! Because I love all the random stops we make to get food and that we always get down the street, or to the temple, or to I-15 then need to go back because someone forgot something! That is such a fun family memory that I have and Cherish! Win this bowl game! And congrats on having the 3rd ranked D-line in the nation! That's amazing, but i always new that under your direction they were great! I LOVE YOU DAD!
Mom!  My Korean comp has employed me (thanks to weekly planning*brons ;) to get him into shape. so hopefully I can help him... but I should probably help myself! I eat a lot! and I'm a lot better on budgeting my money. I'm so excited to open these Christmas gifts! I was telling my English class I teach about how great our Christmas traditions are and they were all so jealous! Thanks for always making Christmas amazing my whole life, even when we had very little. I'm forever grateful. I LOVE YOU MOM!
Alexis! I Loved your email! you are doing so great! work seems to be going well, just making that money ey?!!! We all knew you'd be the successful one.... just let me come and work in your yard when I'm broke. So you dating someone? I hear you something about a Levi character or Ziggy! go on a date with Ziggy....just do it! he'll go NFL, you can have super athlete kids, no losses! I'm so pumped to talk to you! I miss you. LOVE YOU!
Bronsini! why hello there McBeasties!  How goes it?! Sounds like you are living it up! How's the Ziggy are you and him just besties!?! Ha i wish i were there to sneak into this brotherhood of awesomeness! Well you didn't fail classes?! awesome! i knew you'd be ok. hobbit sounds super fun! they play previews all over in the subways and buses and I just have to close my eyes and deny the worldliness! but seems cool! Ok go play and win this bowl game! i want 2 sacks! tell Ziggy i want 2 from him too!
Deeeearrly!  you seem to be doing great except this whole boyfriend thing is throwing me off a bit....  I am like "should i be mad or happy" but if it's what you want I'll be happy, however I'm still just mad because I'm your older brother. I'll work on it though. School ok?! have fun in CALI! go to the zoo and see me...the big silver back gorilla :) LOVE YOU
Devini! HELLLO BROTHA! so have you ever tried to talk like they do on the bible videos from it's super fun, you should try it bro ;) how's life! you are like 6'10 right?! i don't want to be the tallest anymore, you can take it from me! You excited for Christmas? don't go find the toys like we usually do.... ha you getting your always classic video game?  Hope you're dating right?  Well, I LOVE YOU!
This email makes up for last week right? well I love you all and hope you continue in the faith of the savior! My Korean isn't great but luckily the spirit helps me out and makes up everything i lack. I LOVE YOU! have fun in CALIFORNIA! take pictures and send them to me :)

Really Short 12-9-12

Hey Mom this is going to be REAAALLLLYYYY SHORRRTTTT! I'm so sorry. but for good reaason. SO i got shocked on monday and I'm zone leader of incheon!  I'm super yound and super scared! So much pressure! but the lord provides a way! Well I'm with my new companion elder ee song jae who is korean and lived withme last transfer. He trained my mtc comp elder woodford! Being zone leader has so much responsibility. My prayers are twice as long because I feel like I have to open my circle of love even more! Ha plus im supposed to be good at korean....but im not too great...however, the lord is truly helping me and I feel im progressing alot! we found a new investigator yesterday through english flyering! this area is kind of like joo an because they don't ahve many investigators but we are seeing miracles and will press on in faith! even though i8t was 14degrees yesterday.... Well I love you, I have to go. I have a zone activity we organized! so fun! Devin....I'm so sorry to hear about what happened. Tell brons and zig to go out this next full moon and find these mean people....I'll cast a korean spell on them! but remember the savior always!I love you!

"Only in God's Country!!" 12-2-12

"Only in God's Country!!"- quote from lds moview mountain of the Lord
Well hello there everyone! sounds like things are just AMAZING! Every time I e-mail it is an answer to my prayers to hear that everyone is doing well and that there are no injuries or major problems! I would like to share an experience I had yesterday, fast Sunday. It's pretty funny, but also spiritual. So yesterday was fast Sunday! I was grateful for the opportunity to fast and also renew my covenants of baptism. However, I woke up and was a it peeved by some missionaries that stayed over. I felt the way Dad did when we were kids. They weren't doing anything really wrong but they weren't exactly respecting the sabbath and it was really getting to me. I was at the point where I wanted to say something to them and then I remembered D&C 121 where it says only reprove when moved upon by the spirit. I definitely wasn't moved upon by the spirit, so I went into my study and prayed for strength and patience. From the scriptures we also learn that fasting is a purification process and that it allows us, if done properly, to feel of the spirit more. So throughout the day I just kept a prayer in my heart so that I might be blessed with patience and the spirit. At church, the members were so nice to us an we were really able to build better relationships with them. This was one way that the Lord Blessed me. In fact one of the members told me that how happy I was serving there. That was something I felt the Lord wanted me to hear, and I was truly happy that this member was the Lord's messenger whether he knew it or not. The rest of the day was great. We walked for a couple miles trying to find less-active member houses. We got lost, but they Lord gave me patience and helped me to have a thankful heart. So even when we got lost, we found something to laugh about. At the first house we visited we asked if the member was there through the intercom and the voice was like, "yeah he's here! who is this?..." we told her we were the missionaries and ten she was like, "uhhhh he's not here bye." Well that was a bit frustrating but it was super funny. The next visit was SOOOO funny. So we are walking to his his and it is a  50 year old man who lives with his parents. The parents don't like us, in fact the dad and missionaries have had some sketchy run-ins before... so this house has a bit Asian wall thing that leads to the "courtyard." well since I am a wee bit tall I could see over the wall and the less active was right there and he saw me and had that "o crap the missionaries"-look on his face and he walked off. He is....well a bit crazy so we went to the gate and i knocked and asked if anyone was there...There was no response....but we knew he was right there. Well the gate had a strip of glass you could see through so elder coats and i looked through the glass and he had walked to the corner of the yard with his face in the corner pretending he couldn't here us. hahaha what a weirdy! he could had gone inside or gone to the backyard but he decided the corner was the best hiding place. Well being my tall self i stuck my head over the fence and said helllo! when i called out his name and that i could see him he just slowly turned in our direction like a little boy who got caught with chocolate all over his face. Koreans... well he came over and was strange but committed to coming to church next week! miracle! well that was my fun/spiritual fast Sunday tale. the day went from being filled with contention to humbling myself and letting the spirit bear up my heart with joy and patience. I hope you enjoyed it.
Dad: You are a warrior Dad! always on the road, then coming home just to do the Lord's work and build his kingdom in your ward! you are inspiring! Now when you go to sea world just jump in the water and be with your kind....the whales haha i would if i were there! I'm a whale now too. one day we can be beached together. Love you Dad!
Mom: 2 packages?!!!! I don't know what to say other than thank you. O will try and pay it forward in my work. I'm blessed with such an amazing mother! I've been studying Joseph smith and his teaching and you remind me of Emma Mom! She was such a choice daughter of God and did so much in spite of adversity and trial. She always pressed forward. That fits you perfectly mom! (just don't apostatize like she did) Love you Mom!
Alexis: So how's the knee? what are you doing for work, still vivant? how much do you get?! im super curious. crazy thing... i ate a soup called 순대국 (soon-dae-kook) which is like blood soaked noodles rapped in pig intestines with pig lung and just massive pieces of fat. It was great! don't know why i told you.... aother rrandom thing, there are witchs in korea and the korean elder in my house told me about them and i almost wet myself!...I will get you a picture of one. so are you going to pass american heritage?! soooo hard!!!! pray for help, I'll pray for you too! LOVE YOU
Brother: Dude you are just going going going! I love it! You ajnd hilary seem to be having a great time! just Don't forget that you were just on a 2 year drought from your family and that they have been longing to be with you again. So even though she is great, make sure the fambam comes first! You have finals too!! streesss! well i should probably pray for you more then lex since her and i are the naturally smart and you are the...hardworker! Dude you put of 300 5 times?! beast! I did like 5 push-ups the other day.... hahaha. Keep it up. Make sure dev doesn't get broken!
Daryl! SOOOO WHO IS THIS BOY?!!!! he's talll, im good with that, but his name sounds like someone elder tempest converted! who is he? do you have a pic of him?! send it... is he strong? In korea the husband has to be able to do at least 10 push ups with his wife on his back when they get married. To show the father inlaw he has a strong back. Then the father in law takes him to a bath house and inspects him....I will do the same when i come home! I wan to write katya too! I will write her a letter right now. did she get the one i sent a couple months ago? anyways my comp thinks your are a beautiful daughter of god, that's why he wrote you ;) Love You!
Skinni Devini! How goes it man! remember when you would jiggle around and show all th girls your "6pack" now you probaly have a skinny man six pack along with showing ribs! welcome to the club man! it's just one of the things we go through before we get tall. just make sure you are eating....eating....eating...eating....eating....gourging....skarfing....consuming....not throwing up....cow...meat....chicken...< all that random suff is good.... anyways I love you! keep getting big man!
Love you all! be good boys and girls, keep your covenants and the commandments. Pray and read he scriptures! LOVE YOU

I live! Corbin's Letter‏ 11-27-12

Wow I loved everyone's E-Mails! They are so great and I'm so grateful for them! This might be short, so I will try and go quick!
This week has been super fun! Yes I will describe my first bath house experience. I went, got naked, and played in big hot-tubs and stuff with old Korean men. Really fun! Super relaxing, if only you could've seen! Yup that's about it on that.

So yes, it was thanksgiving this week! Like you all saw, we went to the Wilcox's and it was amazing! They are such a kind and loving family and I love them! Brother Wilcox got permission to watch football and basketball so I got to see my COUGARS PLAY!!!!! SOOOO FUN! A little tender mercy from the Lord. To make it even better I saw my Daddy and Bronsini on the screen! made my day...and week... and month! I ate sooo much food. I had to sit with a pillow over my stomach so people couldn't see
1. that my stomach was massive and filled
2. that I of course pulled a Dad and undid my belt so that I could let my stomach flop about!
Sounds like you had another full house at home!

The work here in my area slowed a lot this week. Not a lot of things happened. It could be because we didn't work hard enough, so this next week we will double our efforts to be led by the spirit and perform miracles through the priesthood! That is one thing I've studied this week is the priesthood. It is one of the key, if not THE key element in the restoration of the church. It is amazing and I'm continuing to learn how I can better honor my priesthood, but more importantly use it to do the will of the Father. So Dad, Brons, and Dev, USE YOUR PRIESTHOOD! We have the power to call down miracles from heaven. Build the Kingdom and call down miracles if the spirit directs! A miracle we did see was yesterday at church a former investigator that I've been in contact with came and after he agreed to start taking the lessons again. He also accepted a soft baptismal commitment! I don't know how much work it will take to bring him to Christ but we will do all that is necessary to do so. It is almost the end of this transfer, it flew by so fast I can't believe it! It will be interesting to see what revelation President gets on how the mission should change.
DAD: Dad you won! yippee! Who cares if it wasn't a great team, a win is a win! and Brons did good, that's all because of you. I've been studying King Benjamin this week and I think of you every time I do because I know that you love him! You have the same attributes as him. Your ward sounds like it is doing great! That's so fun! keep leading your flock through the priesthood! I saw you on TV! you looked good dad! you should wear some smaller shirts though, your shirts look like massive parachutes hanging off of you! How is Jason doing? Love You!
MOM: Hello Mom! I LOVED YOUR EMAIL! Sounds like so much fun! I wanna see like a video of you teaching your workout class!  Yes mother i was fed well for thanksgiving, but just like brons said i will await patiently for the day i get to eat your food again! I'm foaming and drooling just thinking about your cooking! Everyone sounds like they are doing well, thanks for everything! I have 2 camera cards i need to send home...i know I am bad, some of the videos will be pretty old but hope you still find joy in them! Love You!
LEX: Sister! you got your knee scoped?! why  did i just hear about this! How is it doing? probably fine cuz you are just like Hugh Jackman as wolverine and can heal instantly. I've learned the "why" when it comes to going to church. So i would just encourage you to find out the "why" in why go to church. Anyways walking dead sounds sooo fun! how was twilight? you love it!? you gotta send me some pictures of everything you are doing! I love seeing your pictures and hearing from you! I LOVE YOU!
Bronsini: well right now you are at Hilary smith's house probably laughing a fake laugh at her dad's jokes, or asking the mom if you can take the garbage suck up! Well NICE GAME BRO! You did some sweet work! so proud of you! When we watched the San Jose game and the Oregon st game i was so excited as i watched you run around out there. You are just a big horse aren't ya! o and yeah BYU basketball needs you. Watching them was like watching a bunch of long skinnny snakes with legs attempt a deep post up... go relearn some stuff from your father Perris wild-boar. Well I LOVE YOU! ps. so at the bath house an old man sat right next to me in the hotest bath and started rubbing my leg... he then told me something i didn't understand...but that is all I shall share at this time.
DARYL! Well hello there bringer of boys past curfew! How goes it?! Well I hope you learned your lesson! spirit goes to bed early ya know! especially when it's ugly boys your hanging around with!!!! anyways, I'm so happy to hear that your knee is doing good! i can't wait to hear about how you are tearing it up back on the field! so work hard! I LOVE YOU send pics of your life in the next box you skipped seminary.....well I'LL BOUNCE YOUR BABY BOOTY! Bro seminary is unreal! I do not care if you missed carpool and mom made you walk and you were super late and embarrassed to walk in late, you can gain so much revelation from it! I so badly wish i would've paid better attention in seminary. If you wanna prepare to bring thousands of souls unto Christ then you have to pay attention at seminary and then gain a testimony of it. Well tell me, how's b-ball! I LOVE YOU BRO. Tell Bronson's father, the wild boar I say HELLO! (NO really don't, I think I am a bad memory to him from having too much fun in basketball, it could effect your playing time if he has a flashback of me)

I am so happy! I love everyone!‏ 11-19-12

Hello there everyone!
 How goes it?! Wow! I love your emails they are so uplifting and great and I can feel the spirit of our family through them. You each have such amazing characteristics and I'm edified through them!

 So....we lost NOOOOOOOOOO it's ok....i will survive again.... Brons Play tight end and D-End!...(play quarterback)!!! remember our play in middleschool, "Megan!" named after Megan Conley?! ha so fun.

I will tell you about what has happened this last week and some of the great experiences we've had. One of them is that we both got sick, but don't worry we are better. The miracle was our first day of the flu we were dead. We both laid their like exhausted animals, I managed to study some but it was rough. The next day was the same, however I knew we had to go do some work. So we chomped the bit and got ourselves up. We prayed for the strength to do the Lord's will. Took the bus to our area and proselyted in the rain. The whole time we proselyted (street contacted) we felt sick but through the spirit we were comforted, and our heavenly father gave us the ability to endure. That is something I have learned so much about in the mission.  The need to rely on Heavenly Father and how to do it properly. Too many times we do things according to ourselves and our own understanding without involving our Father in Heaven. Then sometimes we pray to our Father in Heaven to change our situations for our benefit. It's not, we do all we can and the Lord is there when we stop to pick up our slack, but rather the Lord is with us every step of the way and when we continuously rely on him he will continue to be with us when we can't do anymore. Also, in regards to reliance on the Lord. Nephi is such a great example to me. How easy would it be for him to have prayed to be delivered from his brothers when he was tied up. I'm sure that his faith was more than sufficient to call down divine protection. But, that is not what he did. He asked the Lord to give him strength to break the cords so that he can handle the situation on his own. So great! I love MISSION WORK!!!! sorry for that tangent, other stuff....

We had our 50th anniversary this week! We had a big service project and I went and helped make kimchi with old ladies and it was soooo fun!!! we just take pickled like cabbage and cover it in the spicy sauce and pickled other things. I ate a lot of kimchi that day... yummmmm I LOVE KIMCHI! then we had a firseide last night. All of our mission was there and it was great! I saw my whole mtc group and they are amazing! I love the feeling of the spirit when i unite with other missionaries! This calling is amazing and I'm so grateful for it! I saw brother Wilcox and Drake Wilcox (used to be elder Wilcox) super weird! can't wait for thanksgiving at their house.

PS. GOT THE PACKAGE WOOOOOOOOOOOO I OPENED IT AND WAS THE HAPPIEST MISSIONARY ON THE WHOLE EARTH! in fact  ALEXIS!!! I am emailing in my new beanie and bright orange shirt with lip gloss smothered all over my luscious lips!! YUMMY! I'm still on a happiness rage because of the package.... well I'm always on a happiness rage!
Dad: You are a a spiritual warrior! Hearing about your dedication to your calling just inspires me Dad! I'm so blessed because of your work and your example. Sorry about the loss, but your star player (brons) did alright! How is your ward doing? are you just leading those mislead college kids ! I can see it! I just had this idea that you are Moroni because you just lead us, Bronson can be Helamen because he likes leading little boys around and I can be Teancum because I'm a spartan! LOVE YOU DAD
Mom: MOTHER! I loved the package! it was amazing! and I am the luckiest and most loved son in the world! so other missionaries keep seeing my pictures of you and they think you are my sister!  Sounds like the state game was so fun! you are such a good sport mom, attending all these games! you are the best! I LOVE YOU MOM!
ALEXIS! I hear you went to St. Geezy and partayed without mezzy?! it's OK no biggie! I'm glad you took Henry the owl he needed to get out a bit. Did you visit Kenny in mount pleasant? Send me some pics of your travels so i can see you and Henry, and your HAIR! i haven't seen anything about your hair yet! GEEZE WOMAN! Also hows the dating life?....still non-existent? just date Ziggy for pete sakes! haha. Teach Brons how to play ball again would ya? LOVE YOU!
Brons: you dawg you, what are your standards of excellence? Glad to hear you just don't look at faces ha ha but faces are important....looking at it for eternity is a long time!  Sweet sack bro and man you are going from lil pony to Clydesdale! so cool! I am going from stallion to donkey....hahaha but I have no doubt i could take you 1 on 1 on the court! Glad to hear you are doing well in the spiritual aspects of things! Pull Devin along with you! O and my convert's name is  홍정민 (hong jong min, pronounced Hoe-ng Jaw-ng Meen) He is about yea high 5'9ish and has glasses. A real cute lil fella! keep an eye out! tear it up on the court bro! give me a shout-out when you dunk....if you can still dunk... haha LovE Yous
Daryl: LOVE the little note you sent in the package! I'm so happy that that my car Dora is OK and that you are watching out for her! You're the BEST! and I hear you are working your knee super well to get back in shape! I knew you could do it sissy! PS. you will get a letter from my comp soon....he's the man! you will see our funny videos soon i hope! How is school, i heard you took a test on the odyssey.... o homer..... can't say i remember any of it but study hard! knowledge is soo amazing and good to have!  LOVE YOU
DEV: STATE CHAMPPPP WOOOOT WOOOT! So sweet bro, Congratulations! Just keep leading them to victory and it will be awesome! I miss our little chat times! makes me super happy to hear about you and how you are doing. How's church, I'm so jealous of you because you get to do sacrament duties while here in Korea all the Old men do it. It is such a blessing every week and I hope you find time to ponder the scriptures and prepare yourself mentally and spiritually for the sacred ordinances you preform. I LOVE YOU
Well I love you so much! it has been good seeing how everyone is doing. guess what I'm doing for P-DAY....BATH HOUSE BABY!!!!! I'M GONNA GO BE NAKED WITH ALL THE OLD KOREANS AND CONVERT THEM WHILE BATHING WITH THEM! plus i hear you can like get cool scrubbers and scrub a dub your skin really nice! it will be much better then when dad scrubbed us as kids! ha ha How is grandma and grandpa doing?! I love them and tell them i miss them. SO good to  get uncle Jason's note card in the package! he is the man and I love him and his family. I will keep them in my prayers. How is isaiah doing? is josey ok? how is aunt Lisa and uncle G-gordon? does Mitch have a baby yet?!  Are the triplets still doing great!?! I cant wait to kiss those chubby cheeks of the 3 little fellas. anyways love you all!

Corbins Letter 11-12-12

Dear Family,

I Can't believe it has only been a couple days into this new transfer! It's so fun! I have to admit I am a bit trunky though because literally all the missionaries i was around and got close to all went home...and a lot more are going home this next transfer. so sad... but happy they are finishing the work of the Lord! Especially Elder Warren, my trainer. He probably gave his homecoming talk today and if you all get the chance you should invite him to dinner because man I love him!

Some great things have happened this week! First off my new companion is Elder Jackson Pete Coats from Rupert Idaho! He is awesome ha and super fun! I can already tell that we are going to have a great, fun, and hard working transfer together! He is about a year into his mission and his first area was in 주안 so he knows the area. We are truly gonna show the Lord that we are willing to do his will! And of course have fun doing it. Also in our 4 man house my new zone leader is 이성제. He is soooo funny and great! He trained my mtc companion. Ha he is like the Korean Bronson! I love it, so we just have a ton of fun together and say/do dumb things when we are all home at night and in the morning. In fact it is a tender mercy that the Lord has been putting such wonderful people in my path. I really missed Bronson and didn't know how I was gonna fair but the Lord sent people like Boden and Va'a to fill the gap and now the Lord has placed another Bronson-like character in my life ha so I'm very grateful. But yes, just like the real Bronson elder Lee-song-Jay can get annoying and what not... so Brons...beware of pride boy!

Anyways president came to our church on Sunday with sister Christensen. They are so amazing and great servants of the Lord! He spoke in sacrament on the spirit of mission work and the need for it and it was so spiritual. I was especially surprised when he told the ward to give us referrals! He was bold like prophets of old and man did that get me pumped up! This week has been cool. getting to know elder coats has been a blast! He kinda reminds me of a football version of Elder Tempest! Anyways I feel that one of my greatest spiritual inspirations and revelations I've had and experienced this week was in my personal studies. I've decided every personal study I'll write down a question in my study journal and then in my usual scripture reading seek for what the Lord needs me to get. Literally every time without fail the Lord lets me see a little thing that even though it may not be related directly to my question it connects in a round-about spiritual manner! For example I'm in 2 Nephi in my B.O.M reading and likening things to Isaiah is just not as fun for me as Nephi thought it was... However keeping an open heart and mind to the promptings of the spirit have helped me to find what I need or what the Lord needs. So even though it may sound dumb. Study the scriptures with a question or an aim in mind because the spirit can work a lot more effectively if you give it some direction.

Korean is coming along, being passed off is great and i feel like I am learning it really fast now. Still get pretty confused sometimes but it is all in the Lord's hands. He molds us into our greatest form but only if we humble ourselves and let him. Some fun things that happened this week, went to a meat buffet, HALLELUJAH!....stayed there for 2 hours eating meat...still wasn't enough hahaha Had a massive pillow fight last night and i destroyed the 3 other elders ha but they did pin me at one point. Had a zone/stake Halloween party and it was sooo fun! loved it. Wore a mustache, and yeah oh did sports proselyting activity at the college in our area and it was really good. The Lord gave me these gifts so that i could bring people unto Christ so I'm going to use them!
Dad: WINNER WINNER IN N' OUT DINNER!!!! nice dad! so sick, made me so happy to hear about the game. who do you all play next? gotta get to the bowl game!!!! so i ate some raw fish was really interesting...the spines were really weird and crunchy. i only tell you this because I'm sure you would've loved it. Lord continues to open up my eyes to how I can better myself as a missionary and better follow his example and yours. Thanks dad, LOVE YOU.
Mom: YOU"RE GREAT!!!!! LUBBA YOUA! got your package and man was I IN HEAVEN! hung up the Halloween decorations and i love love love the candy mmmmm thinking about it makes me want to go eat it, but i know i gotta ration it haha. Korea is great! don't worry i eat. Sleep...i need to work on because our pillow talk is just so fun. (still a social butterfly)  LOVE YOU!
SEESTER LADY GIRL: Ello you money making crazy women! Sounds like you are having fun,  yes we will go to the mother land, then to Cali then to Mexico later on. So we can have our fair share of adventures! Loved the letter you sent it made me so happy, put it in my folder of course. Make sure Bronson doesn't get married without me! How's church? do you do your visiting teaching? Just curious. LOVE YOU! won the football game! so great! so proud of you man! Keep it up! how big are you now? School going ok? Your letter was awesome! almost made me cry but luckily I am a testosterone filled man and didn't. yes, I really miss the days where we slept together and talked all night and just did dumb stuff (poor mom, remember how she would get on us to get some sleep). So don't get married till I am home and we can continue it! what's your church better have a calling..... Well I LOVE YOU!
DEARL: Knee is healing!!! HuZZAH! what boys do you hang out with? how's young women's? our home ward is so great, here in Korea there isn't a real support system in the wards so i realize how blessed we are. Be involved! I LOVE YOU
DEV:.... Just know I LOVE YOU!
HAVE A  GGOOOD WEEK!! Out of time

Corbin's letter; stupid irish!‏

GOSH DANG!! We almost pulled it out!!! ahhhhh man....those little
 leprechauns just know how to hit you below the belt! Gosh where was
 our William Wallace dad?! Oh well I will get over it. In time.. haha
 all the asians here are little brown squint-y leprechauns so it will be
 rough but I will live.

        Enough of that, I gotta make this quick because
 I am spoiling myself and going to a gogi buffet (MEAT BUFFET)
 Hallelujah! This week has been crazy, the work is rolling now. Picked
 up our first 3 investigators here in 주안. Also Elder Amina leaves in
 like 2 days so I am getting nervous for transfer calls tonight because
 i've only been in the area for 2.5 weeks and I'll have to run it this
 next transfer! But the Lord will provide. Good news, I passed off! aka
 i can now go senior comp! yeah super nerve racking. Reciting D&C 4 in
 korean takes like 5 minutes ha ha but it was good. However it adds more
 pressure...because now I'm like eligible to train next transfer and if i
 train that means I'm going to have to learn Korean a lot faster! but
 luckily I have my Patriarchal blessing that says I can speak
 languages (good stuff Daryl) so I know with reliance on the Lord I can

 A miracle that was brought about by the spirit is we met
 with this guy for the first time and he was sketchy and was holding a
 plastic bag. I was busy talking to people on the street and elder
 amina went and talked to him and the guy whipped out a big bible from
 his bag and started slapping it and yelling and going off about how
 the card we gave him didn't say anything about the bible!
 Well...sometimes elder amina can lose patience quickly so i ran over
 there to make sure he didn't punch this guy. But he was okay and he was
 in fact the guy we were supposed to meet so we calmed him down and sat
 and just asked him about Heavenly Father and asked some very inspiring
 questions that brought the spirit. His entire countenance changed when
 we talked and taught about the Book of Mormon. We would ask a question
 and he would literally sit there in silence for 5 straight minutes. It
 reminded me of Elder Christofferson when he said in a talk that when
 speaking in hostile venues it is the spirit that allows us to say what
 needs to be heard. I was so grateful that Heavenly Father heard my
 prayers and that the spirit, when i am diligent, guides me whether I
 know it or not!

 Okay some funny stuff.... while I was proselyting a taxi cab guy pulled
 me over and i was like "wow this guy wants to hear the gospel" so i
 crouch to look through the car and talk and he is saying something i
 don't understand and is pointing "down" then i realized what he was
 saying and i quickly zipped up my fly that was gaping open with like
 my tucked in shirt hanging out ha. So, moral of the story. Yes taxi
 drivers are creeps, but they still serve a purpose! ha ha.

Fun things I did, we had 12 week training follow up and yes mom i got your package!
 its still at the office because of a mix up but I am super excited!
 Anyways I got to sleep at presidents because it is so far from 인천. I
 felt super weird because it seemed like forever ago i was sleeping in
 the same place as i came to the country! anyways, super cool!
 These will be short, sorry...
 DAD: Well darn the Irish, but luckily your a Bishop and the spirit
 restrains your anger... ;) ha ha well at least your boy got a sack! Who
 is in on your base package? do you ever see Lene around or Terenn?
 MOM: Love you, can't wait to see the package. How's school board? any
 news on the Romney? I made homemade donuts last night! I am a total chef
 now! the years of watching foodnetwork with you is paying off.
 ALEXIS: good ol' dixie! you are following daddy's footsteps! (just
 don't throw a rock at a big farm boys truck and get chased back to the dorms)
 right dad? ha ha. How's the kitty!? are you making bank at vivnt?  Keep
 imagining that you make big bucks!
 BRONSON: SACK!! yeah baby the one bright hope about hearing about the
 game. You are probably getting pretty buff. I just got up and  looked at myself in the mirror this morning and....did a ton of pushups after.
 ha ha ha ha it's OK I'll get there after 2 years.
 DARYL: So proud you got your patriarchal blessing! Makes me feel the
 spirit just hearing about it. I hear there's a lot of awesome stuff in
 it! SO COOL! well you'll have to tell me all about it, and your good
 for nothing date that wasn't supposed to happen!!
 DEVIN: LEADERSHIP! read the white handbook of blessings about
 leadership with Brons! anyways awesome on getting the Liahona of your
 life brother! Cherish it and read it daily! Heard you got pulled up
 for football, nice dawg!!!! killer!!! HULK SMASH!!! I scare the other
 missionaries by yelling like Hulk and chasing them. dude...ha random
 but you still play video games? For some reason our night talks while
 lying on our mats on the floor and our topic has been video games so i thought of you and the
 times we had when we would sleep in my big bed and talk all night.
 STEPH AND TRAV (if home): Ello peeps! How's it! babies or pets yet?
 don't worry did a Craig answers vid the other morning so you all should
 get it soon.
 WELLLLL I love you all and am so blessed to be in the family i am!
 Needs: well a few, only if possible:
 1.Cleats ...a lot of soccer. my shoes are getting destroyed ha
 2. a Hoodie...getting cold, but they sadly don't have my size...
 3. Mom....I'm breaking out like a!!! ha ha
 4. ....victory secret beauty lip gloss, you know the one we all lips just haven't felt luscious
 in soo long ha ha