Monday, June 24, 2013


Alright got to be quick! 

Going down to Gangnam for a lunch/pday activity with some of the missionaries from the south mission including myMTC comp and lots of my missionary friends .....  :( it's so sad to think this is the last time i will see them and the last time I will go to my birth place in  Gangnam. I think when i get out of the subway and the memories of that place smack me, I'll cry.... Anyways, im in a place called 望擠 Gir-eum which is still in the smack of seoul it actually borders my last area, but it's a different zone and stake. My zone extended up to the border so hmmmm might need to do some proselyting up there.... RAMBO!  I''m here with an amazing missionary named Elder Luker! He's from Nephi Utah and he's the man! We are working so hard. We hit the ground running! He is 2 transfers older than me and we are just pulling down miracles from heaven! here's a couple 

  •  At the beginning of this week we just worked as hard as we could hoping to get some good street lessons and find new investigators, but the lessons or investigators weren't coming. A bit of a trial of our faith because we were working so hard and not seeing results and satan of course came along tempting us with discouragement and despair. 

  • However, we kept working and just showing forth our faith in the 瞪紫. Well in 4 days went from 10 contacts to 305, crushing the standard the excellence by more than double. Then this Sunday, the miracles came. A random person Elder Luker met a week before on the street came to church, and a miracle within that is he didn't know how to get to the church. He met a member on the way over and asked him how to get to the 輿團 center next to the church so the member helped him thinking he was just a random person. Then he was able to come to church and see that it was actually an investigator! He stayed all of church and for the wonderful baptism/luncheon after. He was with us for 5 hours! During church we were able to teach him, and the spirit testified to him that baptism was something he needed. It was our first meeting but he has told us of a desire to be baptized and we will continue to teach him and help him progress to following the Savior. 

  • Next on the street that night we were able to meet with a man I met a couple days ago. He's a Jehovah's Witness and I was a bit afraid he wanted to bible bash, which is definitely what we didn't want. So we searched for a place to sit because he wouldn't meet at the church. We walked by a school and I asked if he'd be ok if we go in there and talk. He said, "no we aren't allowed to go in." Then we passed by the gate which was opened and people were playing soccer so I asked again....he said the same thing. Finally after seeing that there was nowhere to sit and talk I asked again and he said, "ok since other people are in there i guess we'll be ok too." (not a direct translation from his korean六六六) We passed a soccer kid laying on a bench just sleeping then sat down about 15 yards away and started with a prayer than started a discussion. After a minute the soccer kid walked over to us and in english said, "hello, I have been thinking a lot about mormonism and what you believe, would it be ok if I sat down and listened to your sermon?"  I felt like a missionary of old like Wilford Woodruff in england just preaching on boxes and having people searching for the truth listen. The kid ended up being amazing and just opened his heart and expressed his desire to truly know. so like elder anderson said in his conference talk; we invited him to "come and see" so we will meet him again and just allow the gospel to change his life!

  •  Well sounds like the wedding is rolling on! I'm super pumped for you two! keep me updated on everything! I've decided I'd like a nephew by the time i get back so...yes ponder that hehehe. Lex Send me a pic of bella! i want to see how big she is now. I put her as my planner cover and i show everyone i talk to on the streets my niece :)  Dev, kill it this week at camp and you/the boys be good to mom. If I hear that you all caused any mischief I will be very disappointed! Daryl how was Canada ! are so dark! I have to tell everyone about you because every doesn't believe that I'm american....half calf for life! Mother! Keep being amazing and don't be afraid to take a breath every now and again!

  • love you all. the scripture that came to me this week is luke 2:37 I believe. It's a goodie!
  • Elder Kaufusi

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father! I Am Your Son!‏

Im so glad when daddy comes home
Glad as I can beeeee!
clap my hands and shout for joy,
then climb up on his knee!!!!!!
Put my hand around his neck,
Hug him tight like dissssss!!!!!
Pat his cheeks and give him what.....
I LOVE YOU DAD! You have been an amazing influence in my life and I am so grateful to be called your son. I will try to do as you taught and follow the Savior. I look forward to the day I get to hug you then pick you up and then pin you down! Today is not that day, but someday. I think the reason they don't let us call on fathers day is that Elders might cry more when they talk to their Dad's so yeah that's my justification for not being able to call. Plus dad's are very frugal and the idea of long distance calling goes against their frugal beliefs. ;)
Well, it was fathers day yesterday here, and I gave a talk in church...because I'm being transferred!

 Super strange, literrally i was for sure thought elder Gardner (my son) and I would stay and be eternal companions for 3 transfers. But the Lord called me a different way. Our ap, aka my highschool friend elder nicky clearwater, called me and was like, " not supposed to call you yet..... sorry bye." then the other elders in our house got the call they were staying.

Then 20 minutes before bedtime i got a call from president that I'd be going to a place called 길음 to be zone leader again. I thought they would've learned the first time that I have no leadership abilities! But I guess the Lord can make use of my big body to slap around the elders in the zone above me. 

I'm staying in the North mission with President Christensen. I knew I would stay north. President and I are just too close! he can't forsake his large brown son! 

But yeah my new companion is named elder Luker and we served out in 인천 for a couple weeks by each other. He's a go getter so I'm excited. However, my ward was pretty surprised i was leaving. in sacrament our first councellor texted me and asked if i was giving a final message and goodbye talk. I said yes. No one really knew. 

Sad to go but change is necessary. 동대문 is the area i've been the longest. 3 transfers i was there. Well, a bit sad because some of the missionaries that I was really good friends with and my mtc companion will be in the south mission. I will miss them greatly, but the work goes on and the vineyard definitely needs alot more pruning! 

My last talk to the ward was on working with the lord at this time of hastening. I shared Jacob 70 and 71. 

Well yeah, it's getting hot here.

 A quick miracle. So we do alot of proselyting, anyways we were out talking to everyone and then went honme. that night a member called and said she saw us talking to everyone and that she had a referral for us. The referral has high potential and it was awesome. I met him and his cute little kid and was able to talk and start a good relationship with him. Sad to think i won't get to teach him and see what happens but I'll be happy to get the call that he's getting baptized. 

Well hmm interesting things this week. I made a planner case....and the back cover is a picture of Alexis dog, Bella!!! my little niece who is going to be big enough to play with when i get back.  Its almost rainy season so that's exciting!  hopefullyy it will cool down this heat!

 Please send lots of pictures of Brons and the Honey. 
Also LEx and the puppy baby. 
Daryl and her soccer trip to the mother land oh...canada.
Devin and the ...muscle gaining attempts....
Oh mother i went  running the other week....almost died hahaha I'm a chubby little boy that was cutting his hair this morning and accidentally shaved some of my eyebrow! classic right?! Well I'll stop rambling. I LUBbA YEWSSS
PS. If missionaries that served in korea every show up at the house looking for food MOM...please feed them. I just keep giving them all your name, cell number and our address. Telling them to go eat! My mom will cook for you oh yes and I also told them that if any of them need a place to stay that you would be fine with it. 

I sure love ya Momma....keep those crazy siblings of mine in line.


Ok first real quick, Mom anything you can find that shows the church and Korea together please please send it to me. Like church magazines that say anything about Korea of have a picture, just anything.  That would be coool! Then I could give it out to the investigators and they would have more interest MAYBE!
 Any way's big week, had a BAPTISM! yes it was amazing the man who had some slight mental illness got baptized and my wonderful little (new missionary), Oregon's very own Elder Nathan Gardner baptized him. I literally feel like my own trainer Elder Warren because he allowed me the opportunity to baptize my first week. It was a great experience. So good to show the ward our work and what not. He's been quite the process but the spirit shined through his countenance after the baptism, and the smile he wore when he put on the white shirt I bought for him was priceless. The ward is now super excited and I think the work will hasten even more in the next coming weeks! 

We have a baptismal date for our investigator from Nepal too, (Please tell Aunt Lisa and Uncle Gordon, I assume they are still serving their city mission with the Nepal people???)  his sincerity and desire to know truth truly is a testimony builder for me. 

This week is also transfer calls......So stressful because these decide if you go to another mission or not! I know I'll be fine wherever the Lord sends me, but it will be a bit sad to not see the other missionaries i've grown so close to for the next year. Oh well I'll just have a "sons of Mosiah" and "Alma" reunion and we will glory in the Lord's strength later!
Another miracle that happened this week also was that i was able to go on exchanges with another elder who is struggling with his desire. I prayed and prepared a training for him on desire. I was a bit confused on how to talk and relate everything to him (he's korean) but the Lord helped. At the end of my companionship study with him I asked him to do a roleplay where I had him just bare testimony to me. after he did so I asked if he felt the spirit (can't believe the spirit prompted me to be so bold...) and he said no. And I also said no.  So i told him I'd leave the room and give him time to pray and gain the spirit so he could try again. When I went back in he bore testimony again and there was a little something there. So then I told him i felt I needed to share testimony with him. He said he'd like to hear it in english. So i did so. I bore testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and how through being his leader I have been able to feel the Love they have for him. It touched his heart and he told me how the training I the Lord gave through me was what he needed. I'm so grateful that the Lord can use me for this amazing work. I lvoe it so much.
Dad I can't believe you almost died and picked up Hepatitis "A" when you were out of the of the country ! Why is my family all "almost" dying on my mission..... It's ok though because I have complete trust in the Lord and have put you all in his hands. I know you will all be taken care of.
I heard that a big  Tayo man wondered back to our house....i would like a picture please! tell him hello and that It's been too long. I am still planning to convert that big boy from TCU.
I love you all, keep up the good work. Alma 24:14
Elder Kaufusi

Families are Forever

I'm glad you got my camera chips! I was talking with my companion and just was like, "Well if those 3 chips get lost in the mail, 6months of my mission will be gone..." so it was kind of scary to think about but at the same time i didn't care because I'm experiencing it!

 Sounds like everyone is so great. 
Mom, You're a trooper.
 Dad, you too....just bigger.
 Lex feed that little baby of yours.
 Brons love the pics! and im glad that someone that looks like a horse can finally run like one. 
Daryl Money is so nice huh?! one thing i wish i did was save more. be frugal! 
Devin you beast on the field! gosh I'm going to come home and you are going to eat me! But it's ok I learned korean so i'm still smartest....not really though.
Well this week has been crazy crazy as usual. The Work is moving forward. Our investigator with the baptismal date for next week didn't come to church this week so we went to find him. Went to his house and got to meet his family and I was able to talk with the mom about our church and bear testimony of the Book of Mormon and share 3 nephi 9:14. She really liked it and it was a miracle. She said that she'd get her son (who is 39) to church and help us. Also I gave her a book of mormon and committed them to read together. We will visit their home often and teach her as well. I'm excited for the blessings of the Lord to shower upon this family! 

Another miracle was that this man I met on the street actually met with us. We make tons of appointments on the street but none of them actually meet. But he met and it was amazing. He talked about how he was religious and then just fell away, and that his family situation was not good and that he really just felt he needed to find God again. It was everything a missionary wants to hear. Not that he had to endure trials but that he heeded the spirits small promptings to bring him to us and find the happiness that the gospel provides. It makes me tear up thinking about what angels have done to get him to this humbled meek state. 

I'm grateful for the Lord and his constanct efforts to prepare people. My efforts are so small, yet I get to enjoy the fruits of those he has planted seeds in and watched over since birth. He's truly the most selfless missionary! 

Well Keep up the good work. Live life to the fullest IN THE GOSPEL!
Love you! Elder Kaufusi

Bath House Here I Come

 I have experienced the Korea today. I ate 보신탕! aka dog soup. SO now I'm officially korean....I shrunk 3 feet or 4,
my vision got...thinnner,
and my english is below par.

 Anyways, yes sounds like the summer is going to be full of awesomeness! I love our family and just how great our lives are. Literally the blessing of having such an amazing family is something I will never be able to comprehend, but as I try to do so, I see the hand of the Lord. 

So, continue to recognize the hand of the lord in your lives and in your interactions with eachother. 

This week we had some great miracles. one of which was we were able to pick up some new investigators and the investigators that we had before that didn't have gospel interest are softening and the spirit is taking place in them. 

It's amazing to see the spirit work within them all. Boldly asking them to follow the savior is something I love so much. Not because it just feels good to "cry repentance," but to say with the sincerity of my heart that I know what this gospel can do for them and if they change they can experience happiness and peace beyond what they know, is just an experience I savor as a missionary. 

Had a very tender moment when we were walking down a street in a poorer area and this little kid was outside of the little corner store staring at ice cream. So, i talked to him and bought him the biggest watermelon ice cream and he was so bewildered and grateful. He may never see missionaries again and never remember me but the fact that I was able to do something good for someone and show compassion through a small act was amazing. 

Also brother Bronson...I went and did some singing proselyting like you suggested! We sang hymns on 17 floors of an apartment building 2 hymns each floor. No one came but they have video things outside the doors and when we would start singing you'd watch them turn on (after they've already rejected us) and they'd watch us and listen to the hymns. It was great. I know that the spirit got through to  them in one way or another.
 Ha on the 2nd to last floor the security came and kicked us out. He was a nice old man and i proselyted to him as he walked us out...He accepted a pass along card so a miracle within a....kick out.

Well,  I love you all keep holding the faith strong! Please Tell our amazing Edgemont 8th ward I love them as well.

 Loved the pictures of the engagement photos, send more! Brons go to the temple and prepare yourself spiritually for this step of your life. 

Sent a letter to Lex with my memory cards and stuff so let me know if you get it.......There's a lot of pics and videos on 3 cards so please be careful with them.
I love you all!
Elder Kaufusi
P.S. I'm on my way to a bath house right now! oh la la, yay!

Short and Sweet

Well, just got off the phone with you so....yeah I think I don't need to say anything really other than that I love you and hope you are all doing well. 
So good to hear all of your voices and receive the assurance that my family is in the hands of my Father in Heaven. I love you all. 

Mom happy mothers day. I'll make sure to try and bless these people as much as you've blessed my life, but i don't think it will be possible. Did I tell you....I love you :)

 Happy Sabbath