Sunday, March 31, 2013

We are under attack!!!!!.....from SATAN!!‏

sounds like I get to actually go Rambo here.
 If they do start a war I'm totally going to proselyte in North Korea....under the radar haha. 

Well things are great, I just picked up my SON this last week! His name is Elder Gardner from portland oregon! He's such a cute little fella, the spirit radiates from him and I'm so blessed. Also, still with my step son Elder 이승봉, he's doing great too. I've seen his testimony grow so much since being with him. It is amazing.

 Well things here are the same, we do A LOT of proselyting. Ha but I'm grateful that the Lord has given me a love for it! I love talking to everyone and try and help them. Lots of them are afraid of me still and don't want to talk, but man sharing my testimony daily is amazing.

 A neat thing going on is that we are teaching another mongolian! We taught the first lesson yesterday at church and he was pretty accepting. It was great! He doesn't know alot about religion or christianity so we taught him with emphasis on Christ and God. 

Korean is coming along, especially because I have to translate everything between my companions! 

Easter was good yesterday...just another day in the Lord's work ha. However, the ward did feed everyone hard boiled eggs after church. (i guess that's what they do here haha). Our ward mission leader's wife gave a great talk on what the resurrection means to her and us as disciples of Christ. It was great! Today I'm going to walk around the palace again with my new missionary son. Ha, just like what I did when I first came into country.

 Well I love hearing about how everyone is! Sounds like our house is as busy as ever! Make sure you all make personal time to talk with our Heavenly Father, and read that scriptures. These 2 things can lead to so much guidance and revelation it's unbelievable. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Elder Kaufusi



Long week, but things are going good. Just had transfer calls and I will keep my current companion who is korean and finish 2 more weeks of the 12week program, but I will also train a new missionary!! SO, yeah another 3some! This will be the 3rd time on my mission I get the privilege to train 2 Elders.

It is great but of course a lot of responsibility. I pray I can do the Lord's will and help both of my companions become the missionaries the Lord expects.

 Well 2 weeks ago we had 3 baptisms and yesterday they were all confirmed! it was a miracle. I'm so grateful that I was able to see these three children of God gain the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

Well I don't have that much time, sorry Mom I know it kills you to get short letters but we are going to Seoul tower for a bit. 

Anyways, I love you all and I'm grateful for all you have done and continue to do for me.
Dad...Go fishing while in the islands. 
Mom....become president! 
Lex...YOLOSPTMG "you only live once, so prepare to meet God." (my new moto). 
Brons....Tell your honey hello from me, and keep working out. 
Daryl...Be a good example to all your friends and keep healing the knee! 
Devin....Prepare for the mission Brother!

Love the tallest missionary in Seoul Korea
Elder Kaufusi

ELLO Chaps!‏

Alright my beloved Family I am on and emailing! 

Thanks for all the wonderful Emails! I love hearing about the family. You all seem so wonderful. 

Yes I got your St.Patrick's box and it as gorgeous! thanks for all the treats and what not. Funny story: So I gave the green plastic necklace to the recent convert in our ward just to be funny and make her day. Anyways she loved it and researched what the clovers mean and now she wears the necklace literally everywhere! ha just a little plastic beaded clover necklace. We had an amazing baptism of 3 people yesterday and she gave a little talk/testimony and she was wearing the green's her treasure! I got a laugh out of it. 

Anyways, the baptisms went amazing. These 3 investigators all had a baptismal date before I got here yet I got to teach them a couple times and within the small amount of time I became very close with them especially the 2 mongolians. It was such a blessing and miracle to watch them be baptized and enter in the gate! Now we just have to finish the baptism by fire next week in sacrament! 

I'm so grateful for this gospel and all that Heavenly Father and the Savior have done for me and everyone. I gave my first training by myself at district meeting. It was based on Elder Holland's talk "Urgency" that was given at a missionary president seminar. It's amazing. I feel like there is so much more we can do as missionaries here. We can truly involve ourselves with the spirit more and call down miracles from heaven! 

Mom, to answer your question, My companions name is Lee Seungbong. He is a cute little new missionary. Still struggling with communication betweeen each other but man I'm speaking alot of Korean! I love it! Happy you got the box! I hope nothing broke. 
I love you all so much and pray that the spirit is with you this day and for the rest of the week! 
Love Elder Kaufusi
Ps. I watched 17miracles....and cried.....I'll probably do it again tonight after planning! O and that John Lund man is awesome! you should feed him, and also please feed Va'a or something! has bronson met him? His family sent me some packages and I'm so grateful for them! anyways I LOVE YOU!

Kitties, Korea & Merry Christmas finally‏

Well hello there you wonderful little duckies!! 

Your are all so great and I LOVE YOU ALL!!! things here in my new area are going good.   I finally met with the investigators planning on getting baptized this next week and they are doing great! It was fun to teach one of them through our Mongolian member translating! Man I love it! What a blessing it is to be here! Well what else, my companion, (like i said), is full Korean so I'm learning a lot! He's being pretty patient with me and my lack of Korean ability so I'm super grateful for him. 

In this ward our mission leader is an American who actually is from Orem! His name is brother Clark and he's amazing! He is also the stake mission leader and he gave a presentation for the mission leaders with our stake president (who was his mission President), and it was awesome! I really feel like the whole stake in my area are just going to explode! I'm so excited and I pray I can be worthy of the Lord's blessings and that I might have the strength to work beyond my abilities. So, did you get my late Christmas box?... Did you like it?! Well if you want anything let me know! Sounds like everyone is busy! i love hearing from you all, it is such a blessing! Well, I pray for you all daily and I love you all so very much. 


ps. Mom, I have a Costco in this zone and so I shop at Costco and it reminded me of you! I ate all the samples just like you we wouldn't have to buy lunch ha ha just kidding! But It made me think of you, I love you! O could you send me another list of all the places people I know have been called on missions? Well, I love you all again. 

I haven't gotten your St. Patrick day's package but hopefully tomorrow on Temple day. Send me pictures, I love seeing your lovely faces!  I am sending maybe 2 memory cards so yeah...

Lex. on the church grounds live a family of like 4 yes I'm helping them out whenever I can. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm so happy for you bro!

Even though I knew last week ha ha still checking emails and reading about the engagement makes me happy!

Well things in the new area are great! There were 3 people planned to get baptized in 2 weeks so I'm gonna finish up teaching them and hopefully help them enter into the gate of Baptism!  2 are Mongolians that need a translator so that is really fun. My companion who I am half training is a shy 23yr old Korean who speaks not a lick of English!!!! what a great opportunity or me to learn Korean! I just pray he doesn't get sick of my Korean questions/ and the language barrier.

Anyways we had stake conference this week in my new ward and President came. The area I'm serving in was President's first area! It was neat to listen to him speak. Also, a lot of talks were on the happiness of the Gospel it was great. I can truly say that this Gospel is where you can find perfect happiness. Being able to share my testimony of this gospel, the Savior, and this overwhelming happiness is truly a blessing. Fun to be back in a 4 man house. My roommate is a new Korean missionary who doesn't speak any English either and an older missionary from Bountiful named elder Ward. He is a BYU fan maniac! It's fun, our house is actually on the church property and is owned by the stake so literally it takes me 15 steps from our front door to the church. There's also a basketball court in the parking lot so I play basketball every other morning after getting destroyed by tony doing ab ripper.

Well, the work is great and I love it! Keep pressing forward in faith. The 2 new scriptures I memorized today were 1Kings 2:2 and 2Kings 6:16 they are awesome and Make me feel like crying repentance through a loud speaker!
I Love You!!!!!! Elder Kaufusi