Monday, October 15, 2012

o the land of jahoon

ha well hello there my long lost family!
Ok to clear up some things, joo an is a village....compared to seoul ha but it's still bigger then provo. so no, sadly im not ramboing it mom....maybe one day they will send me to the rice patties so i can get some big fat rice cheeks ha but not today! next,.....we lost NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... patience is coming into play with me and my cougars..... AHHHH why would we let it all slip in the fourth! gosh do i have to start praying for every game like i did in 7th grade?! I would love to see the pictures of the jerseys and the stadium. that would be so sweet.
Well we have really focused our efforts and I feel so blessed to be in this area. I'm preparing it for its glorious rising! literally im just going crazy with the amount of work here to do! I LOVE IT! staying super busy is awesome!!!!! I talk to EVERYONE! and yes i scare EVERYONE! this one lady in our ward litterally almost has a heart attack everytime she sees me.... some people think that people my size are like myths or something. But it is an amazing contacting tool so im grateful!
Wanna share a quick spiritual experience I had and of course it was related to conference. So of course General Conference as a missionary is completely different! WOW I literally felt like the spirit sat in the room and gave us revelation as we watched and listened to the words of our living prophet, apostles and leaders. It strengthened and confirmed my testimony so much that we have a living prophet. He recieves direct revelation from Heavenly Father and heading his counsel and the apostles' allows me to continue on my quest to eternal life. Anyways, I feel like I recieved alot of inspiration and revelation regarding mission work from President Thomas S. Monson. When he shared his experience about interviewing with the most successful missionary in europe and the missionaries key was, "picturing everyone he met in baptismal clothing and finding the joy of the Gospel." Man that hit me, because I do that sometimes but not everytime. It is so easy to just be talking to a guy who is coughing smoke and cancer lungs in my face and picture them not as they are but as they can become. So arfter conference ended we went street contacting and that is exactly what I did, i tried to not only show sincerity but to have christlike love in my heart to care for the people as he would. As I talked to people i felt like i had much more success because the spirit was litterally right there with me testifying to the people's hearts.  I know that in order to truly want to help others come into the gospel you must first find your own love of it.
In fact DEVIN YOU MUST PREPARE NOW! It literally makes me want to cry when i hear that you are reading the book of mormon with brons and gaining a testimony of it. That is something that really will make my day and week and month and year because coming to know the book of mormon is true is key to testimony and also key to going down the path of conversion. Devin, the road to get on a mission will be laden with temptations and trials that you will not even believe but, through the prayer of faith and the guidance of the holy ghost you can become ready to harvest the souls of God's Children. Do not take missionary preperation lightly.
Ok other good news um wow ward is nice! love them, still a bit shaky, really small but im gonna fix dat so no worries. I proselyte like a mad man! I have alot of amazing examples out here so im grateful, in fact some of my good brothers in the work are Elder Clearwater, and Elder Dallin Pope. They are such hard workers and i've been on exchanges with them both and we truly are giving our all to the Lord. You should say something to their families, nick clearwater went to school with me and dallin pope is from springville, his dad and brother are economic professors at byu, look em up ;) Today im gonna go throw the pigskin around and im SOOOOO PUMPED! man i need more workout time....o well, i might come home skinny but i will beat yall up with the Word of God!
DAD:BIRTHDAY  BOYYYYYYYYYYY! I LOVE YOU!!!!!! How old are you? and how much do you weigh?! gottta be alive for when i come home k?! but since it's your birthday go get youself something nice, like 4 double doubles....2 for your bday and 2 in remembrance of my love for In N out. Dad your line is doing so great. Like always im proud to be your son and to have learned the principles of the gospel from you in my youth. thank you.
MOM: BIRTHDAY GUUUUUUUURRRRRRLLLLLLL! I LOVE YOU!!!!! and you are a exercise instructor person!?! tell me all about it! sounds super fun, which is what you are all about! still do school board? So how's the romney? i lvoe politics because of you mom! remember when you made me go to the republican thing at timpview and listen to old people talk about how they think they nkow politics....yup i do. i only ask about romney because if he is elected the acceptance of the LDS church will blow up here in Koreal, the Harvest is truly vast! Well i'll eat alot this week just because it's your bday!!!! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!! i'd sendyou chocolate but im pretty sure it's made out of rotten teeth here... haha
ALEXIS: dang girl you are moving up in the world of vivint?!! so sick, how much do you get paid? when i get home i wanna live with you in your mansion pleeaaaassseweee! i'lll bring the korean kitties too! really though out side of my appartment are 2 twin kitties....and they are max's cousins! they have the same coloring as max! So how's the search for a new car? how's beenie wearing kt, that lil ginger! i live with a ginger named elder duke! well i LOVE YOU.
Bronson: YOU BEAST! geeze stop doing so good cuz im gonnna just have to come home and work my tail off to feel the shoes your leavintg me! So who is tui marrying? can she take care of such a;....mass..... hahaha dude you played sick. so proud of you bra! keep sending me pics and updates i love it! keep preparing dev for his mission! and grow out your hair! be a samson! dare you go on a date this weekkK!KKK!K!KK!K!K!K!K AHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAHHAH o well i willl survive im gonna have to take my frustrations out on my contacting and just contact twice as many people! Grossest thing i ate was boiled blood....weird... haha LOVE YOU
DEVIN!! THE TIME HAS COME!!! PREPARE FOT EH MISSION! dude you will be a great missionary, just keep growing your testimony! O and you are a beast on the field! so sick, keeping getting stronger, you still are behind me ;) i do like 325 core/ab excercises! tony horton status....jk, im a skinny chubby boy! but i love you!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Holy cow! It has been such an amazingly hectic chaotic week, I don't even know where to begin because man my mind is still spinning because of it! so yeah, got emergency transferred because another elder had a family problem. so i am working in 주안 Joo-on. It is a lot different from 강남 that's for sure! It's basically pretty ghetto. the church is surrounded by "motels" so it is the little light among the darkness. But it has been great! seen some major miracles here already. Unlike in Gangnam it's just like you said dad, the people are poor and humbled, which is perfect for the redeeming light of the gospel. However, this area has been what they call "dead." there hasn't been baptisms in forever, or investigators.... when i first heard that i felt so sad for the Lord's children out here. However, I am excited beyond belief to begin the planting and the harvesting here! I feel like with relentless work my companion and I can really perform miracles from heaven.

Anyways, we have spent a lot of time just proselyting on the street! it is so great, i love talking to anyone and everyone. ha I literally try to stop everyone and share about our message now because i want to give these people the best possible chance to receive the restored gospel. One of my greatest approaches is telling them of the happiness this gospel has brought to my family aka yall. I literally mention you everyday to random people on the streets. I love my new companion, Elder Amina. Turns out that he's not Tongan....but Samoan and he's from Hawaii and if i had to compare him to someone it would probably be that one guy...who i should remember but i cant....fus, it's the guy that was friends with you and Hannah Millard, from Texas. Anyways it's fun.

Had my first Sunday yesterday which was fast Sunday here. So i got to meet everyone. It was amazing because in this area they had problems with the ward mission leader magnifying his calling and we sat down with bishop and explained that we need his help. So we and the first counselor sat down after priesthood and talked to the ward mission leader and he felt so bad that he wasn't helping us when he should have been. So now hopefully we will receive a lot more support from him. Also we are trying to help our small ward gain a foundation of living gospel principles.

The three things for our vision are reading the book of Mormon daily, daily prayer, and preparing for temple attendance. We believe that if we can help our ward to do these things then they will be better to help our efforts in the mission field. One really big miracle happen was this week getting the rundown of our area has been a bit disappointing like I said. But I have been praying fervently for the Lord to help us through the spirit install the drive of missionary work in the members of Joo-an. During sacrament testimony meeting I introduced myself and bore my testimony and told the people that i was grateful to be sent here and that I truly want to work diligently in this area. I think that struck a cord because the whole rest of the day the member talked about mission work and how they need to assist us and find ways help us. It was a moment where I got to see the Lord work through the spirit to push the building up of his kingdom along. Also we might be picking up an investigator that came to church this week so just another blessing/miracle from the Lord. I'm just so excited to get the work rolling in this place, I only pray that the Lord will give me the spirit and the strength to do so because it is a big project but I'm pumped to do it! I feel like the sons of Mosiah in enemy territory. Pretty cool fun stuff!
DAD: Our Defense is soo amazing dad! and not gonna lie you and i were totally calling the rise of Ziggy the lion since day 1! So sorry to hear about so many players getting hurt though....injuries are horrible, but they are good learning and humbling experiences from the Lord. So D is ranked #5? Who is ahead of us? You gotta smash Oregon State! it's the black out game? ok it's settled, I'm wearing only black this week! But what is up with our offense and special teams! they need to pull it together! who is going to be QB since Taysom and Riley are both out?! are they putting lark or Alex Kuresea in?


Crazy! how's the bishopric going? the work continues on and magnifying your calling brings the greatest blessings to our family and me, so thank you dad. I LOVE YOU! So sorry to hear about grandpa Kaufusi but he will be fine. He's just too tough. I love him and grandma dearly, could you tell them next time you see them please? CAN"T WAIT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY COMING UP
MOM: It is all ok Mother! I'm doing fine here in my new area and I love it! Change in the mission is not only necessary and good, but is inspired from God. So through faith I know I'm where I need to be. Sounds like everyone is so busy though! Ha mom in my new ward the first counselor's daughter is like Oaky! she's crazy haha but super fun. I spend most of sacrament trying to keep her from climbing all over me. Have any tips cuz you just know how to deal with these lil creatures! So excited for the triplets! gotta send me some more pics of them and what not! Don't worry about my package mom, i will love anything you give me! but especially pictures! I love seeing the family! Mom how is my Dora doing?... What are the Halloween plans for the family this year? anything exciting?! Well I LOVE YOU! CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY TOO!
ALEXIS: SISSY! how's it?! living it up without me still?....its ok the little Koreans need a big gorilla to help them out. So I saw a massive white bear dog....thought of you. I also see cats ALLL OVER THE PLACE! you should live here and be a crazy cat lady... you might enjoy it haha. So how's life, work, friends, Porsche? I love looking at the pictures of Porsche that you have sent me over time. She's such a curious kitty. In fact last night we got on the subject of cats while we were laying in bed and i told them the magnificent tale of MAXIMUS Kaufusi. Almost cried at the end...Anyways, I LOVE YOU! Play nice with Bronson
BRONSON: DUDESKI BROSEPH! tearing it up! Niceeeeeee. ha also how is the dating life going? keep me posted on your love life! Sounds like you are having a blast. You gotta keep telling me all about it because i love hearing it all! So what was your favorite talk from conference? we watch it this weekend and I'm so excited! Go Baptize those Beavers from Oregon State this week! Go fight-win!!
Love hearing from you. LOVE YOU
DARYL! AWWW MAN LUCKY YOU!!! I loveeeeeeee physicallllll therraaaappppy!!!!!!!! ha I loved just going crazy on the bike and putting it at top difficulty and killing myself for 20minutes! it's super fun! Learn to love it! But sorry you can't play basketball this season, o well just come back 3 times as good and you'll be fine! Did you have a good sweet 16?! I hope so! that would be so fun! Just remember I LOVE YOU!
DEVIN!! HEY THERE BEASTMODE! sounds like your killing it bro! so pumped for you! keep getting bigger! I want you to be bigger then me! Eat everything! but make sure you learn to cook so that you aren't always asking mom to cook you food. watch a lot of food network, that's what I always did. In my new area since food is scarce I do a lot of cooking myself! it's so fun! plus you can get a good wife from it. ;) Keep doing well in school! education is soooo huge! when it gets hard just be grateful that you aren't a Korean. Korean High School is harder then college. crazy huh?! LOVE YOU!
Ok twins! I'm super pumped for your patriarchal blessing. It will be one of the greatest tools throughout your life. Make sure you spiritually prepare for it, and after you receive it you cherish it. I read mine almost everyday. And I find something new or of comfort every time I read it! let it be the blessing in your life that it is intended to be! LOVE YOU ALL!!!! sorry about last week, it felt weird going through the week not hearing from anyone. so im super grateful for today!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Strange things are afoot here at the circle K....(bill and ted)‏

son of a mother goose egg! this week has been sooo chuch full of things i don't even know where to begin! ok First I will tell you what's going on right now. So elder warren a couple days ago got a super secret call from president that we weren't allowed to listen to. then last night he got another call and then he came out of the room and said it was for me so i went in and talked to president. There is a companionship that is struggling out in 인천 (incheon), 주안 area (joo-an). One of the missionaries is going to stay at the mission home for a while. So I'm being emergency transferred out there! CRAZY! ha I had to quickly start packing and stuff last night because they might come wisk me away today! It was a shocker, because there are only 3 more weeks left in the transfer, and im still being trained and yeah just crazy. also my companion is Elder Amina, he is from hawai'i. He is half tongan (yayyy). I will live with him (the district leader) and the 2 zone leaders in their 4man house. There's a bit of pressure though because elder Amina leaves in 3 weeks like elder warren so I will be taking over an area that i just got to for 3 weeks. It would be even more crazy because im trying to pass-off before the transfer ends and man it is just a whirl wind right now! So I'm hustling to pack up and stuff, gonna have to say goodbye to my gangnam style ward but it's ok. I'm so glad for this new opportunity that President Christensen has given me. i know that He recieves direct revelation from Heavenly Father, and this transfer will help me so much. I know there are things that I will need to do in 주안, and people i need to teach.
Ok so that was the big crazy thing i had to tell you about because it's happenning like right now. But I will go through this past week. So after i emailed you last i went to 인사동. we went with some other missionaries to get some last souvenirs before they all go home. Elder wilcox was there so we kinda just had some fun together. So we saw this sign and we followed to this back alley up to this spa... and i got to do something i've always wanted....Elder gillis elder wilcox and I paid 9 bucks each to have those little kisser fish clean our feet for like 30 minutes! ha it tickled soooo bad! but it was way fun. I also ate boiled silk worm...yummm! ok during the week was great because I went on exchanges. Very fun experience. We taught the first lesson to a new investigator at 봉천. I kinda sat there because i had 2 korean comps for the exchange so they were just going off in korean while i sat there and just prayed for them in my heart, and also that the investigator so that he could understand. Then at one point one of the korean comps looked at me and just said "teach" so i taught the restoration through joseph smith. It was a bit sudden but it ended up well. Teaching about Joseph Smith is always such a spiritually rejuvenating time. It went well. The rest of the week weas hard because we didn't have any appointments because it is 추석 (korean thanksgiving) so everyone was gone. reading elder sagers letter makes me feel like we are in the same boat. So many nice people that you see the spirit working in yet they don't keep commitments! It's so sad. but I know the importance that Agency plays in all our lives. A profound statement that president ringwood said was: "the savior did what he did so that some people could (through their agency) say no to our message." makes me really reflect on the love our Heavenly Father and Savior has for each of us. How easy it could be for him to make sure we come back to him yet he watchs and when we mess up he is their to bare us up and comfort us. I could only imagine the agony of being a father and watching my children do things that are harming themselves and keeping them from happiness. I pray that the korean people's hearts are soften so that heavenly father doesn't have to see them "dwindle in unbelief." Anyways um ok so it's "thanksgiving" so on saturday we had a zone activity! yayy! So went to a park right on the edge of the massive river. It was like being at a park by the lake it was beautiful. We rented bikes and road along the bike trails it was so great! except the bikes were not built for a big boy like me. Ha it looked like it had a flat tire when i sat on it, and to pedal i had to spread my knees out past the handle bars. Quite a sight, all the koreans their just started pointing and laughing at me. Pretty fun. After we had a 식사 (dinner appointment ) with our bishop. It was fun, ate alot of food. especially duck meat.... mmmmmm. After we played this fun little board game and left a small spiritual message. it was great! i love our bishop he's this hilarious old retired man who doesn't speak a lick of english ha. his hair is purple because he tries to dye it himself and it always goes wrong haha. it will be sad to leave him but o well, going where the lord needs me! sunday was super weird because we had nothing...only 1 hour of church and 15 people showed up. all the old people where dressed in traditionals dress for the holiday. But after had a little meal with a family. They were really nice and the old grandma and mother just kept telling me to i did. i ate a ton. It's going to be different because 강남 is the rich are and 주안 is like dirt poor. but that means that the people are probably more humbled and we will find alot of more prepared people. after church we were told to go home basically because we weren't supposed to proselyte on their holiday and the streets were empty. so we got home and everyone was tired and wanted to take a nap... but president had told us to do some deep cleaning over the holiday so i pulled out the fridges and man it was a mess.... my comps saw and started to help and we cleaned the kitchen for 3 hours straight. it was a mess and i scrubbed black grime off the floor for a good hour. then we switched the whole arrangement of everything. it was good. house is alot cleaner, so the spirit can be felt in more abundance! ha but the irony is, im leaving haha. it's ok, cleaning the house is my last parting gift to them. Well gotta a ton to do since im moving today. also have a zone activity. gonna be sad to say bye to the zone but they'll live. Got special permission from president since it is the holiday to watch like the RM or Other Side Of Heaven or Home Teachers. It's gonna be great! O plus in my new district i will be with elder Clearwater. Strange huh?!
DAD: FINALLY BYU SMASHED SOMEONE! geeze i was getting worried! now you gotta get everyone pumped for utah state! that's gonna be a must win. Just put brons in and shoot him up with some adrenaline shots or something! Anyways, how is everything else? So im sending a box home by boat so it should get there in lik 2 months. be on the look out for it! How's being bishop? probably busy as ever, continue to build up the youth! Don't have a heart attack while im gone! Love you!
MOM: O mother! I love you! all this cleaning of couse reminds me of you! You are just the best! im still snackin on that candy it is delicious, i run around like gollum from Lord of the Rings with my bag of Recess' candies as my precious! Anyways, things are great! Keep on keeping on! dance a little, you and dad should go on a date, and do like dancing or something fun. Kinda random but (it could help dad to lose a few). Love You.
ALEXIS: What are you up to sisssy!?!!! do anything fun lately. How's the hair? is it just lushious as ever (i have horrible spelling).  O my gosh they have the cutest fatest longest little dogs here! you would lvoe them! i saw one who was struggling so bad to get up the stairs because he was fat and tired and his stomach just dragged on the steps haha. I love them, but i know wanna drop kick one for fun! Love you!
BRONSON: Dude you are killing it, getting interviews and what not! ha ( bro wilcox keeps me informed). But always remember who gave you your gifts and always be the humble killer.....but kill.....dude you better murder utah state!! give the QB a head butt with your massive horse head! keep me updated bro! Love you!
DEARL: k so i need a picture of this guy that you are taking to sadies... how am i supposed to approve when all you tell me is he is devin's friend?! ha devin has some weird friends! haha (jk dev) how's josie. seeing all the dogs here make me miss her. Are you taking her on walks? SO how is the knee? does it hurt? are you continuing physical therapy? can you run? well i Love You!
DEVIN: DuDe you are such a stud! You know that by now right?! Ha you killing it in football still!? I wanna hear about all your sweet plays and stuff! you gotta tell me these things bro! plus you gotta send a pic of you in your uniform so i can put yours and brons's pics side by side! are you excited to go with little miss Hayward. Make sure to be a gentleman! have fun, be weird! Ha depending on your attitude you can make the date as fun as you want! you still play video games? ha random but just thinking about you. Love You bro!
Well Gotta go! Love you all! didn't get any emils from you because of this new schedule change. Sorry. I will eagerly await next week in my new area! I don't need anything. Just love hearing how you are all doing.  How can I help the Family? I'd send you some Kimchi because it's like my new favorite food...but i don't think yall could handle it haha. O yeah as my last little funny thing, so in 인사동 a old crazy lady came up to me and grabbed me and started yelling some gibberish about me being her boy friend. she tried to lead me away with her but i kinda kept walking and pulled away...then she spanked me.... well as awkward and weird that was, it's obvious....i still got game hahah LOVE YOU ALL!

Some Pictures

Well Hello there ya lil runts!

How goes it every body! Man such a busy week in the work of the Lord but I will try to tell you everything I can.
First, so many miracles this week! First off we had mission tour and President Ringwood came to visit! He is such an inspired man, when he spoke it was like my HULK/MISSIONARY side wanted to come out and I wanted to just go baptize the nation!.... (still gonna go baptize the nation!) He gave some very profound insights that spoke right to my heart through the spirit and I'm so blessed by the Lord to hear from him. Guess what, he's super good friends with Tony Rudman as well, so pretty neat little connection. I also found out that BYU professor Norm Nemro served as the mission president of Daijun?! so awesome! I feel so honored by the Lord to be here at this fullness of times! The work in  강남 is going well! However we are struggling with our most progressing investigator Teresa. She is just stubborn and doesn't really have a true testimony of the restoration. She wants to get baptized so bad. The big thing is we are focusing on baptizing for true conversion, and not just so she can come to church then go straight in-active after we leave. It's rough but the Lord continues to pour out his blessings upon us. For example, this week I've tried so much harder to talk to everyone I can, and contact everyone possible. So, everyday on the subway instead of sitting/standing by my companions I kinda look for a lost sheep to proselyte to. Ever since I've started this mentality, the Lord has softened people's hearts and they are more accepting of this message. This week, more people have come up to us and started the conversation then any other week in my mission! It's such a blessing to be working side by side with the Lord. Also, this last week I had the opportunity to go to the temple. It is such a beautiful and sacred experience. Once again, I challenge you all to go this week. Especially since you are busy. When you make time for the Lord you show your love for him and show your willingness to put him first. Remember, "any man having put his hand to the plough looking back is not fit for the kingdom of God." Complete consecration to the Lord is an opportunity that, if followed, will bring blessings into the eternities.
OK, So some crazy things that happened this week! Where to begin.... oh fun ha been waiting to tell you that I ate a bowl that was basically boiled blood! hahaha it was sooo coool and weird and I didn't know what to think.... it was like jello....but made out of blood. Ha, really weird. Didn't really have a taste but the kimchi was awesome as always!

 This week for P-day we went to these crazy shopping areas, it's like the black market or something! We went because Elder Warren is getting his final souvenirs and stuff. Every store we went into, the owner would come up to me and tell me they don't have my size. ha pretty fun though. That's another blessing from the Lord, my size. Not for physical reasons but because literally it is my best proselyting tool. People look at me and think I'm so tall and ask how tall I am and then I just start talking to them.

O yeah I GOT THE PACKAGE!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!! man I love you all so much and sending such a nice package reminds me of our eternal family :) ha one kid at the temple said, "if only my family loved me half as much as Elder Kaufusi's family loves him, I'd be set!" It's so true I can't tell you how great it feels to know that I have  a loving family that is continuing on the path of righteousness. So OK I'll bring it up.... the game..... man I feel like I had dajavu when I heard about it. funny story, we were going to go visit bro. Wilcox at his work and say hello so I called him and he was like, " can't talk right now, BUSY!" then he texted and was like "I'm streaming the radio of the game live what do ya need?" so I told him we were close and he was like "get up to my office!" ha we walk in and he's just devastated saying "GOSH DARN IT!!!! NOOOO!!!!" because his radio connection went out right after Taysom scored! Man he is such a BYU fan, I love it so much! Well, then he was able to get it back but the game had just ended. Well, he told me what happened and man I'm so proud of our D! so great! Offense needs to pull it together! After he insisted on getting me food even after we refused and we had already eaten lunch. He went to this American imported goodies store and just bought a ton of snacks and groceries for us to eat! It was super expensive and I didn't know how to thank him! Please thank him. Brother Wilcox and his family have been such a blessing to me in this short period of my mission. 

But yeah, what else. Teresa interrupted our lesson with her and started going off on how i look like Sylvester Stallone.... I took it as a massive complement because I love rocky and rambo (Bronson, watch Rocky 4 before your next game. It will help you get a sack).... Well love you all, here's my Lil personal bitsies!
Dad: Dang dad I'm so sorry you lost again. It's truly a shot to my heart every time i hear but your guys are doing so good! I know it is because you are one of the most amazing coaches of all time. I mean that with all my heart, you not only Coach with passion and amazing teaching skills but you coach with Christ-like attributes. That is what makes you a good coach and I'm grateful to be your son. Ha not gonnna lie dad, i wanna play for you when i get home. Anyways, love hearing about everything. You are such a hard worker, it's a blessing to have an example like you in my life. I Love you!
Mom: O Mom thank you so much for your package! ahhhh i Loved it! you are the kindest person ever! I pray that I can develop your kindness. Ha and man I loved the candy! i just ate it up!....kinda bad for my figure/diet but i don't care I love it!!!! Family sounds good because of yours and Dad's direction and unreal parenting abilities! I'm so glad you are getting even just a little more help around the house! The other day at our house I did dishes for 25 minutes straight.... and I thought of all the times i would wake up in the morning and find you doing our dishes from the night before, and i just wanted to cry thinking about your sacrifices and kindness. I love you mom!
Alexis: BIRTHDAY GIRL k so I typed up an email  for your birthday but it was too big and it won't send!!! so frustrating! Wow, I think I might throw this computer! but I wrote you a letter last week and you should be getting it like in 10 days or so. Sorry it's sooo late.... I did write it before your birthday though! Sounds like you had a pretty fun birthday. Wish i could've been there...miss you. But no worries, our celebrations will build up while I'm gone and we can have a massive celebration sometime! Well, I love you! happy birthday!
Bronson: Dude get another sack man! be like Devin! He's killing it, you gotta kill it tooo! the Lord gave you your talents for a reason! hahah. Man I love hearing about you playing! But dang why aren't we winning! give it to me straight bro, what's up with the team? Tell them to all get on track spiritually then you can win! Well loved your email! But dude you gotta be careful, staying up late can be a killer. Especially when you are in season! My 2nd semester I would go to bed early because I knew the consequences of going to practice without proper sleep! So don't mess that up!
Daryl.....your going to Sadie's!!!! WHAT__________! like me so Asian! Me got like angry eyes so bad now! yous thinks you can have friend boy!! no way!!! ok ok ok enough of my Asian English. I guess you can go on a date, if Devin approves then I approve. Ha, but if he tries any fast moves man I'll send one of my Korean assassins to take him out....really though their are Korean missionaries from the special forces and they can kill... But your knee seems to be doing so much better! keep up the good work! let the Lord be your crutch ;) How's church? I love you!
DEV! dude YOU ARE KILLING IT IN FOOTBALL! man I'm so proud of you bro! someone has got to do some good on the football field since I am gone and brons is struggs ;) jk you and brons are the athletes and I am the Asian ha.  touchdowns though! so sweet! You seem to be doing awesome! I love when mom tells me how great you are and that your just doing good in all aspects of life! School, Football, Church, Chores, Helping Mom. You are a stud! keep it up! and don't forget to always give thanks to the Lord for everything you receive! Well I love you man!
OK well I gotta go! but I love you all! PS I won't email till Tuesday next week so a day later because Korean thanksgiving is this weekend. fun fun fun! be righteous! don't stray from the path! o mom could you get me: Boden and Va'a's addresses? I love writing other missionaries, oh and elder Sager's. Oh and what ever happened to Terenn? or Lene? Brons ever find 홍정민?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


........Well after much prayer for patience I have gotten over the Loss..... K not really but I'm content hearing that Brons isn't hurt and that Dad's guys did well.  To be honest like 2 pages of my journal entry yesterday were only dedicated to the game. Bro Wilcox sent me some updates and man i was dying!! Why offense, WHYYYYY!!!! 왜!!!!!! anyways yeah, i actually did really good at not thinking about the game yesterday. I woke up and read scriptures (it was Sunday) then i didn't want to disturb the spirit so when i was getting dressed i whispered the BYU fight song to myself. Well man i wish i could see how brons did! But it's OK, since you don't play them again till i get back tell the offense to cowboy up and have some "GET" (as coach web/doman always say).
OK this week has been awesome! Ihad my first transfers which was weird but a neat experience! So much has changed but I know that it changes for the better because I know the President Christensen is inspired by the spirit. So I got a new companion! Or should I say "WE." Elder Warren and I got a new companion, Elder 박세진! He is supposed to go to new york but he is having problems getting a visa so we are his companions for a couple of weeks! Like I said I know that President Christensen is inspired because I know that Elder Pak will help me to progress so much in this language. He has already helped me so much! Plus he helps add to the "greenie fire" so now we are just rolling the missionary work in 강남 along without stopping. it's especially good because this is elder warren's last transfer and it is easy for him to get trunky. We are keeping him in check.

Well it has been a busy busy week. We have seen so many miracles this week. Literally every day a miracles so another blessing from the lord. One of the more interesting ones had to be when we got home early and we went garbage shopping....ha sounds weird but it's awesome, we needed a new desk and chair. I broke my chair last finally snapped when i leaned back in it ha so I'm still a big boy,  and elder Pak needs a desk. Anyways we had searched all these back alleys for like an hour and a half and we were pretty discouraged, so elder Pak asked if we should pray and we were like YES! so I prayed to the lord that we could find the means to be more productive in the work so we could better do his will. Well we kept searching for like 20 minutes and ran into these guys on the street and contacted them it was great. In my mind i was like "there is our answer, we needed to find those guys on the street that's the real reason we are out here." We went home. About a block away from our house in a garbage corner there it was....A desk and a chair. So I heaved the desk on my back and we carried it home and washed it and it fits perfectly in our study. Doesn't sound like much but it really was a miracle.

 Another one I guess was with our most progressing investigator Teresa. She is planning to get baptized next week but we are prayerfully debating it. She still is stubborn with coffee, but the miracle was that our lesson with her yesterday, brother Takeyama didn't go off on random scary doctrine. He actually came in before the lesson and told us that he doesn't want to talk a lot anymore and that he wants me to teach more. It was perfect because I have been praying to the lord to help me become a better teacher and the best way to do that is to actually teach. Usually elder warren does all the teaching but He let me lead the past 2 lessons and he actually didn't really say anything but bare testimony. So my prayer was answered and I was able to teach the plan of salvation to a different investigator then teach the law of chastity and tithing to Teresa! Then she was having doubts about there being so many commandments and I bore powerful testimony of the blessings that can be received through keeping the Lord's commandments. A quote that i came across the other day from an apostle or something said, "Those who truly understand commandments, look for more of them." I feel the spirit so strongly when i testify of the commandments of the Lord. The Lord's hand is truly pushing this work forward in ways I will never see, but the few glimpses that I discern; are enough for me to say that I know Heavenly Father loves me and the Korean people, and I will never deny that. So my commitment for all of you this week is to try harder to keep the commandments and then after keeping them look for how it has blessed you. Ha I'm really so blessed to be the "rule monster" here ^^*
 FATHER: DARN UTESSSS!!!....DARN OFFENSE!!!!..... dad I'm so mad we lost, holy cow! I'm not gonna lie i felt it coming....every year we are so afraid of Utah and we have no confidence and just play dumb football! it's so frustrating! for goodness sakes why can't we just play them how we should.... LIKE WE OWN THEM! Well no use wasting my typing over it.  Anyways, i love it here. things are great, and i eat so much so don't worry, the lord blessed me to serve in 강남 because the members feed me and know that i eat a lot. I went to this buffet called VIPS with one, ( it's like tucanos) and i had 10 plates of food... ha it was awesome! but man i looked like you after Sunday dinner. I laid down when we got home and couldn't move. kinda ruined my workout plan that night but oh well. Well I love you dad and am so grateful for all you've taught me. Keep being an amazing bishop and father!
MOTHER! O my mother how i love you! Things sound busy as usual, tell Bronson to be the best son to you until I get back! and to serve you more and do anything you need!! Does he drive my darling car dora around?.... I heard you and lex went and had you feetsies done! that's awesome! Keep spoiling yourself because you deserve it! Oh mom I know that you take the BYU Utah loss as hard as all of us so I'm sorry. It's just that cougarette blood you've got! Like i said i sent my chip and a letter so hope you get it soon :) It has a ton on it. I hope you like it. Not gonna lie I miss all that you did for me mom. I'm my own mother/ i basically mother our 5 man house. I make the food, do the laundry , wash the dishes, do the cleaning and vacuuming and man i get so sick of our house mates because they are a mess! I realize now that the reason i had such an amazing childhood was because i felt the spirit so much at home, and that was because of your cleanliness. I love you mom!
SISSY!  So you are in American heritage with my softball lady-friends. Did you ever give them my letters i wrote them all the first week in the mtc?! you should tell them to write me out here because no one really does ha and i just love hearing from people. But yeah tell them hello from me and that I miss them. Anyways....ITS ALMOST YOUR BIRTHDAY!! SOOOO EXCITING!!!! do you want anything from the land of Korea? not really a lot to offer here but I'm up for suggestions! it will probably come late too but i want to get you something! So what exactly do you do for your job? All mom talks about is how much you work and i wanna hear more about it! So are you and brons going to the same singles ward now? ha did they give you a sick calling!? Well i love you SISSY! you don't have to get me anything but if you do see something sweet you could send it to me :)
BROTHER! WHYYYYYYYY OK no more talk about the game other than how you did?! dude i hear you're hanging out with zig and taysom right now, fun stuff! ha your first semester of college, i remember those days... but don't forget that life doesn't revolve around you. find time to serve the family, especially mom. she needs all the help she can get. What's your church calling?... I'd love to hear about it. Are you taking care of my car, Dora???? O man i get a bit trunky thinking of my majestic maroon mistress of the road.... haha jk. Well dude any mission advice? you were the bomb missionary and i wanna hear about how i can become more like you, but ultimately how i can become more like Christ! so send me your tips and stuff. I love you bro!
LITTLE BROTHER! DUUUUUUDDDE You are tearing it up on the football field!!! ha 2 receptions for like 30 yards?! that's unreal, they should pass it to you every time!!! man i love hearing that we have someone in the family that is catching the pigskin!!! dude tell me all about your games! have any sweet plays, you gotta send them to me in detail! You Staying clear of the women? i hope so... ;) help mom and everyone out. I talked to this guy in our stake presidency and his sons go to Timpview! here are their names :Joon young Jeong and Jae young Jeong. they are jr. and sr. look for them! ha he made me talk on the phone with one of them. So who do you hangout with now a days? make sure your friends with everyone, it's such an important Christlike attribute to have love and charity for all. I Love you DEV!
LITTLE SEESTER! YOUR KNEE IS GETTING BETTER!  Such a blessing from the lord! I pray for it to heal every day! so it's an answer to my pray to hear how well you are doing! don't push it too hard too fast though, re-injury is terrible! Sounds like school is fun, what classes are you taking? Who's your favorite teacher. Are you a social butterfly like the rest of us and get in trouble during class for talking? What's the name of your boyfriend that your hiding from me.... i know you have one! Just because you turn 16 doesn't mean you have to date, you could just not date till i get back. it's a very good way to go about things! Taking care of your dog Josey right? go on walks with her and just love her, i wish i had her right now. I would cuddle with that dog everyday! Be obedient to mom and dad, and keep reading and praying daily! I LOVE YOU! oops, i forgot to tell you that we played a massive soccer game last p-day and i did a bicycle kick and scored ;) i totally felt like you and thought of you!
Well once again another successful email to the fam.... some things i forgot. Please thank the Wilcox's they are so amazing and nice to me! Um yeah i don't think i need anything now, I might need some new tennis shoes and socks in like a couple months but they are fine now. everything is fine. it's raining a ton right now so we are stuck inside doing mission work. Um someone should write little Kenny and Sammy boy. Thanks for the pics lex!  Keep enduring to the end! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Corbin's address

A lot of people have been asking me for Corb's address so here it is!


Elder Corbin Kaufusi
Korea Seoul Mission
Gwanghwamaun PO Box 210
Seoul-si 110-602
South Korea


Elder Corbin Kaufusi
Korea Seoul Mission
Samcheong-no 9 gil 45
Seoul-si 110-230
South Korea

Monday, September 10, 2012


Don't deny me your gifts jacob!- my random quote from the testament movie haha we watch alot of church movies out here. dad i've seen the stonecutter like literally 6 times.... haha it's fun
WELLL HELLLO FAMILY  안영하심니까!! Man i won't lie, i get sooo excited for emails every week! It just makes me soooo happy to hear from all of you. Really families are such a blessing, I just love it! Well alot has happened this past week and so I will try and make it quick. so monday was p-day, very fun! we went to a place called 수지 which is the border of our mission. our missionaries and the 대전 elders share the chuch building so a ton of seoul missionaries and daijun missionaries met up there on p day and played baaskebtall!! i love basketball, ha don't worry dad im being safe... in fact i filmed some stuff just for all of you to see how fun playin bball is on p day! So mom im sending you my chip in a letter today so it should get there sometime in the near future... anyways tuesday we had alot of rain....again... but it's ok, i stayed super productive and called like 30-40 people on the phone and tried to set appointments in my broken korean. haha it is way fun because i say all that i need to say then they just start talking and im like..uhhhhhhh then aske them to say it agaain...then i still don't understand it all so i hand it to elder warren ha but that's only if they haven't hung up on me already ;) so wednesday we went and had zone conference and it was so great. Man i love setting goals! it is such a huge help in building up the Lord's kingdom. Then making more goals to accomplish goals is just sweeetttt! i challenge you all to set a spiritual goal this week, then set smaller goals each day so that you can accomplish your main spiritual goal.  So after zone conference i went on my 2nd exchange with our zone leader Elder Christensen. Man it was so great, we taught and he's a very good teacher! He's from kaysville and leaves in 2 transfers. his korean is amazing! It was such a neat learning experience to see how he taught and what not. He even let me teach a little bit, so i taught about keeping the sabbath day holy and the blessings we can recieve if we do. I just love teaching! And when you teach with the spirit nothing can go wrong! Well at their apartment that is on the 13th floor...(dad it was soo scary).... i finally got to weigh myself! Of course this was at lik 1130 at night because elder christensen kept me up talking to me to better know me, but i weighed in at a whopping 250lbs!!! huzzzah! don't worry it isn't all fat... But yeah very happy when i saw that. anyways next day met back up with elder warren, and i was so grateful. I loved the exchange but it just wasn't the same as being with my companion, and sleeping in our fun 4 man house.   Thursday we had an appointment with 이금영, she is this nice little mom and her whole family has pink eye! sad... but we teach her english then gospel. She is progressing so well, she's amazing. she actually kept our commitment of reading all of Alma 34! she thought it was weird but she read it! ah i knew the spirit was working in her. Well we proceded to teach the second lesson and i had asked our member before hand to share his testimony about the importance of the atonement in the plan of salvation. He did wonderful when i asked him to share it in the lesson. the spirit was so stron.  Friday we had weekly planning which is weird but fun! we made a workout and diet plan since my companion goes home after this next transfer! he wants to get all prep'd for the RM life! but I told him I wanna work hard and to minimalize  the trunky talk ha just so we can be more focused and have the spirit in greater abundance. We bought brown rice  so we don't get the fat white rice cheeks. that night we had sports proselyting and we went to another missionary's ward to play basketball. it was fun, i also got to practice the piano with one of their ward members. saturday was sweet. I had a very spiritual experience that i'd like to share. So on saturday we had alot of time to proselyte so we were out doing our usual massive intersection technique. (we meet tons fo people doing it). But even though i talked to alot of people, no one was very interested in what i was saying. I felt a bit down and just said a prayer in my heart saying, "please Heavenly Father,  I know these people need to the gospel in their lives. Help me to find someone that is prepared." After saying that i felt the peace fo the spirit. So i did as elder bednar said and i pressed forward with faith. i walked by a little shop and out on the curb was this man. I said hi to him and walked forward a bit. Then in my heart i felt that i should talk to him. But it would've been so awkward to turn around and just go back up to him! Then the spirit put a very profound thought in my head "When did awkwardness ever get in the way of the salvation of someones soul?!" i was grateful for that slap in the face. So i turned around and just plopped myself down on the curb and started talking and teaching him about the gospel. He was sooo nice and actually interested. I was able to get his number, give him a book of mormon, and hopefully we will meet with him this coming week! Anyways that experience was a real faith builder for me. I knew that the lord heard my prayer and could see the discouragement in my heart. So he gave me a little push and helped me find my answer, and built me up. Another spiritual experience we had was on sunday we were able to teach teresa, the lady i asked  to be baptized. She was supposed to pray about baptism all week so when she came to church and we taught her she was sooo happy! She just expressed to us how much she looked forward every week to coming to church and feeling the peace that came with it. And that she woke up this morning and couldn't wait to come meet with us. It made my heart swell hearing her testimony of how great church attendance was. Hearing spiritual witnesses from investigators is one of the most rewarding blessings that heavenly father allows us to have. Anyways, the sunday be3fore we gave her a gospel docterine book and she had read the entire thing! It was a miracle to hear that she exercised her faith enough to do that! The spirit is just incredible. Then she said, "when can i get baptized!" it was great! but we decided to push her date back a couple weeks so that she could be more prepared. she's still struggling with coffee. after church we met with a student named eddy. we hadn't seen him inlike 2 weeks so it was great to see him. He had alot of good questions and elder warren and i were able to answer them all and use alot of scripture. The spirit was so strong with us and so we taught sooo well! he was so curious and we challenged him to read 3 nephi 11 because he reallly loves the history of the book of mormon.  it was just amazing. This work is just the greatest. I find whenever I work harder and strive more to do missionary work/feel the spirit i am so much more happy! it's the greatest thing in the world!
ok this seems really long but really for some reason im just typing super fast today!! and im not pausing to look up to much in my journal. Um ok home life! Wow I love hearing about how everyone is doing. literally it brings me so much joy and happiness to hear about my family!
DAD: YOU WINNER YOU!!!! i'm so happy to hear that byu is doing good! keep it up!!!! geeze i get so pumped hearing about the team and stuff. Your players seem to be doing great. except that one bronson  kid....he looks a bit skinny in these pictures so beef him up a bit more would ya! How's the singles ward treating ya? I bet it's supperrr busy with the new semester and what not. K dad major question i've been thinking about....did our hill ever grow back?!!! how's the front  yard?! we slaved over that thing for hours, remember?! I hope our work wasn't for nothing. I watched the joseph smith restoration movie yesterday and it showed him and his dad working on the farm and i thought of you. Im so grateful for all the hard work you do for me. I love you dad!
MOM: OH MOTHER!!!!! you are wonderously fantastically exuberatinglyamazinglyspectaculoushously  GREAT!  I love you so much! loved your update on the family. seems like everyone is doing well. how are you? you and brons and dad should go to the temple every week to make a tradition!! that'd be great! did we do a garden this year?.... i don't know why but im thinking about the tomatoes we would grow...yummmy.... well mom how's school board and church stuff? anything fun happening? Well I love you so much, don't forget it! ;)
ALEXIS: SWEET MOTHER OF LIZA! Woman! i lvoe you! i miss you, and all the fun we had. But you can try and have fun with brons. How's pearl....i hear she's coughing up blood and dying. poor girl she was such a fun lil thing. You should drive her into a lake as her final resting place!... and film it of course. So hows american heritage? you dominating it or what?! How's porsche is she really fat?... So ya dating anyone?... ha when in doubt you could always go out with James (snuka) hahahaha im sure yall would havev a fantastic time! I hear you're growning your hair out again! I want a picture of it!!!!! like every month so i can see the change! Just nkow i love you!
BRONSON: BIG DADDY B! ok bro so hearing about your sack made me so happy!!!! holy cow man i just wanted to go crazy! brother wilcox sent me a text that said "Big # 90, bronson kaufusi, gets an 8yrd sack!" I literally almost "rent my coat" when i read it! I'm so proud of you man! Ha i never told you but it was a dream come true seeing this pic of you in a byu uniform. It made me a bit teary because i am so happy for you and so proud to be your brother! Keep up the good work man. But remember you need balance! you need to read chapter 8 of pmg about wisely using your time! you still use a planner right?... dude use what you've learned on the mission to be the best you can! school isn't hard unless you make it hard and don't put in the time! Trust me I know! and Girls are great but don't let them run your life! well not till i get home at least haha. One mistake i made my first semester was staying up late every night.... worst idea ever. So don't suffer the same way i did! set limits and guidelines for yourself so you can progress in school football and your on going quest for an eternal companion! And don't froget.... I love you man!
DARYL: YOU"VE BEEN HEALED CHILD! HALLELUJAH! but really, that's awesome to hear that you are walking! Just don't do anything that might re-injure it.... and don't fall down in the bathroom and break your nose cuz bronson can't stand blood  ;) Fun to hear that it's almost your birthday! but i was expecting you to make a comment about how you can't wait to DRIVE....NOT date!!!! I swear you cna't go on a date with-out clearing it with me ok! O tell all your little friends hello! i miss picking you all up for lunch and jammin in the car haha you are all such sweet spirits. Anyways how's josey? the people that live beneath us got  a dog and duct-taped its leash to the wall outside....and that's where it lives. and it cries all night because no one plays with it. Is that Josey?....i sure hope not! Well i love you, and don't forget to show josey i love her too!
DEVIN: HEY THERE STUD!!!!! Dude you sound like you are doing so good in football! Ha keep it up. have brons show you a few moves and stuff and you will do awesome. who's your coach? i can't remember. Dude are you pumped for the Utah game?.... I AM! shoot i made it a new tradition that every game day i wake up at 630 and sing the fight song! How's school? you still being that social butterfly? how are your women?! dude write me a letter all about your lady life because i know you got a sweet lady life going hahaha. Something taht will help you dev is reading the scriptures and praying everyday! really it has been amazing to see how great things go after i've studied the word of god and prayed about the day. Let heavenly father help you out, he will give you so much more than you can imagine! I love you snorlax!
Well everyone it has been good! i love you all so very much, i wish you could see the smile on my face during emails haha it's great. Elder warren gives me the weirdest looks when i read your emails and laugh out loud! Tell Lizzy thanks so much for the email. it was great and im so blessed to hear from her. Tell the whole paxman family i lvoe them. O brons, the kid i baptized is 홍정민 (hoeng-jung-meen) he is a smalll skinny korean with glasses. his favorite shirt is a brown polo. sorry that's all i got on him. maybe you could look him up on the byu website. Well Ma heavenly father continue to shower blessings upon you all! I Love you all so much. 많이사랑합니다!!!!!
elder Kaufusi, 208 cm. 114 k.

Monday, September 3, 2012

도리ㅏㅗ이ㅏ풎도히노이횐어패ㅑㄷ (that is how good at korean i means absolutely nothing... ahhhaha)!

My most amazing loving family in all the world! I LUBBBAAA YOUSSSSS!

and BYU WONNNNNN WOOOO WOOOO!!!! ha brother Wilcox sends game updates to all the missionaries so every like 20 minutes i was getting so pumped to see the update! k why can't our offense just learn to score and not get all the way down the field and just settle for a field goal?! makes me frustrated anyways yeah so happy BYU won! Not gonna lie, every text that came in i was looking for the line that said "SACK BY BRONSON KAUFUSI!!! THAT"S ELDER KAUFUSI's BROTHER!" but I guess I will have to wait till next week to get like 20 of those texts right Brons ;) Dude don't be a head case out on the field! We had this conversation before your mission about the difference you had between your Jr. and Sr. years of high school! Don't think just be a dumb ape and go! "just follow your heart, that's what i always do..." -Napoleon Dynamite

Ok, sorry I just had to schpeel that to Brons. now family I love hearing how things are going! Things here in Korea this week were kinda slow.... I was a little disappointed in the speed the Lord's work progressed this week. Anyways hmmm what happened OK so yeah Tuesday the "typhoon" was supposed to role in and cause havoc and i was supposed to pull a Moses and calm it and save hundreds of Korean children from falling buildings and bring thousands of souls to repentance and baptism!....but the typhoon was nothing more then a couple of gusts of wind. It was horrible because all our appointments fell through because everyone locked themselves inside for the day. We couldn't proselyte to anyone! So we went to 서초 elder's church and made calls and watched church films/ping-pong. then after we played monopoly. it was all fun, but in my heart i was just soo sad because it really was a waste of the Lord's day and yeah it just wasn't great.

Then Wednesday we had district meeting and it was good! After I did Korean pass-off requirements with our Zone Leaders. I passed so now I'm about half-way through my pass off before i can become senior companion. I love learning Korean it is so fun and hard but I know that the Lord is baring me up so much. that night we met with one of our ward members and her boyfriend... it was an interesting lesson. So i we started talking and the guy was SOOOOO mad.... him and his girlfriend must have just gotten in a huge fight because i thought they were gonna breakup in front of us (they've been dating for like 4 years). He doesn't see a need for religion and believing in God which made my heart ache a little bit. I bore testimony of how even though i grew up in the church i had to find our for myself whether Heavenly Father loved me and if he was there and how he did and can help me in my life. It seemed to soften his heart a little bit, but he still just wants to learn about our doctrine just because it's his girlfriend's religion. I pray that as we teach him that his interest will sky rocket, and the spirit will take over.

Well Thursday it was another bummer day. it rained really hard and no one in Korea goes outside really in the rain so we did some work at our church then went back home. Friday we had weekly planning and that's always good. i love having the spirit with us as we discuss the needs of our investigators. After we had sports proselyting so we took the subway up to the 노량진 church because i guess they had a lot of investigators and contacts to play with. I went hard. I did an around the back then just slammed it soooo hard! ha every time i touched the ball i felt like Lebron James! the hoops aren't exactly 10 ft. they are probably 9.8 or something but man the investigators/contacts loved it! one of them was way good, he went to the Bronx and played at rucker park in the Bronx and so he could street ball like crazy! haha. He wants to play with me again, hopefully i can use this to help ease him into church interest. After that I went on my first exchanges with elder Nye! he is from Ohio and he is in my older district from the mtc! he is amazing he's just like a taller Boden! I love him to death. We were good friends in the MTC and now here we are doing mission work in Korea together! i love it because even though he's in his 2nd transfer and I am in my 1st we got the GREEENIE FIREEEE!!!!! so fun! ha in fact everyone here calls me the white hand book guy/general/cop. So many people out here just want to do "fun" things and not follow the rules exactly, but I know that exact obedience brings miracles.

So I'm trying to help everyone else out with obedience! anyways, elder Nye and i did great! we had super meaningful studies and things flowed really well. We worked out way hard too. I'm trying to do at least 100 pushups a day and 30ish pullups, 300jump ropes, and run the hill outside our house like 3 times a day. it's killer but i gotta stay in shape! I feel so much more ready and productive for the work when i workout. anyways, elder Nye and i had 1 appointment the next day together. it was a huge deal because it was his 2nd appointment ever! they haven't had a lot of success in his area and so he only proselytes so this was a huge deal, especially since 2 greenie missionaries were gonna teach! haha so nerve racking but it went sooo well because we just flowed and did how to begin teaching and the guy really liked it. the spirit was helping us out so much. other news, that night i did the stake youth activity.

Ha this guy in the stake asked me to do a 10 minute talk then do a basketball clinic. it was fun, the talk was a bit was all in lasted only like 5 minutes. but it went well then i taught them how to do lay-ups it was fun! ha Yesterday aka fast Sunday was soooo busy. Sunday's are always our most busy days of the week! We had like 3-4 lessons and it was crazy. Our most progressing investigator, Teresa, came late and we taught her after church. I asked her to be baptized and she got really hesitant and just acted weird. She just went off about hwo she won't be prepared and that she still has to read the book of Mormon and she doesn't wanna stop drinking coffee. but our ward mission leader told her about how we pray for her every night and how we prayed about the 16th. She seemed a lot nicer after that. so she softly committed, so hopefully we can help her to reach that date! anyways OK time to talk to yalll!

Dad: Great Game so proud! I hear you are also doing awesome as bishop! I'm so proud and happy that you are fulfilling your priesthood duties and calling! I'm so blessed to be your son and I will try to bring "honor to our family" -mulan. I love you dad!

MOMMA! O mom you are beautiful amazing happy generous kind and fantabulous! I love you :) I'm sorry for all the grief i caused you... I will try and make it up as much as possible out here serving with all my heart. hang in there, and rely on the Lord. Loved hearing about the temple!

Alexis: sis how are you?! i miss you! you still having a ton of fun without me? it's OK because bringing souls to Christ is crazy fun! plus after you and i can have some fun hangin out and getting taco-bell and stuff....I ate at McDonald 4 times this past week....i might die. but im working out hard so i can show you that I am better looking than brons ;) and that my body is amazing! haha I love you!

Bronson "son of the brown man" Kaufusi.... I still love you and miss you! be a good boy. tell me more about what you are doing. i wanna hear every detail! love all your pics! how did you meet Steph's sisters Katelyn and Megan?!..... (they're my crush!.....they are darling....and the little girl Georgia aka dotta is my fav!) hahaha. I love you bro! keep telling me things

Daryl! ALLL I HEAR ABOUT IS YOUR LOVE FOR BOYSSSSS!!! WHYYYYYYYY!!! jk....i guess you can date someone....NOT! I will slice him with my new tykwondo skilllzzzz. i hear the knee is doing so much better! I'm so happy to hear that! keep working hard with it. do good in school!

Devini skeeenni weeenni: Thanks for the Email bro, i thought you died!(Mom must have really got on you for me to receive an email) anyways football sounds fun! i love hearing about you, tell me the details about your sacks and stuff. Ha glad to hear that there's another social butterfly in the family. that makes 7.... Don't be disrespectful to teachers though! cuz if you are you might get an -A when you deserved an A because you called your teacher bald....... Well love you!


JOSEY....Bark....bark bark bark.....rufff ruff bow wow

Love you all! so awesome to hear everything! tell me more. don't worry about peanut butter in the box, i get that from Costco! maybe some sort of candy but i don't need much...maybe acne cream ha my face looks like the wippdy dippdy pizza factory! ahaha brons now I am the Himalaya mountain face! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH! O lex your birthday is coming up! exciting!!!! what's your favorite pro soccer team?...

Monday, August 27, 2012


Family I LOVE YOU! but really i love you all soooo much, just thought i would start off by saying that :)(:
Anyways, such a fast yet crazy crazy week! so much happened in 강남!! So where to begin hmmmmmm o yeah so we have just been doing alot of crazy things this week. the heat was not as bad, in fact you can litterally feel the change in the climate and stuff, it was just like fall! it made me soooo pumped because then i wont wake up sweaty and i won't be soaked in my own sweat everyday, yaaaaaayyyy! We had zone conference on wednesday, it was soooo amazing. We got to hear from President and Sister Christensen and wow they are soooo great! Everytime I see them and hear from them I gain more of a testimony of their sacred calling. Ha While listening to the AP's do some training, i thought of brons and thought,"Wow if brons were here doing this training it would be alot more fun..." but it's ok, maybe you should send me some of your trainings through email bro?! Well on wednesday we went to give a quick lesson to these members and when we got there he sat on the ground in front of me on the couch and he wanted us to give him a blessing because his head hurt! so I did the anointing and it was super hard to read and do in korean, but it was so sweet. The korean members' faith is incredible and the are truly a choice people of the lord. thursday night we made brownies and dropped them off at our recent converts! they live in this way nice area, like really i serve in the beverly hills of korea! Walking down the street proselyting in this members area was just so weird because of all these nice stores like: Gucci, Prada, Rolles Royces, Dulchi & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, just a whole bunch of worldly stores! but it was kinda cool ha. That night i slept on my bed wrong and had this nasty kink in my neck so one of the elders in our house who worked as a physical therapist assistant rubbed it out. it was so weird! but it got me a free back massage so i was grateful! Something weird was so we were invited to this youth activity at our ward and when we got there our mission leader led us in and they were watching a movie....guess what movie....THE NOTEBOOK! ha dad's favorite, but don't worry i was like we shouldn't watch this (even though it was the end) so we went downstairs and i just studied some korean for the last 20 minutes before they fed us pizza! I love our ward, they are soooo nice! But sometimes they are a bit frustrating.
 So probably our best investigatore, Teresa, has been coming to church for like 2 weeks straight to be taught and stuff. We are planning on commiting her to baptism this week! anyways so we teach her with our mission leader and like i said his korean isn't great, and he tends to go off on weird tangents. So we were teaching the word of wisdom and he started talking about the eating habits of Jews and muslims....i seriously was just so frustrated with him but then he tied it back into the lesson ok so i was grateful for his contribution.
Then we taught in gospel docterine about the holy ghost. I didn't say too much during the lesson, because alot of it is just question and answering but at the end i had the opportunity to bare my testimony. I told them about how they can recieve answers through the holy ghost. and that throught the holy ghost they can recieve many things. I told them that when i was baptized the holy ghost witnessed to me of the Love God had for me individually. I'm so grateful to the lord for allowing me to have those moments on my mission where even though i don't say much, what i say (only with the help of the spirit) can make an impact. After the lesson elder warren was feaking out about how the spirit was so strong when i bore testimony and it was just a witness that the holy ghost is the most important factor of this work!
News flash, i might die of a heart attack..... so the other morning i ate a spam and egg sandwhich made out of a whole container of spam fried up, 2 eggs, mayo ketchup, cheese and salsa.... then for lunch i had 2 big macs 1 chicken sandwhich 4 fry servings, 2 cokes, and a chocolate dipped ice cream cone.... so yeah i got alot to work off... then today we ate at this super expensive steak house with our members and for dinner i ate a meat buffet....I gotta workout harder ha i don't wanna be fat! but im not sure how much i weigh, i'll make sure to find that out this week so you can know. I just do pushups and pullups every morning! o yeah, i went on a jog down to a park one morning and the korean old people do the funneist exercises. they like slap the trees and like rub and bump their butts up against it.... it's interesting. speaking of old korean ladies, taught about 7, 75+yr old grandmas outside on a mat. we sung hymns and it was fun but they are crazy! don't worry i'm sending my memory card home so you can see my first views of korea!
Devin: DUDE! I heard you got a sack against westlake! that a kid!!!!! what's your post-sack celebration? definitely need one man, cuz your gonna be doin it a ton!!! school going ok? how are your many friends that are girls ;) hope your staying caught up with homework! gone to the temple lately? Love you, keep being a beast!
Daryl: DEARL! i lvoe you! how's your knee??? are you feeling ok? I hear you are recovering great and stuff! keep working hard at physical therapy.  Is school going ok? don't let anyone hit your leg while you are at school! have devin protect you! when in doubt go sit in Debby's office.
Bronson: MAN_CHILD! dudddddeeeee you play your first college football game in like 36 hours! (korean time) i'm soooo pumped for you! go crazy bro, watch rocky IV before the game! how's schoool???? stay on top of it! use what you've llearned in the mission to get through it! It is such a blessing to already know how to study! remember to look up my baptism convert 홍정민!! he left last wednesday for provo. i'll miss him... Well it's interesting to hear about your woman life again ha. tell me all about yourself man! Ha so these elders came to sleep  in our house with us and one tried to put his arm and leg on me like the way you and i used to sleep....ha brought up some good memories! love you, work hard!
Alexis: I LUBBA YOU SIISSSY! well hows my niece? i love looking at her on that pic thing you sent me in the mtc. i miss sleeping by here at night. how's josey? i miss her too. so pearl, you should do something cool with her since you are getting a new car. Maybe some vibrant color decorations or something? go on any double dates yet with bronny boy? k american heritage... the only way to pass is to go to the labs on time everytime and listen. the labs make or break your grade! get good scores on your quizzes...those almost killed me last time! Can't wait to hear more from you!!
Mother: MOMMY! sooo the other day the only song i could think of the whole day was "mother i love you, mother i doooooo...." So i thought of you all day and sang that song because I try to look at korean people the way i think you look at me, it helps me to get a much better perspective on them and see them in a loving and caring manner! ;) Thanks for the update on everyone i love hearing your perspective! School board going ok? So jealous you went to the manti temple! i have a picture of that temple and i just love it and hold it dear to my heart! I love you!
Dad:.......WIN............ you gotta win dad! even if bronco only wants you to play brons for 20 plays for goodness sakes if he's the only one capable of making something happen put him in the whole game!!! Anyways, how's the bishop calling coming?! I know that your ward must love you soooo much! Ha if they see you the way i do then they look up to you so much and they know that you can bring them closer to christ.
OK Needs/question (only do/send if you can)
1)addresses to people who sent me letters in the MTC please/ any random people you think i should write out here for fun. (days market?)
2) ...nothing i can think of
3) all of you go to the temple
4) this is just kinda a question. So one thing I think i need to get out here is called a translator. it is a little eltronic thing that i type in korean and it spits it out in english and it also is a huge help for study with grammar and stuff. I know where to buy it, but it is kind of expensive so i don't want to get it without your permission first. They run around $150 or so. All the missionaries out here have them, and i will see if i can get a cheap deal off of one from a departing missionary but is it ok if i get it? anyways please get back to me on that.
Guess what, so tomorrow/tonight a massive Typhoon is supposed to hit! i'm so pumped! i don't know why but crazy weather gets my blood pumping. I kinda wanna stand in the flooding rains/ 60mph winds and yell hulk noises at the moon!
Well I love you all so much. I am reminded everyday of the sacrifice of our Savior and how it can and should allow us to have joy beyond our comprehension. Pray and Read daily, and you will come to find the greatest joy in coming closer to Christ. LOVE YOU!
Elder Kaufusi

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Don't Freak Out Mom 8/19/12

Mom/Family, don't freak out because I haven't e-mailed at the usual time. I can assure you that everything is ok and that I wasn't kidnapped. In fact, it has been a pretty fun and tiring P-day. So i will just tell you real quick why I am late. We get this call during study this morning from this korean man. He said he knows our family and wanted to take us to lunch. He didn't say his name so i was a bit puzzled. well when we called him back to make sure he could meet at 12ish i found out that it was none other than Johnny O! So basically today instead of emailing at like 12ish we went to lunch with johnny and then took a taxi to this place called 남대문 (nam-day-moon) and it's this cool like crazy street market place because he needed to get something over there. so we went with him and just talked and it was so great to see him. he's doing so great and he was so nice to my comp and i, so please tell him thank you; it seemed pretty out of his way to come see me.
ok about the week... hmmmm so much to talk about well, tuesday was our temple day last week and it was soo great.  it had been so long since i visited the ttemple so it was truly such a blessing to go. After we had a treat and went to taco bell! i loved it, but i don't wanna get fat. I don't think im losing weight, but i'll have to check at a member's house or something because we don't have a scale ha but i don't care that much about it. well everyday has been pretty busy this week with appointments and what not. everyday we come home exhausted from walking so many miles but it is awesome because i know the next morning the lord will again bless us with energy to carry-on in the work! So something neat this week is that we went to go find 이병용's house (ee-byong-young). now finding anything in our area is like impossible. we get lost alot...but we press forward! so after searching and walking up and down the same block for lik 30 minutes we found it and left a talk and a picture of christ on his door step. he is the one who's wife died and is finally coming to church. anyways after doing that we were walking around and we saw this cool little shop. when we looked in these way cool motorcycles were inside and a lotus elise so we kinda sat there and it started raining; knowing that elder warren loves motorcycles we were both like 'ok lets go in' so we did. the person in there was a 25yr old korean kid and he was way nice. oddly he was like "o so you are missionaries." and we were like..."yeah how'd you know?" then he perceded to tell us that he went to a lds church in canada. so we were like o cool, he must've had an LDS friend or something he went with. Then He was like asking us how much time we had left on our missions and we told him and he was like, "wow (to elder warren) you are almost done with your 2 years" and we were like wait he knows alot about the church. well after talking for a bit we found out that he actually got baptized in canada and that he moved here but hasn't been to church because he works sundays! so we are going to reactivate him! Such a miracle that we walk into the most random motorcycle shop in our area of 500,000+ people and find an inactive member, who in fact worked on the fifth floor but he had to cover a friend so he was only working the shop for that day. One of the biggest problems in korea is inactivity, our 강남 ward used to have like 150-200 people, but it now only has 50. being a member here in Korea is so hard but through the lord it can be done. so we are working on not only baptizing but reactivating alot.
Another amazing thing was that yesterday (sunday) we taught the gospel docterine class with our 2 recent converts and our 2 investigators. We went over the book of mormon and joseph smith. One of our investigators, teresa, was a bit puzzled and had some questions. so we watched the restoration video. Now i couldn't understand  alot of it but the spirit flooded the room with the world-changing first vision and restoration of the gospel. I almost started crying because i felt the saviors love so strongly during the movie. after it I bore simple testimony that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ did appear to Joseph Smith and that he, through the power of god, translated the book of mormon. It felt amazing. It's always strange because when I bare testimony I basically can only say the same things over and over again, and you might think it is vain repitition. However; it is not. Everytime I bare testimony in Korean i am reassuring to myself and to the Lord that I know that these simple and fundamental principles of the gospel are true.  It's just like Elder Bednar's words "the docterine is simple, the docterine is funddamental." I'm so happy I am coming to know and see the Lord's hand more and more as I serve.
Ok so sounds like everyone is doing amazing! Dad, im so happy you made it out of 2-a-days alive, and that brons is there to help bare you up! How's your ward coming? Anything new? O so after talking to bro.Wilcox, he said that everyone on the team is on these awesome diets and stuff. I know mom is on one, are you? Dad you should lead by example and do some dieting ^^* haha just kidding, I'll love you either way! Please keep me updated on the team, not gonna lie talking about it with bro. wilcox made me miss football but it's ok my mind is focused on the work! and a little fb knowledge would just be a nice bit of icing on the cake out here. I love you!
Mom! I love reading your emails and stuff! could you send me maybe some pictures of our family, like as a whole and just of friends and stuff. cuz people here are obssessed with picture books and they love looking through it. ha when i tell them you are lik 5'11ish they all gasp!And could you maybe send me some addresses from inside that box of letters i sent you? I completely forgot to write some down and i feel horrible that i didn't write some people back.  they love it! The people look at the pictures of you and think you are so beautiful, and i can't agree more with them! How's schoolboard? don't overwelm yourself though! have fun, and let bronson and devin serve you for a day or something. just keep everyone in line with dad. Are you and father attending the temple regularly? that is my commitment to you two!I love you!
SISSY! it's so great that you are making so much bank at vivnt and days! Sounds like Porsche is as cute and chubby as always. my comp doesn't really like cats so i told him about my niece and that my niece used to keep me warm at nights on my bed. I'll change his heart on the matter. So i've been looking around for stuff to get you and there isn't alot of stuff.... in fact everything here, clothes wise is pretty exspensive. it's kinda annoying... but what is your favorite soccer team ;) What's your calling at church? do you and brons go to church together?! that would be soooo fun! When do you go down to dixie? please tell me everything that you are doing. well, play nice and pray always. I Love you!
Bronson Sitiveni Kaufusi 6'7 275lbs starting Defensive end for your B. Y. U. COUGARS!!!! (yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!) CROWD GOES WILD! Dude i'm so pumped for you this season it gives me the butterflies thinking about it. Just do your best and let the Lord do the rest. He has given you so many talents, don't let them go to waste! By the way thank you so much for your talk, it was something that actually i really needed to hear. Im so glad to have an example like you. And remember the basement rules!  haha jk, but remember who you are and all that you learned on your mission. no getting married till i get back. I love you!
Daryl!!! my little beautiful sister! How's the knee? Physical Therapy can be really challenging. especially when they bend your knee to the point you want to cry! but don't give up. hang in there and pray to heavenly father for strength. Make sure you have bronson and devin carry you everywhere and do everything for the princess. O secret mission....i need some pictures of repunzel because everyone in korea is obsessed with girlfriends and since i don't have one or pictures of one they give me a hard time haha. so maybe i could flash them a picture of repunzel haha. excited for school? i hear a boy is following you around?...I need to hear all about him in a letter or somthing. but NO BOYFRIENDS. I love you!
Devin Petelo Kaufusi...aka beastmode-power levels over 9000-Hulk! how's football at Timpview? are you doing ok? dude you are a beast, have confidence in your abilities, i always struggled with that and it only held me back. I heard timpview lost game 1 by 1 point?! who to and how did that happen?! do you like coach witt? how tall are you now? no girlfriend'S right ?! you should look up the talk  "recognizing the spirit" president bednar because i wish i could have discerned the spirit more when i was your age! it's amazing! well keep me updated on what your doing. I love you!
I love you all so much and can't tell you how much you mean to me. I've been studying the plan of salvation alot this week and it is a blessing to know i can live with my family into the eternities.
Elder Kaufusi 카푸시 장로

Monday, August 13, 2012

Safe and Sound in Korea


Wow, it is always such a blessing to hear about everything that everyone is doing! Especially when everyone is doing so well, it is another testament that the lord is answering my prayers! Korea is amazing, like always just way too much to tell you, but don't worry mom I'm an avid journal man :)

 This week has been really quite amazing in the 강남 area! really the Lord is starting to shower blessings upon us. So OK we have been teaching this family. they are Korean but lived in the UK for a while so they are pretty good at English. the dad's name is 오정근 (o-jung-kun) he is so nice. he's the one that seems to be most interested. he has struggles acting on his faith though. You see, like most Korean's he started off just interested in us teaching English but he is getting interested in the church. we taught him about faith and had him read Alma 32. he talked about the good feeling he got when he read it and it was almost like a fairy tale lesson because i taught him that his feeling was from the spirit and then like elder warren and i just worked off each other amazingly. The lord really allowed us to teach well that night. he said he wants more too read so we started him from the beginning of the book of Mormon and hopefully the spirit continues to testify to him. I also challenged him to pray daily, ha but when i asked him to give the closing prayer he said "nononononoooo, next week." i knew he'd say that, but now i got some leverage on him for next weeks appointment. we have had some great success from the Lord by getting new investigators.

 Yesterday at church, a lady from our English class came out of the blue because she said she feels so peaceful at church. so we taught her the first lesson during priesthood with takeyama. takeyama is our awesome ward mission leader, did i already tell you about him? well he's Korean but great up in japan and his Korean is about as good as mine. so teaching with him can be scary because he says some outrageous things and then laughs after. like after we taught Teresa the first lesson she asked about what happens if she comes next week to church and stuff and he was like "you get baptized, or you leave." but overall he has an amazing work ethic. Anyways after our lesson during priesthood, we then had to teach the gospel doctrine class. it was scary... because we had 2 investigators in there along with 2 recent converts and our ward missionary and ward mission leader. So figuring out a topic that was good for everyone was hard so we just taught the 2nd lesson. elder warren did most the talking but i did some, and was able to find a lot of good scriptures to use. I bore testimony of living with heavenly father and YOU (my family) in the eternities and the spirit was so powerful, the room was silent and I've come to really love the silence that can come with the spirit's presence. it's weird though because that was like one of the full first times that i got to teach in Korea. Everyone wants us to teach in English so it was a bit hard remembering some of the stuff i learned in the MTC. then after church we were catching back up on some records and the bishop runs in with the mission leader takeyama and says that some college student walked in and wants to know about our church! another major blessing! so we taught him, and have another appointment for him. He got interested hearing about Mitt Romney. It's just amazing how so many different things the Lord uses to bring people into gospel interest. Also, during sacrament and after church i helped confirm 홍정민 as a member, and gave him the Priesthood. The Spirit is always so strong during priesthood ordinances. I'm so grateful for the opportunities i have to exercise my priesthood.
Well some other fun things in Korea, did a contacting thing where we go to a massive intersection and just rotate and walk across the streets talking to people about the gospel. It was awesome, even with my broken Korean I'm able to communicate the way the Lord wants me to. I met some really cool people and i pray that they will allow us to teach them. ha i walk around bowing and smiling all day! it's the greatest! I'll lean over to elder warren and be like "OK, this person we are about to walk by, lets see if i can get a smile out of them" then i stare at them with a big smile, and say hello in Korean. and bow and behold they smile back....well most the time haha. I also did my first Korean phone calls the other day. We went through the area book because it was raining hard and street contacting is pretty ineffective in the rain so we were calling old investigators and stuff. haha i was struggling because i knew everything i needed to say but they would say something back and i would have no clue in the slightest what they'd say hahaha. luckily elder warren was there to listen in and help me. it was great. i absolutely love mission work!
Last p-day went to the palace, got some awesome pictures there, you'll love it mom because it's so "cultural," you too dad. ha i took a picture with some Chinese tourist's little son... ha kinda weird but they just loved how tall i was. meet some awesome kids doing sports 전도 "finding." man i play so much soccer here it's awesome Daryl! and i meet some amazing players. this one kid, is going to England to play on a club team and his footwork was soo cool! o that's one thing, that i may need is cleats? my feet/tennis shoes get torn up playing soccer so much. but I know it's expensive to send stuff so please do not feel obligated to!  i also play ball, everyone wants me to play basketball out here, i love that the lord gave me this skill to interact with people. went to Costco the other day, it's so weird how different food prices are here. like a little thing of syrup is 40 bucks! and a bar of cheese is 20! but it's OK, i got my essentials, and I'm sticking to my budget.
Tomorrow is temple day! i feel like I've been thirsting for the temple like the spiritual famine talked about in Amos 8:11-12! it will be such a great experience because i haven't gone in like 2 months, and the spirit of the temple is like nothing on earth. I encourage all of you to go! after we are spending p-day at this awesome shopping place and stuff, where everything is cheap. I'll see what i can find for you all but it probably won't be much ha, Korea isn't great for clothing when it comes to people our size.
Cool to hear that sister Lund is home! she's right, it could be the most humid place on earth but it's slowly getting better. in fact last night it randomly rained like crazy. no haven't been to a bath house and wont for a while. elder warren isn't a fan of them and i can see why. just a bunch of naked old men everywhere and yeah doesn't seem to sanitary ha ha ha But I am up for anything! I will keep you all posted on my bath house experience, when it happens. Tell sister Lund I am pals with a guy that was in the mtc with her named elder rife. In fact tell the whole Lund family hello and that Korea is awesome!
It sounds like everyone is great. so happy and blessed to hear about Alexi's scans being clean! She sounds like she is having fun working a ton and making that $$$! what kind of car are you getting fus?...did pearl die?...I'll find you some clothes and shoes ;) and Daryl you are gonna be so strong thanks to physical therapy! just push yourself and rely on the Lord. I am learning to do that a lot out here. Devin, i don't hear from you much bro, but i hear about you all the time. sounds like you are gonna tear it up on the field this year! film your games so i can watch them in a couple years haha and always listen to Mom and Dad; especially Mom. Dad is busy working hard but Mom is always there. keep working hard and have Bronson prepare you for your mission! Brons, you sound great. I'm so pumped for you to play and all that! gosh I'm not gonnna lie i talk you up all the time so now you gotta walk the walk for me! i love hearing about your practices and how well you are doing! keep it up, but don't get hurt!!!! Use your missionary spirit to help everyone in the fambam and on the team... and you and Alexis can't find spouses till i return....but date all you want. you and lex should go on a double date sometime with some people hahah *^^*.....wait.....are you dating anyone right now?! send me some pics in a letter or something of you in your football uniform with dev, and daryl's scars and lex with my nieces (porsche and josey) and stuff!  Mom, you just keep being who you've been your whole life, a service oriented go-getter I love you! Keep my siblings whipped in shape please! Dad, 2-a-days must be tough but at least you got brons there! I'm so grateful for all the support you've given me dad, and your lessons you and mom have taught me all my life are not being wasted out here. I pray that you are all doing well and that you are all coming closer to Christ. I love this work and I know that the Lord has prepared people in Korea, the work will continue! I love you all more then I can express, and I'm so blessed to have the best family ever.