Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Got to go! But last week was filled with revelation, miracles and the spirit. Elder Cook came and did a conference. Sat right in front of him and got to stare him in the soul! Shook his hand. The Lord's servants are so filled with the spirit. The Lord's love is all around us and always lifting us up. After the meeting i was back at the office doing some work when president called. He said, "Elder Cook would like to talk with you." Then Elder Cook's voice came over the phone....I didn't know what to say but we had a little chat. I guess he knows a lot of Tongans in San Fran. Do we know a Henry Kaufusi?...not uncle Henry but another Henry? anyways, I was dying for Dad to be there so i didn't sound like a kid that didn't know his family history! It was a great opportunity though. I love you all and will sprint through!

Love Elder Kaufusi

By the way mom, I love you the most!!! AND Some past missionary friends will be at the airport too, so i just wanted to let you know!

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