Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 10, 2012

ELLLO BABIES!!!!!! how goes it man so much to tell you and not enough time haha well lets cut to the nitty gritty....i leave in like 3 weeks, what the bum im so scaredd and excited! ha im scared because im gonna have to push to learn as much as possible between now and then... ha mom you'd be proud, im finally pushing my brain tothe limit, i'm memorizing like 20-30 vocabulary words a day and lik 2-3 grammar forms, it's rough but the lord is baring me up! how was/is jacksonhole?!!!! that sounds like so much fun, you'll have to send me some picks or something. that's in the south right? go gator fishing? or eat everything deep fried and ssmothered in gravy? all i eat here is the deep fried stuff, you'll be happy to hear that i weigh 251lbs but im afraid it is fat....should i try and lose all my fat? idk ha o well, i still workout alot though, pushups/pullups/dumbells twice a week or more. i wish i had tony horton here, he would keep me in the best shape. I'd hate it but i'd love it. Ok about the week, so on thursday I was snooping around and found none other then baby boden boy!!!!!! hahahahahah i love him so much, i felt like ammon reuniting with the his brothers. it was great, tell  his fam he is doing wonderful! can't wait to get christian in here. i love seeing people i know, but it's weird because everyone  brown seems to know me. and almost everyone from newzealand knows bronson. all i hear is " ay ees elda kaufusi! maaaan yous looks just likes yur bro, ee's da man!!!" haha then i take pics with these random newzealanders haha i love them. but more importantly i love my bro! i can't wait to see him, however....what are we gonna talk about for 15 minutes??!! that's like hardly enough time to share a spiritual experience! maybe we'll gain the gift of discernment and he can discern all my thoughts and things that have happened for the past 2 years. ok what else, o the koreans that are leaving at the same time i leave just arrived last night! mannnnn do i love thme.! there is this one that has these big lips and just laughs all the time just like brons!!! haha his name is 박 장로님 like how i used some character ;) well ok so i had a bit of a rough spot this week because on sunday i was talking to a member of the district presidency and he was like "so is it your sister that was cut from the women's basketball team, man im so sorry, how is her health?" that statement hit me like a ton of brick.... but i kept my composure and was like "yeah, that's her. she's doing great." then liek 3  other people asked me the same thing, and so if possible could you maybe send me a letter or something quick so i don't have to hear from other people about something like this? i know it is kind of selfish of me to ask but i would appreiciate it. But it also turned into a spiritual experience. becaause after i heard it sunday night i was angry and so sad. i just had so much sorrow for you lex, and i wanted to cry because i didn't want you to be hurt or anything. but i just kept to the schedule and i decided to go to a talk by elder oaks about having righteous desires and during that talk the spirirt enveloped me and i fel the lord comfort me. And i know without a shadow of a doubt that you're going to be ok lex. And that the lord really wants you to stay close to him. While im on my mission i know the lord will bless our family because i have prayed to him and the spirit has manifested it unto me. Anyways instead of moping that night i changed my attitude because the spirit and i was happy. ha i love the spirit it helps me everyday! ok um times almost out, but lets see umm mom could you maybe see if you could find that mini preach my gospel that they gave us last year during the priesthood activity? they are a pretty hot item and it would be so much easier insteady of luggging around my big one. twins! i loveyou! dev, get stronger, daryl get uglier (because i will kill any boyfriends you have) lex....adopt another cat hahahahaha dad i love you and thanks for you email! and something i was wondering is if you could maybe send me a little paragraph or something about our name, "kaufusi," like the background and the meaning of our last name because president brown asked us to do it a while ago but i just remembered now. i wanna represent our family the best i can in my service to the lord! mom I love you and i promise im will eat eat eat. i love you alll soooooo much!  :) 사랑합니다

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