Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 24, 2012

Hi Family! ah I can't believe it. it is my last week here in the mtc. ha 6 days from today i will be flying to Korea! it's so crazy to think about, i love it! but i gotta stay focused. it's so hard to stay focused knowing ill be in Korea in like a week! ahhhhhhhh. I just can't wait to do the Lord's work over there. it willl be great. I love the Korean people so much, i can't wait to be surrounded by them and see them and just attempt to speak Korean to them. Well there's so much going on. K so how excited is everyone to get bronny boy home? mom just hug him and don't let him go hahaha. i got my note from the front desk yesterday that i will get to see him at 2pm tomorrow.....i don't know what to do when i see him! it says only 20 minutes and i don't know what we will talk about. will i cry? will he? should i just pick him up? should we shake hands and smell each others souls poly-style? i just don't know what is going to happen! have him bring in a camera so that we can take a picture together k? oh and some other things....if possible have him bring in some In N' Out burger :)(: that would be swwwweeeeeetttt! also, i have some stuff i need to send home, like my box of letters that i want to keep ya know for a possible scrap book in the future hahaha. but yeah and i need to send home my side bag because it doesn't do me any kinda hurts my shoulder and i think a backpack would be much better. So could you send me a good sturdy backpack ASAP so that i can get everything packed and ready? maybe send brons in with a backpack and have In N' Out in the backpack! brilliant! ha i can't wait to go to the airport and eat whatever i want.... i might splurge because man i love my food!!!!! O so i leave the mtc at 8 a.m. on Monday morning then my flight is from salt lake to San Fran at like 11ish then from San Fran i take Korean air at like 1 or 2 or something like that. so i will probably make my call from the salt lake airport between 9-11ish because we probably won't have enough time to in San Fran. want me to call mom's dad's or Alexis' cell phone ;)

So some things that have happened this week here hmmm well i was released and i now have time to study and stuff haha. Today is supposed to be our "bonding P-day" with the younger group because they are freaking out that we leave so sooon. Ha o funny experience, i had a mom moment. so elder Julian is very....messsy and just leaves his side of the room a mess, so finally i confronted him about it and i swear all the words i said were things that you've told me mom! hahaha and he ended up cleaning everything and now i live in a stress free clean enclosure hhaha. Hmm also this week, i got to escort a bunch of senior missionaries. o and elder tempest has left for Mexico! o it makes me so happy for him, i just want to jump for joy! i know he'll do so great. o Daryl ps. some people from my zone are plotting to write you.... um what else.... this timer in the corner is soooo intimidating.....well how is everyone. o dad, what happened with Joshua Quezada?! i heard he is transferring and my heart dropped. what happened. did he ever get baptized?..... You should let brons talk to him, cuz even if he leaves i know that he believes in the church and that he has a testimony.

haha well it's actually happening. I'm going to Korea to preach the gospel. I am humbled and honored for this opportunity and i know it is once in a lifetime. I pray that i can serve with all that i have and will become. I know that i will face trials and whatnot but the lord will bare me up. he has bared me up so much here in the MTC. ha my Korean isn't perfect, or even great but i can teach. and that's what i will do, teach teach teach. I will hug every Korean in sight (except the gals). I will try and be the best representative of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has suffered for us all and I owe my life to him.


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