Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17


how is it going family! i love you all so much and i can't tell you how much you mean to me! ha DAD! it was so good to see you and mom on saturday or whenever that was ha. i have seen everyone but you! so now i can go to Korea in peace hahaha. You look so dark?! it's almost like you are Polynesian or something! haha i can tell you've been doing summer camps that's so awesome!. and Wyoming sounded like a blast! I'm happy no one got injured rafting the rapids like bear grylles. I love the packages. Everyone here that i share food with just thinks you are all the best cooks to set foot on the planet. I'm so blessed. OK dad so I'm gonna try and get my card done today so that you don't have to worry about it OK? and don't be afraid to take money out of my account for my mission! that's what it is for. When do our triplets come in?! that's so exciting for Hillary. I loved the pics lex sent of the little girls they are so cute.

OK so a lot has happened this week and i don't even know where to begin. um so our native district has come in and i love talking to them and i feel so blessed to be going to korea. It truly is the place i need to go. I feel like the lord has blessed me with the ability to love them because man i just want to hug those lil cuddly Asians all day! ha i just pick them up and what not whenever i can. i'll send you my memory card with all my pics with them right before i leave. which is sooooo soon! ha we get our travel plans in like 3 days....so weird, i can't even imagine being out of the mtc but i can't wait! i know i don't know a lot of Korean but i can preach the gospel and that is all that matters! i hope north Korea captures me so i can open that place up as a mission. but probably wont happen.... so brons gets home so exciting, is he still coming in to see me? i would love to give that lug a big hug and say "it's my turn now" haha that would be a classic one liner.

I was so sad to hear about Papa Covey. I was sitting out doing some planning and Kinner was walking to her class and came up and told me. Then after she left christian was on his way out to gym and we talked a little bit and my heart just sunk. he cried into my shoulder and i just felt so much sorrow. when he left i couldn't hold back my tears. I just can't stand seeing one of my best friends in such distress and pain. I couldn't stop thinking about christian and the whole covey family the rest of the day. that night i went with Boden to visit him and we talked some more and even though there were no words i could say, i knew that the spirit would comfort him. they are such a choice family of the lord. i couldn't help but think of the verse that is near the end of Alma that talks about how the people died in happiness because of their faith. I know that covey family has nothing to fear because god has received another child into his rest. My heart goes out to all the covey family and I will continue to pray for them.

Another spiritual experience i had was during the Tuesday devotional sister (oaks) baker (elder Oaks's daughter) played the violin and it was so beautiful. she's like really famous and the spirit testified to me through her music and talent. mom as soono as i get home i'll take up piano again, because for goodness sakes it is such a good talent to have!

Well my time is running low, sorry this isn't super long. i love you all so much and know the lord is blessing you each day. his hand is in every bit of our lives, every hour every minute every second. Embrace the savior, he is waiting for us all. Twins keep on the straight and narrow. Devin no girls ;) Daryl no boys! lex go to church! (take Porsche) mom keep being beautiful and amazing. and dad keep being the worthy priesthood holder you've always been :)

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