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Don't Freak Out Mom 8/19/12

Mom/Family, don't freak out because I haven't e-mailed at the usual time. I can assure you that everything is ok and that I wasn't kidnapped. In fact, it has been a pretty fun and tiring P-day. So i will just tell you real quick why I am late. We get this call during study this morning from this korean man. He said he knows our family and wanted to take us to lunch. He didn't say his name so i was a bit puzzled. well when we called him back to make sure he could meet at 12ish i found out that it was none other than Johnny O! So basically today instead of emailing at like 12ish we went to lunch with johnny and then took a taxi to this place called 남대문 (nam-day-moon) and it's this cool like crazy street market place because he needed to get something over there. so we went with him and just talked and it was so great to see him. he's doing so great and he was so nice to my comp and i, so please tell him thank you; it seemed pretty out of his way to come see me.
ok about the week... hmmmm so much to talk about well, tuesday was our temple day last week and it was soo great.  it had been so long since i visited the ttemple so it was truly such a blessing to go. After we had a treat and went to taco bell! i loved it, but i don't wanna get fat. I don't think im losing weight, but i'll have to check at a member's house or something because we don't have a scale ha but i don't care that much about it. well everyday has been pretty busy this week with appointments and what not. everyday we come home exhausted from walking so many miles but it is awesome because i know the next morning the lord will again bless us with energy to carry-on in the work! So something neat this week is that we went to go find 이병용's house (ee-byong-young). now finding anything in our area is like impossible. we get lost alot...but we press forward! so after searching and walking up and down the same block for lik 30 minutes we found it and left a talk and a picture of christ on his door step. he is the one who's wife died and is finally coming to church. anyways after doing that we were walking around and we saw this cool little shop. when we looked in these way cool motorcycles were inside and a lotus elise so we kinda sat there and it started raining; knowing that elder warren loves motorcycles we were both like 'ok lets go in' so we did. the person in there was a 25yr old korean kid and he was way nice. oddly he was like "o so you are missionaries." and we were like..."yeah how'd you know?" then he perceded to tell us that he went to a lds church in canada. so we were like o cool, he must've had an LDS friend or something he went with. Then He was like asking us how much time we had left on our missions and we told him and he was like, "wow (to elder warren) you are almost done with your 2 years" and we were like wait he knows alot about the church. well after talking for a bit we found out that he actually got baptized in canada and that he moved here but hasn't been to church because he works sundays! so we are going to reactivate him! Such a miracle that we walk into the most random motorcycle shop in our area of 500,000+ people and find an inactive member, who in fact worked on the fifth floor but he had to cover a friend so he was only working the shop for that day. One of the biggest problems in korea is inactivity, our 강남 ward used to have like 150-200 people, but it now only has 50. being a member here in Korea is so hard but through the lord it can be done. so we are working on not only baptizing but reactivating alot.
Another amazing thing was that yesterday (sunday) we taught the gospel docterine class with our 2 recent converts and our 2 investigators. We went over the book of mormon and joseph smith. One of our investigators, teresa, was a bit puzzled and had some questions. so we watched the restoration video. Now i couldn't understand  alot of it but the spirit flooded the room with the world-changing first vision and restoration of the gospel. I almost started crying because i felt the saviors love so strongly during the movie. after it I bore simple testimony that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ did appear to Joseph Smith and that he, through the power of god, translated the book of mormon. It felt amazing. It's always strange because when I bare testimony I basically can only say the same things over and over again, and you might think it is vain repitition. However; it is not. Everytime I bare testimony in Korean i am reassuring to myself and to the Lord that I know that these simple and fundamental principles of the gospel are true.  It's just like Elder Bednar's words "the docterine is simple, the docterine is funddamental." I'm so happy I am coming to know and see the Lord's hand more and more as I serve.
Ok so sounds like everyone is doing amazing! Dad, im so happy you made it out of 2-a-days alive, and that brons is there to help bare you up! How's your ward coming? Anything new? O so after talking to bro.Wilcox, he said that everyone on the team is on these awesome diets and stuff. I know mom is on one, are you? Dad you should lead by example and do some dieting ^^* haha just kidding, I'll love you either way! Please keep me updated on the team, not gonna lie talking about it with bro. wilcox made me miss football but it's ok my mind is focused on the work! and a little fb knowledge would just be a nice bit of icing on the cake out here. I love you!
Mom! I love reading your emails and stuff! could you send me maybe some pictures of our family, like as a whole and just of friends and stuff. cuz people here are obssessed with picture books and they love looking through it. ha when i tell them you are lik 5'11ish they all gasp!And could you maybe send me some addresses from inside that box of letters i sent you? I completely forgot to write some down and i feel horrible that i didn't write some people back.  they love it! The people look at the pictures of you and think you are so beautiful, and i can't agree more with them! How's schoolboard? don't overwelm yourself though! have fun, and let bronson and devin serve you for a day or something. just keep everyone in line with dad. Are you and father attending the temple regularly? that is my commitment to you two!I love you!
SISSY! it's so great that you are making so much bank at vivnt and days! Sounds like Porsche is as cute and chubby as always. my comp doesn't really like cats so i told him about my niece and that my niece used to keep me warm at nights on my bed. I'll change his heart on the matter. So i've been looking around for stuff to get you and there isn't alot of stuff.... in fact everything here, clothes wise is pretty exspensive. it's kinda annoying... but what is your favorite soccer team ;) What's your calling at church? do you and brons go to church together?! that would be soooo fun! When do you go down to dixie? please tell me everything that you are doing. well, play nice and pray always. I Love you!
Bronson Sitiveni Kaufusi 6'7 275lbs starting Defensive end for your B. Y. U. COUGARS!!!! (yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!) CROWD GOES WILD! Dude i'm so pumped for you this season it gives me the butterflies thinking about it. Just do your best and let the Lord do the rest. He has given you so many talents, don't let them go to waste! By the way thank you so much for your talk, it was something that actually i really needed to hear. Im so glad to have an example like you. And remember the basement rules!  haha jk, but remember who you are and all that you learned on your mission. no getting married till i get back. I love you!
Daryl!!! my little beautiful sister! How's the knee? Physical Therapy can be really challenging. especially when they bend your knee to the point you want to cry! but don't give up. hang in there and pray to heavenly father for strength. Make sure you have bronson and devin carry you everywhere and do everything for the princess. O secret mission....i need some pictures of repunzel because everyone in korea is obsessed with girlfriends and since i don't have one or pictures of one they give me a hard time haha. so maybe i could flash them a picture of repunzel haha. excited for school? i hear a boy is following you around?...I need to hear all about him in a letter or somthing. but NO BOYFRIENDS. I love you!
Devin Petelo Kaufusi...aka beastmode-power levels over 9000-Hulk! how's football at Timpview? are you doing ok? dude you are a beast, have confidence in your abilities, i always struggled with that and it only held me back. I heard timpview lost game 1 by 1 point?! who to and how did that happen?! do you like coach witt? how tall are you now? no girlfriend'S right ?! you should look up the talk  "recognizing the spirit" president bednar because i wish i could have discerned the spirit more when i was your age! it's amazing! well keep me updated on what your doing. I love you!
I love you all so much and can't tell you how much you mean to me. I've been studying the plan of salvation alot this week and it is a blessing to know i can live with my family into the eternities.
Elder Kaufusi 카푸시 장로

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