Monday, August 6, 2012

8/5/12 first letter from Korea!!!

WEEELLLLL yall i am here in the land of asian peersuasion!!!!! sayyyy whaaaaattt?/????!!!!!???? !!!! i know crazy right, and so much has happened in this first week of being here....i don't even know where to begin but it's ok because i brought my journal (which i write in nightly0-trying to be like my amazing older bro brons) so i'll tell you all my great experiences. well the travel to here was crazy. sorry the phone call at the airport was cut soo short. We were all just paranoid about misssing our flights. flight to san fran was good, i sat buy 이 장로님 and 이 자매님 (elder and sister lee, not related....there's like4 last names in korea: lee, shin, park, cho...they aren't very original) it was great sitting by them and just talking to elder lee in my broken korean. but i was jealous because i wanted to sit by someone non member so i could put my missionary skills to the test!....stayin in th mtc for as long as i did made me so excited to bring souls unto christ and heavenly father. but i bore it with patience. Well in san fran we had a bit of a lay-over so i splurged and had some real food....aka some pizza from this lil cafe. korean air was amazing and so nice. except like all other vehicles i didn't not a single minute of sleep happened. but i ate some korean food and the stewardess loved me/ hated me because i guess koreans drink out of like midget sized cups. so i had to just walk to the back of the plane and just keep asking them for water refills! ha while they filled my water i would do some squats and calf raises. each seat had a personal tv screen with tooooonnns of choices but we could only 1) watch documentaries 2) play chess... so it was a bit rough. especially for me since im so tall i could see like every screen and man there were alot of good movies going on. my eyes would start to wonder then i would be like "what would the savior think! or what would president christensen think!" so i would just pull out my book of mormon and read. or just talk to the missionaries sitting around me. i played some pretty intense chess games anyways ok this is taking such a long time i'll summmarize more. got to korea. met pres and sis christensen along with ap's and office elders. went to mcdonalds then put our stuff into the van and we all got books of mormons and got on the subway and did our first proselyting activity! boy i loved it! ha the korean people or so loving and kind. I placed 3 book of mormons on the subway and bore aton of testimony. well so my Trainer is Elder Warren, brons you may know him. He went to springville high, he hungout with alot of timpview kids. he's awesome, he's also our district leader and i have to do "language pass-off" with him. Pass off is where you have to know and teach so much about each lesson. you like have to know a ton of vocab, memorize scriptures in korean and stuff. When you pass off you are able to go senior companion. usually people pass off in lik 5 transfers but i know through the help of the lord i can do it all in this transfer or maybe next. Anyways. korea i blazing i sweat like none other! our house is in a place called 내봉 (nay-bong) and it's a four man house. it is aweesome! not because it is nice but i feel so much like a missionary living here. well it's like almost 100 degrees and the humitity is like 80% so yeah it's hot! we don't have ac, just some fans and so literally you constantly sweat. I sleep on just a yo on the floor and your lucky to not just sweat all night. ha and even when i take the coldest shower possible im sweating... but it's ok, i lvoe it here. and yes dad i drink a ton of water! i go through like maybe 4 liters a day of just water. Well ok now to my official mission work.

I baptized someone yesterday. It was my first baptism and im so grateful to the lord and to elder warren for giving me the opportunity to do so. his name is 홍정민 (hong-jung-meen) he went to byu and is majoring in business. He's really shy but he took lessons in provo and came and said he was ready for baptism. Elder warren really wanted me to have this experience so he let me perform the baptism. elder warren is so christlike and we work so hard. it's great. im so blessed by the lord! o and president christensen and his wife came to the baptism and the church meetings. Everyone stares at me because im so tall. ha got some great lesssons for this weeek and i love proselyting on the streeet. i can meet alot of coold people but back to 홍 so i want him to stay strong in the church. and he returns to byu on the 23rd. brons could you maybe find him and befriend him when he comes back to provo? koreans have a huge problem with going inactive when they get baptized. I know if you helped him get settled in his ward i and the lord would be very appreiciative. We went and had dinner at his house and his mom isn't a member. but she is a millionaire that does...guess what....nuskin hahahaha she gave elder warren and i facials all yesterday after dinner because wshe felt my skin and was lik "so oily..." so for 20 minutes this korean lady forcefully gave us facial washes and the whole shebang. She was just like :"oooo so handsom, so stylish, skin like a baby!" hopefully we can get her interested in the church and what not. well i have spent wayyyy to much time on this already. mom here are some emails to president shin and sister menlove (my mtc branch presidency members) they want you to forward stuff to them Everyone sounds great. mom if daryl's knee hurts you better give her the pain killers because she shouldn't have to suffer through without them like me!!! haha ;) brons you better work your tail off at football, because i don't wanna have to come home and put you in your place. devin.....yolo. daryl, stay strong and be positive, i pray for you every night to heal. Lex, be a good girl! tell porsche i love her. and please keep me updated on everything! Mom and Dad i love you! i know that i am where i am because of both of you. Im extremely blessed. keep working hard in the gospel and all other aspects of life. stay strong! i willl work harder and harder so that you can recieve more and more blessings.


ps. dad do you put any money on that wells fargo card for money like brons or whatever?....because i could use it to do some major grocery shopping or something. Gotta keep eating out here haha if not don't worry. just let me know.

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