Monday, August 27, 2012


Family I LOVE YOU! but really i love you all soooo much, just thought i would start off by saying that :)(:
Anyways, such a fast yet crazy crazy week! so much happened in 강남!! So where to begin hmmmmmm o yeah so we have just been doing alot of crazy things this week. the heat was not as bad, in fact you can litterally feel the change in the climate and stuff, it was just like fall! it made me soooo pumped because then i wont wake up sweaty and i won't be soaked in my own sweat everyday, yaaaaaayyyy! We had zone conference on wednesday, it was soooo amazing. We got to hear from President and Sister Christensen and wow they are soooo great! Everytime I see them and hear from them I gain more of a testimony of their sacred calling. Ha While listening to the AP's do some training, i thought of brons and thought,"Wow if brons were here doing this training it would be alot more fun..." but it's ok, maybe you should send me some of your trainings through email bro?! Well on wednesday we went to give a quick lesson to these members and when we got there he sat on the ground in front of me on the couch and he wanted us to give him a blessing because his head hurt! so I did the anointing and it was super hard to read and do in korean, but it was so sweet. The korean members' faith is incredible and the are truly a choice people of the lord. thursday night we made brownies and dropped them off at our recent converts! they live in this way nice area, like really i serve in the beverly hills of korea! Walking down the street proselyting in this members area was just so weird because of all these nice stores like: Gucci, Prada, Rolles Royces, Dulchi & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, just a whole bunch of worldly stores! but it was kinda cool ha. That night i slept on my bed wrong and had this nasty kink in my neck so one of the elders in our house who worked as a physical therapist assistant rubbed it out. it was so weird! but it got me a free back massage so i was grateful! Something weird was so we were invited to this youth activity at our ward and when we got there our mission leader led us in and they were watching a movie....guess what movie....THE NOTEBOOK! ha dad's favorite, but don't worry i was like we shouldn't watch this (even though it was the end) so we went downstairs and i just studied some korean for the last 20 minutes before they fed us pizza! I love our ward, they are soooo nice! But sometimes they are a bit frustrating.
 So probably our best investigatore, Teresa, has been coming to church for like 2 weeks straight to be taught and stuff. We are planning on commiting her to baptism this week! anyways so we teach her with our mission leader and like i said his korean isn't great, and he tends to go off on weird tangents. So we were teaching the word of wisdom and he started talking about the eating habits of Jews and muslims....i seriously was just so frustrated with him but then he tied it back into the lesson ok so i was grateful for his contribution.
Then we taught in gospel docterine about the holy ghost. I didn't say too much during the lesson, because alot of it is just question and answering but at the end i had the opportunity to bare my testimony. I told them about how they can recieve answers through the holy ghost. and that throught the holy ghost they can recieve many things. I told them that when i was baptized the holy ghost witnessed to me of the Love God had for me individually. I'm so grateful to the lord for allowing me to have those moments on my mission where even though i don't say much, what i say (only with the help of the spirit) can make an impact. After the lesson elder warren was feaking out about how the spirit was so strong when i bore testimony and it was just a witness that the holy ghost is the most important factor of this work!
News flash, i might die of a heart attack..... so the other morning i ate a spam and egg sandwhich made out of a whole container of spam fried up, 2 eggs, mayo ketchup, cheese and salsa.... then for lunch i had 2 big macs 1 chicken sandwhich 4 fry servings, 2 cokes, and a chocolate dipped ice cream cone.... so yeah i got alot to work off... then today we ate at this super expensive steak house with our members and for dinner i ate a meat buffet....I gotta workout harder ha i don't wanna be fat! but im not sure how much i weigh, i'll make sure to find that out this week so you can know. I just do pushups and pullups every morning! o yeah, i went on a jog down to a park one morning and the korean old people do the funneist exercises. they like slap the trees and like rub and bump their butts up against it.... it's interesting. speaking of old korean ladies, taught about 7, 75+yr old grandmas outside on a mat. we sung hymns and it was fun but they are crazy! don't worry i'm sending my memory card home so you can see my first views of korea!
Devin: DUDE! I heard you got a sack against westlake! that a kid!!!!! what's your post-sack celebration? definitely need one man, cuz your gonna be doin it a ton!!! school going ok? how are your many friends that are girls ;) hope your staying caught up with homework! gone to the temple lately? Love you, keep being a beast!
Daryl: DEARL! i lvoe you! how's your knee??? are you feeling ok? I hear you are recovering great and stuff! keep working hard at physical therapy.  Is school going ok? don't let anyone hit your leg while you are at school! have devin protect you! when in doubt go sit in Debby's office.
Bronson: MAN_CHILD! dudddddeeeee you play your first college football game in like 36 hours! (korean time) i'm soooo pumped for you! go crazy bro, watch rocky IV before the game! how's schoool???? stay on top of it! use what you've llearned in the mission to get through it! It is such a blessing to already know how to study! remember to look up my baptism convert 홍정민!! he left last wednesday for provo. i'll miss him... Well it's interesting to hear about your woman life again ha. tell me all about yourself man! Ha so these elders came to sleep  in our house with us and one tried to put his arm and leg on me like the way you and i used to sleep....ha brought up some good memories! love you, work hard!
Alexis: I LUBBA YOU SIISSSY! well hows my niece? i love looking at her on that pic thing you sent me in the mtc. i miss sleeping by here at night. how's josey? i miss her too. so pearl, you should do something cool with her since you are getting a new car. Maybe some vibrant color decorations or something? go on any double dates yet with bronny boy? k american heritage... the only way to pass is to go to the labs on time everytime and listen. the labs make or break your grade! get good scores on your quizzes...those almost killed me last time! Can't wait to hear more from you!!
Mother: MOMMY! sooo the other day the only song i could think of the whole day was "mother i love you, mother i doooooo...." So i thought of you all day and sang that song because I try to look at korean people the way i think you look at me, it helps me to get a much better perspective on them and see them in a loving and caring manner! ;) Thanks for the update on everyone i love hearing your perspective! School board going ok? So jealous you went to the manti temple! i have a picture of that temple and i just love it and hold it dear to my heart! I love you!
Dad:.......WIN............ you gotta win dad! even if bronco only wants you to play brons for 20 plays for goodness sakes if he's the only one capable of making something happen put him in the whole game!!! Anyways, how's the bishop calling coming?! I know that your ward must love you soooo much! Ha if they see you the way i do then they look up to you so much and they know that you can bring them closer to christ.
OK Needs/question (only do/send if you can)
1)addresses to people who sent me letters in the MTC please/ any random people you think i should write out here for fun. (days market?)
2) ...nothing i can think of
3) all of you go to the temple
4) this is just kinda a question. So one thing I think i need to get out here is called a translator. it is a little eltronic thing that i type in korean and it spits it out in english and it also is a huge help for study with grammar and stuff. I know where to buy it, but it is kind of expensive so i don't want to get it without your permission first. They run around $150 or so. All the missionaries out here have them, and i will see if i can get a cheap deal off of one from a departing missionary but is it ok if i get it? anyways please get back to me on that.
Guess what, so tomorrow/tonight a massive Typhoon is supposed to hit! i'm so pumped! i don't know why but crazy weather gets my blood pumping. I kinda wanna stand in the flooding rains/ 60mph winds and yell hulk noises at the moon!
Well I love you all so much. I am reminded everyday of the sacrifice of our Savior and how it can and should allow us to have joy beyond our comprehension. Pray and Read daily, and you will come to find the greatest joy in coming closer to Christ. LOVE YOU!
Elder Kaufusi

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