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Don't deny me your gifts jacob!- my random quote from the testament movie haha we watch alot of church movies out here. dad i've seen the stonecutter like literally 6 times.... haha it's fun
WELLL HELLLO FAMILY  안영하심니까!! Man i won't lie, i get sooo excited for emails every week! It just makes me soooo happy to hear from all of you. Really families are such a blessing, I just love it! Well alot has happened this past week and so I will try and make it quick. so monday was p-day, very fun! we went to a place called 수지 which is the border of our mission. our missionaries and the 대전 elders share the chuch building so a ton of seoul missionaries and daijun missionaries met up there on p day and played baaskebtall!! i love basketball, ha don't worry dad im being safe... in fact i filmed some stuff just for all of you to see how fun playin bball is on p day! So mom im sending you my chip in a letter today so it should get there sometime in the near future... anyways tuesday we had alot of rain....again... but it's ok, i stayed super productive and called like 30-40 people on the phone and tried to set appointments in my broken korean. haha it is way fun because i say all that i need to say then they just start talking and im like..uhhhhhhh then aske them to say it agaain...then i still don't understand it all so i hand it to elder warren ha but that's only if they haven't hung up on me already ;) so wednesday we went and had zone conference and it was so great. Man i love setting goals! it is such a huge help in building up the Lord's kingdom. Then making more goals to accomplish goals is just sweeetttt! i challenge you all to set a spiritual goal this week, then set smaller goals each day so that you can accomplish your main spiritual goal.  So after zone conference i went on my 2nd exchange with our zone leader Elder Christensen. Man it was so great, we taught and he's a very good teacher! He's from kaysville and leaves in 2 transfers. his korean is amazing! It was such a neat learning experience to see how he taught and what not. He even let me teach a little bit, so i taught about keeping the sabbath day holy and the blessings we can recieve if we do. I just love teaching! And when you teach with the spirit nothing can go wrong! Well at their apartment that is on the 13th floor...(dad it was soo scary).... i finally got to weigh myself! Of course this was at lik 1130 at night because elder christensen kept me up talking to me to better know me, but i weighed in at a whopping 250lbs!!! huzzzah! don't worry it isn't all fat... But yeah very happy when i saw that. anyways next day met back up with elder warren, and i was so grateful. I loved the exchange but it just wasn't the same as being with my companion, and sleeping in our fun 4 man house.   Thursday we had an appointment with 이금영, she is this nice little mom and her whole family has pink eye! sad... but we teach her english then gospel. She is progressing so well, she's amazing. she actually kept our commitment of reading all of Alma 34! she thought it was weird but she read it! ah i knew the spirit was working in her. Well we proceded to teach the second lesson and i had asked our member before hand to share his testimony about the importance of the atonement in the plan of salvation. He did wonderful when i asked him to share it in the lesson. the spirit was so stron.  Friday we had weekly planning which is weird but fun! we made a workout and diet plan since my companion goes home after this next transfer! he wants to get all prep'd for the RM life! but I told him I wanna work hard and to minimalize  the trunky talk ha just so we can be more focused and have the spirit in greater abundance. We bought brown rice  so we don't get the fat white rice cheeks. that night we had sports proselyting and we went to another missionary's ward to play basketball. it was fun, i also got to practice the piano with one of their ward members. saturday was sweet. I had a very spiritual experience that i'd like to share. So on saturday we had alot of time to proselyte so we were out doing our usual massive intersection technique. (we meet tons fo people doing it). But even though i talked to alot of people, no one was very interested in what i was saying. I felt a bit down and just said a prayer in my heart saying, "please Heavenly Father,  I know these people need to the gospel in their lives. Help me to find someone that is prepared." After saying that i felt the peace fo the spirit. So i did as elder bednar said and i pressed forward with faith. i walked by a little shop and out on the curb was this man. I said hi to him and walked forward a bit. Then in my heart i felt that i should talk to him. But it would've been so awkward to turn around and just go back up to him! Then the spirit put a very profound thought in my head "When did awkwardness ever get in the way of the salvation of someones soul?!" i was grateful for that slap in the face. So i turned around and just plopped myself down on the curb and started talking and teaching him about the gospel. He was sooo nice and actually interested. I was able to get his number, give him a book of mormon, and hopefully we will meet with him this coming week! Anyways that experience was a real faith builder for me. I knew that the lord heard my prayer and could see the discouragement in my heart. So he gave me a little push and helped me find my answer, and built me up. Another spiritual experience we had was on sunday we were able to teach teresa, the lady i asked  to be baptized. She was supposed to pray about baptism all week so when she came to church and we taught her she was sooo happy! She just expressed to us how much she looked forward every week to coming to church and feeling the peace that came with it. And that she woke up this morning and couldn't wait to come meet with us. It made my heart swell hearing her testimony of how great church attendance was. Hearing spiritual witnesses from investigators is one of the most rewarding blessings that heavenly father allows us to have. Anyways, the sunday be3fore we gave her a gospel docterine book and she had read the entire thing! It was a miracle to hear that she exercised her faith enough to do that! The spirit is just incredible. Then she said, "when can i get baptized!" it was great! but we decided to push her date back a couple weeks so that she could be more prepared. she's still struggling with coffee. after church we met with a student named eddy. we hadn't seen him inlike 2 weeks so it was great to see him. He had alot of good questions and elder warren and i were able to answer them all and use alot of scripture. The spirit was so strong with us and so we taught sooo well! he was so curious and we challenged him to read 3 nephi 11 because he reallly loves the history of the book of mormon.  it was just amazing. This work is just the greatest. I find whenever I work harder and strive more to do missionary work/feel the spirit i am so much more happy! it's the greatest thing in the world!
ok this seems really long but really for some reason im just typing super fast today!! and im not pausing to look up to much in my journal. Um ok home life! Wow I love hearing about how everyone is doing. literally it brings me so much joy and happiness to hear about my family!
DAD: YOU WINNER YOU!!!! i'm so happy to hear that byu is doing good! keep it up!!!! geeze i get so pumped hearing about the team and stuff. Your players seem to be doing great. except that one bronson  kid....he looks a bit skinny in these pictures so beef him up a bit more would ya! How's the singles ward treating ya? I bet it's supperrr busy with the new semester and what not. K dad major question i've been thinking about....did our hill ever grow back?!!! how's the front  yard?! we slaved over that thing for hours, remember?! I hope our work wasn't for nothing. I watched the joseph smith restoration movie yesterday and it showed him and his dad working on the farm and i thought of you. Im so grateful for all the hard work you do for me. I love you dad!
MOM: OH MOTHER!!!!! you are wonderously fantastically exuberatinglyamazinglyspectaculoushously  GREAT!  I love you so much! loved your update on the family. seems like everyone is doing well. how are you? you and brons and dad should go to the temple every week to make a tradition!! that'd be great! did we do a garden this year?.... i don't know why but im thinking about the tomatoes we would grow...yummmy.... well mom how's school board and church stuff? anything fun happening? Well I love you so much, don't forget it! ;)
ALEXIS: SWEET MOTHER OF LIZA! Woman! i lvoe you! i miss you, and all the fun we had. But you can try and have fun with brons. How's pearl....i hear she's coughing up blood and dying. poor girl she was such a fun lil thing. You should drive her into a lake as her final resting place!... and film it of course. So hows american heritage? you dominating it or what?! How's porsche is she really fat?... So ya dating anyone?... ha when in doubt you could always go out with James (snuka) hahahaha im sure yall would havev a fantastic time! I hear you're growning your hair out again! I want a picture of it!!!!! like every month so i can see the change! Just nkow i love you!
BRONSON: BIG DADDY B! ok bro so hearing about your sack made me so happy!!!! holy cow man i just wanted to go crazy! brother wilcox sent me a text that said "Big # 90, bronson kaufusi, gets an 8yrd sack!" I literally almost "rent my coat" when i read it! I'm so proud of you man! Ha i never told you but it was a dream come true seeing this pic of you in a byu uniform. It made me a bit teary because i am so happy for you and so proud to be your brother! Keep up the good work man. But remember you need balance! you need to read chapter 8 of pmg about wisely using your time! you still use a planner right?... dude use what you've learned on the mission to be the best you can! school isn't hard unless you make it hard and don't put in the time! Trust me I know! and Girls are great but don't let them run your life! well not till i get home at least haha. One mistake i made my first semester was staying up late every night.... worst idea ever. So don't suffer the same way i did! set limits and guidelines for yourself so you can progress in school football and your on going quest for an eternal companion! And don't froget.... I love you man!
DARYL: YOU"VE BEEN HEALED CHILD! HALLELUJAH! but really, that's awesome to hear that you are walking! Just don't do anything that might re-injure it.... and don't fall down in the bathroom and break your nose cuz bronson can't stand blood  ;) Fun to hear that it's almost your birthday! but i was expecting you to make a comment about how you can't wait to DRIVE....NOT date!!!! I swear you cna't go on a date with-out clearing it with me ok! O tell all your little friends hello! i miss picking you all up for lunch and jammin in the car haha you are all such sweet spirits. Anyways how's josey? the people that live beneath us got  a dog and duct-taped its leash to the wall outside....and that's where it lives. and it cries all night because no one plays with it. Is that Josey?....i sure hope not! Well i love you, and don't forget to show josey i love her too!
DEVIN: HEY THERE STUD!!!!! Dude you sound like you are doing so good in football! Ha keep it up. have brons show you a few moves and stuff and you will do awesome. who's your coach? i can't remember. Dude are you pumped for the Utah game?.... I AM! shoot i made it a new tradition that every game day i wake up at 630 and sing the fight song! How's school? you still being that social butterfly? how are your women?! dude write me a letter all about your lady life because i know you got a sweet lady life going hahaha. Something taht will help you dev is reading the scriptures and praying everyday! really it has been amazing to see how great things go after i've studied the word of god and prayed about the day. Let heavenly father help you out, he will give you so much more than you can imagine! I love you snorlax!
Well everyone it has been good! i love you all so very much, i wish you could see the smile on my face during emails haha it's great. Elder warren gives me the weirdest looks when i read your emails and laugh out loud! Tell Lizzy thanks so much for the email. it was great and im so blessed to hear from her. Tell the whole paxman family i lvoe them. O brons, the kid i baptized is 홍정민 (hoeng-jung-meen) he is a smalll skinny korean with glasses. his favorite shirt is a brown polo. sorry that's all i got on him. maybe you could look him up on the byu website. Well Ma heavenly father continue to shower blessings upon you all! I Love you all so much. 많이사랑합니다!!!!!
elder Kaufusi, 208 cm. 114 k.

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