Monday, September 3, 2012

도리ㅏㅗ이ㅏ풎도히노이횐어패ㅑㄷ (that is how good at korean i means absolutely nothing... ahhhaha)!

My most amazing loving family in all the world! I LUBBBAAA YOUSSSSS!

and BYU WONNNNNN WOOOO WOOOO!!!! ha brother Wilcox sends game updates to all the missionaries so every like 20 minutes i was getting so pumped to see the update! k why can't our offense just learn to score and not get all the way down the field and just settle for a field goal?! makes me frustrated anyways yeah so happy BYU won! Not gonna lie, every text that came in i was looking for the line that said "SACK BY BRONSON KAUFUSI!!! THAT"S ELDER KAUFUSI's BROTHER!" but I guess I will have to wait till next week to get like 20 of those texts right Brons ;) Dude don't be a head case out on the field! We had this conversation before your mission about the difference you had between your Jr. and Sr. years of high school! Don't think just be a dumb ape and go! "just follow your heart, that's what i always do..." -Napoleon Dynamite

Ok, sorry I just had to schpeel that to Brons. now family I love hearing how things are going! Things here in Korea this week were kinda slow.... I was a little disappointed in the speed the Lord's work progressed this week. Anyways hmmm what happened OK so yeah Tuesday the "typhoon" was supposed to role in and cause havoc and i was supposed to pull a Moses and calm it and save hundreds of Korean children from falling buildings and bring thousands of souls to repentance and baptism!....but the typhoon was nothing more then a couple of gusts of wind. It was horrible because all our appointments fell through because everyone locked themselves inside for the day. We couldn't proselyte to anyone! So we went to 서초 elder's church and made calls and watched church films/ping-pong. then after we played monopoly. it was all fun, but in my heart i was just soo sad because it really was a waste of the Lord's day and yeah it just wasn't great.

Then Wednesday we had district meeting and it was good! After I did Korean pass-off requirements with our Zone Leaders. I passed so now I'm about half-way through my pass off before i can become senior companion. I love learning Korean it is so fun and hard but I know that the Lord is baring me up so much. that night we met with one of our ward members and her boyfriend... it was an interesting lesson. So i we started talking and the guy was SOOOOO mad.... him and his girlfriend must have just gotten in a huge fight because i thought they were gonna breakup in front of us (they've been dating for like 4 years). He doesn't see a need for religion and believing in God which made my heart ache a little bit. I bore testimony of how even though i grew up in the church i had to find our for myself whether Heavenly Father loved me and if he was there and how he did and can help me in my life. It seemed to soften his heart a little bit, but he still just wants to learn about our doctrine just because it's his girlfriend's religion. I pray that as we teach him that his interest will sky rocket, and the spirit will take over.

Well Thursday it was another bummer day. it rained really hard and no one in Korea goes outside really in the rain so we did some work at our church then went back home. Friday we had weekly planning and that's always good. i love having the spirit with us as we discuss the needs of our investigators. After we had sports proselyting so we took the subway up to the 노량진 church because i guess they had a lot of investigators and contacts to play with. I went hard. I did an around the back then just slammed it soooo hard! ha every time i touched the ball i felt like Lebron James! the hoops aren't exactly 10 ft. they are probably 9.8 or something but man the investigators/contacts loved it! one of them was way good, he went to the Bronx and played at rucker park in the Bronx and so he could street ball like crazy! haha. He wants to play with me again, hopefully i can use this to help ease him into church interest. After that I went on my first exchanges with elder Nye! he is from Ohio and he is in my older district from the mtc! he is amazing he's just like a taller Boden! I love him to death. We were good friends in the MTC and now here we are doing mission work in Korea together! i love it because even though he's in his 2nd transfer and I am in my 1st we got the GREEENIE FIREEEE!!!!! so fun! ha in fact everyone here calls me the white hand book guy/general/cop. So many people out here just want to do "fun" things and not follow the rules exactly, but I know that exact obedience brings miracles.

So I'm trying to help everyone else out with obedience! anyways, elder Nye and i did great! we had super meaningful studies and things flowed really well. We worked out way hard too. I'm trying to do at least 100 pushups a day and 30ish pullups, 300jump ropes, and run the hill outside our house like 3 times a day. it's killer but i gotta stay in shape! I feel so much more ready and productive for the work when i workout. anyways, elder Nye and i had 1 appointment the next day together. it was a huge deal because it was his 2nd appointment ever! they haven't had a lot of success in his area and so he only proselytes so this was a huge deal, especially since 2 greenie missionaries were gonna teach! haha so nerve racking but it went sooo well because we just flowed and did how to begin teaching and the guy really liked it. the spirit was helping us out so much. other news, that night i did the stake youth activity.

Ha this guy in the stake asked me to do a 10 minute talk then do a basketball clinic. it was fun, the talk was a bit was all in lasted only like 5 minutes. but it went well then i taught them how to do lay-ups it was fun! ha Yesterday aka fast Sunday was soooo busy. Sunday's are always our most busy days of the week! We had like 3-4 lessons and it was crazy. Our most progressing investigator, Teresa, came late and we taught her after church. I asked her to be baptized and she got really hesitant and just acted weird. She just went off about hwo she won't be prepared and that she still has to read the book of Mormon and she doesn't wanna stop drinking coffee. but our ward mission leader told her about how we pray for her every night and how we prayed about the 16th. She seemed a lot nicer after that. so she softly committed, so hopefully we can help her to reach that date! anyways OK time to talk to yalll!

Dad: Great Game so proud! I hear you are also doing awesome as bishop! I'm so proud and happy that you are fulfilling your priesthood duties and calling! I'm so blessed to be your son and I will try to bring "honor to our family" -mulan. I love you dad!

MOMMA! O mom you are beautiful amazing happy generous kind and fantabulous! I love you :) I'm sorry for all the grief i caused you... I will try and make it up as much as possible out here serving with all my heart. hang in there, and rely on the Lord. Loved hearing about the temple!

Alexis: sis how are you?! i miss you! you still having a ton of fun without me? it's OK because bringing souls to Christ is crazy fun! plus after you and i can have some fun hangin out and getting taco-bell and stuff....I ate at McDonald 4 times this past week....i might die. but im working out hard so i can show you that I am better looking than brons ;) and that my body is amazing! haha I love you!

Bronson "son of the brown man" Kaufusi.... I still love you and miss you! be a good boy. tell me more about what you are doing. i wanna hear every detail! love all your pics! how did you meet Steph's sisters Katelyn and Megan?!..... (they're my crush!.....they are darling....and the little girl Georgia aka dotta is my fav!) hahaha. I love you bro! keep telling me things

Daryl! ALLL I HEAR ABOUT IS YOUR LOVE FOR BOYSSSSS!!! WHYYYYYYYY!!! jk....i guess you can date someone....NOT! I will slice him with my new tykwondo skilllzzzz. i hear the knee is doing so much better! I'm so happy to hear that! keep working hard with it. do good in school!

Devini skeeenni weeenni: Thanks for the Email bro, i thought you died!(Mom must have really got on you for me to receive an email) anyways football sounds fun! i love hearing about you, tell me the details about your sacks and stuff. Ha glad to hear that there's another social butterfly in the family. that makes 7.... Don't be disrespectful to teachers though! cuz if you are you might get an -A when you deserved an A because you called your teacher bald....... Well love you!


JOSEY....Bark....bark bark bark.....rufff ruff bow wow

Love you all! so awesome to hear everything! tell me more. don't worry about peanut butter in the box, i get that from Costco! maybe some sort of candy but i don't need much...maybe acne cream ha my face looks like the wippdy dippdy pizza factory! ahaha brons now I am the Himalaya mountain face! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH! O lex your birthday is coming up! exciting!!!! what's your favorite pro soccer team?...

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