Tuesday, September 18, 2012


........Well after much prayer for patience I have gotten over the Loss..... K not really but I'm content hearing that Brons isn't hurt and that Dad's guys did well.  To be honest like 2 pages of my journal entry yesterday were only dedicated to the game. Bro Wilcox sent me some updates and man i was dying!! Why offense, WHYYYYY!!!! 왜!!!!!! anyways yeah, i actually did really good at not thinking about the game yesterday. I woke up and read scriptures (it was Sunday) then i didn't want to disturb the spirit so when i was getting dressed i whispered the BYU fight song to myself. Well man i wish i could see how brons did! But it's OK, since you don't play them again till i get back tell the offense to cowboy up and have some "GET" (as coach web/doman always say).
OK this week has been awesome! Ihad my first transfers which was weird but a neat experience! So much has changed but I know that it changes for the better because I know the President Christensen is inspired by the spirit. So I got a new companion! Or should I say "WE." Elder Warren and I got a new companion, Elder 박세진! He is supposed to go to new york but he is having problems getting a visa so we are his companions for a couple of weeks! Like I said I know that President Christensen is inspired because I know that Elder Pak will help me to progress so much in this language. He has already helped me so much! Plus he helps add to the "greenie fire" so now we are just rolling the missionary work in 강남 along without stopping. it's especially good because this is elder warren's last transfer and it is easy for him to get trunky. We are keeping him in check.

Well it has been a busy busy week. We have seen so many miracles this week. Literally every day a miracles so another blessing from the lord. One of the more interesting ones had to be when we got home early and we went garbage shopping....ha sounds weird but it's awesome, we needed a new desk and chair. I broke my chair last week....it finally snapped when i leaned back in it ha so I'm still a big boy,  and elder Pak needs a desk. Anyways we had searched all these back alleys for like an hour and a half and we were pretty discouraged, so elder Pak asked if we should pray and we were like YES! so I prayed to the lord that we could find the means to be more productive in the work so we could better do his will. Well we kept searching for like 20 minutes and ran into these guys on the street and contacted them it was great. In my mind i was like "there is our answer, we needed to find those guys on the street that's the real reason we are out here." We went home. About a block away from our house in a garbage corner there it was....A desk and a chair. So I heaved the desk on my back and we carried it home and washed it and it fits perfectly in our study. Doesn't sound like much but it really was a miracle.

 Another one I guess was with our most progressing investigator Teresa. She is planning to get baptized next week but we are prayerfully debating it. She still is stubborn with coffee, but the miracle was that our lesson with her yesterday, brother Takeyama didn't go off on random scary doctrine. He actually came in before the lesson and told us that he doesn't want to talk a lot anymore and that he wants me to teach more. It was perfect because I have been praying to the lord to help me become a better teacher and the best way to do that is to actually teach. Usually elder warren does all the teaching but He let me lead the past 2 lessons and he actually didn't really say anything but bare testimony. So my prayer was answered and I was able to teach the plan of salvation to a different investigator then teach the law of chastity and tithing to Teresa! Then she was having doubts about there being so many commandments and I bore powerful testimony of the blessings that can be received through keeping the Lord's commandments. A quote that i came across the other day from an apostle or something said, "Those who truly understand commandments, look for more of them." I feel the spirit so strongly when i testify of the commandments of the Lord. The Lord's hand is truly pushing this work forward in ways I will never see, but the few glimpses that I discern; are enough for me to say that I know Heavenly Father loves me and the Korean people, and I will never deny that. So my commitment for all of you this week is to try harder to keep the commandments and then after keeping them look for how it has blessed you. Ha I'm really so blessed to be the "rule monster" here ^^*
 FATHER: DARN UTESSSS!!!....DARN OFFENSE!!!!..... dad I'm so mad we lost, holy cow! I'm not gonna lie i felt it coming....every year we are so afraid of Utah and we have no confidence and just play dumb football! it's so frustrating! for goodness sakes why can't we just play them how we should.... LIKE WE OWN THEM! Well no use wasting my typing over it.  Anyways, i love it here. things are great, and i eat so much so don't worry, the lord blessed me to serve in 강남 because the members feed me and know that i eat a lot. I went to this buffet called VIPS with one, ( it's like tucanos) and i had 10 plates of food... ha it was awesome! but man i looked like you after Sunday dinner. I laid down when we got home and couldn't move. kinda ruined my workout plan that night but oh well. Well I love you dad and am so grateful for all you've taught me. Keep being an amazing bishop and father!
MOTHER! O my mother how i love you! Things sound busy as usual, tell Bronson to be the best son to you until I get back! and to serve you more and do anything you need!! Does he drive my darling car dora around?.... I heard you and lex went and had you feetsies done! that's awesome! Keep spoiling yourself because you deserve it! Oh mom I know that you take the BYU Utah loss as hard as all of us so I'm sorry. It's just that cougarette blood you've got! Like i said i sent my chip and a letter so hope you get it soon :) It has a ton on it. I hope you like it. Not gonna lie I miss all that you did for me mom. I'm my own mother/ i basically mother our 5 man house. I make the food, do the laundry , wash the dishes, do the cleaning and vacuuming and man i get so sick of our house mates because they are a mess! I realize now that the reason i had such an amazing childhood was because i felt the spirit so much at home, and that was because of your cleanliness. I love you mom!
SISSY!  So you are in American heritage with my softball lady-friends. Did you ever give them my letters i wrote them all the first week in the mtc?! you should tell them to write me out here because no one really does ha and i just love hearing from people. But yeah tell them hello from me and that I miss them. Anyways....ITS ALMOST YOUR BIRTHDAY!! SOOOO EXCITING!!!! do you want anything from the land of Korea? not really a lot to offer here but I'm up for suggestions! it will probably come late too but i want to get you something! So what exactly do you do for your job? All mom talks about is how much you work and i wanna hear more about it! So are you and brons going to the same singles ward now? ha did they give you a sick calling!? Well i love you SISSY! you don't have to get me anything but if you do see something sweet you could send it to me :)
BROTHER! WHYYYYYYYY OK no more talk about the game other than how you did?! dude i hear you're hanging out with zig and taysom right now, fun stuff! ha your first semester of college, i remember those days... but don't forget that life doesn't revolve around you. find time to serve the family, especially mom. she needs all the help she can get. What's your church calling?... I'd love to hear about it. Are you taking care of my car, Dora???? O man i get a bit trunky thinking of my majestic maroon mistress of the road.... haha jk. Well dude any mission advice? you were the bomb missionary and i wanna hear about how i can become more like you, but ultimately how i can become more like Christ! so send me your tips and stuff. I love you bro!
LITTLE BROTHER! DUUUUUUDDDE You are tearing it up on the football field!!! ha 2 receptions for like 30 yards?! that's unreal, they should pass it to you every time!!! man i love hearing that we have someone in the family that is catching the pigskin!!! dude tell me all about your games! have any sweet plays, you gotta send them to me in detail! You Staying clear of the women? i hope so... ;) help mom and everyone out. I talked to this guy in our stake presidency and his sons go to Timpview! here are their names :Joon young Jeong and Jae young Jeong. they are jr. and sr. look for them! ha he made me talk on the phone with one of them. So who do you hangout with now a days? make sure your friends with everyone, it's such an important Christlike attribute to have love and charity for all. I Love you DEV!
LITTLE SEESTER! YOUR KNEE IS GETTING BETTER!  Such a blessing from the lord! I pray for it to heal every day! so it's an answer to my pray to hear how well you are doing! don't push it too hard too fast though, re-injury is terrible! Sounds like school is fun, what classes are you taking? Who's your favorite teacher. Are you a social butterfly like the rest of us and get in trouble during class for talking? What's the name of your boyfriend that your hiding from me.... i know you have one! Just because you turn 16 doesn't mean you have to date, you could just not date till i get back. it's a very good way to go about things! Taking care of your dog Josey right? go on walks with her and just love her, i wish i had her right now. I would cuddle with that dog everyday! Be obedient to mom and dad, and keep reading and praying daily! I LOVE YOU! oops, i forgot to tell you that we played a massive soccer game last p-day and i did a bicycle kick and scored ;) i totally felt like you and thought of you!
Well once again another successful email to the fam.... some things i forgot. Please thank the Wilcox's they are so amazing and nice to me! Um yeah i don't think i need anything now, I might need some new tennis shoes and socks in like a couple months but they are fine now. everything is fine. it's raining a ton right now so we are stuck inside doing mission work. Um someone should write little Kenny and Sammy boy. Thanks for the pics lex!  Keep enduring to the end! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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