Monday, April 29, 2013


Well it's been another amazing week in the service of our Lord and Savior, I LOVE IT! well some things first, I'm in a threesome, training, and district leader. Haven't seen the Lund's but I am on the lookout for them.
 Sounds like everyone is super busy! Love to hear it, just remember to keep the Lord close. Congrats Alexis on Graduation!!!! I'm sorry to miss the party but I think if I were there I probably would have done something dumb so I'm happy to be here in the Lord's vineyard. Dad how were the Islands? find us some big boulders? You should go on splits with the missionaries when you go recruiting! think of the opportunity!!! Well here's a miracle that happened this week.
  One day Elder 이승봉 came to me and asked me to talk. We talked and he is experiencing some difficulties. Not only was he still searching for an answer to his prayers and waiting for confirmation from the spirit; but his family is facing some struggles at home and he is worried about them and feels helpless here as a missionary. It was a humbling experience to talk with him and feel of his pains. As we talked I prayed that the spirit would lead me to say the things that needed to be said. Well I asked him some questions concerning prayer and gaining answers to whether God exhists and what not. he had told me that he of course wanted to get an answer but that he wasn't quite sure if he believed he would get an answer. After talking and doing the best I could to comfort him we went to start language study and before starting I asked Heavenly Father to give my companion a spiritual confirmation. While praying i thought of the question I asked to him, "do you believe you will get an answer when you pray?" So as I prayed I tried so hard to focus on this and just believe and have faith that He could get this spiritual confirmation. While praying I felt that familiar feeling of peace and assurance from the spirit. Well I started language study, then 30 minutes later 이승봉 came to me and said that while studying he was dosing off but that he woke up randomly and just was washed over by a feeling of peace and comfort and that it was weird. I explained to him that it was from the spirit and that his prayers and my prayer had been answered. We hugged for 5 minutes and wept because we had both witnessed a miracle from God. After the tears had passed he looked at me and said, "now I can say that I know God lives and exhists." I was overwhelmed by this spiritual experience and how both our testimonies grew from it. I gained a witness that as a missionary I'm doing the work of the Lord. That I'm helping at least one person come unto Christ. I'm so grateful for the ever watchful eye of the Lord. I love this work, I love these people, I love this Gospel.
My companions are so cute and so awesome, I love them dearly. Well anyways, this next week is transfers.... AHHH I've been with 이승봉 for 2 transfers and my Son Elder Gardner for 1. So I should stay here in 동대문 and finish raising up my "seed" that means my fresh from the MTC missionary. However....I'm just the weirdest transferring missionary in our mission so it will be interesting. especially because next transfer is the split of the mission. So if i go south it's most likely i would be in the new South Misison. Crazy crazy! 

Well I love you! 
What's this google thing going on? Tell mom to talk to me about it. By the way mom, how come you never talk about what you are doing??? and quit saying "just being a mom".... and is Devin gettting massive?

How's my gorgeous little sister?! I'm so excited for your prom!

Send me some pictures! i would love to see you all! I wanna see Alexis's hair!

Oh yeah,  have Dev and Brons do a flexing picture side by side so i can make some comparisons..... really though do it! 

Love you bye!

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