Monday, April 22, 2013

Hi, Bye, sorry so short

 What is this news thing people are sending me that I see my Mother's beautiful face on!! what's google fiber?... Dad.....don't get lost at sea, or i'll have to go get him (i'm pretty close right?)
 Lex tell me about your coaching skillz. 
Brons, get merrriaged.
 Daryl and Devin....straight and narrow baby!
Anyways, this will be quick because we have to get going. 
Well this week was good. Picked up an amazing new investigator who is super nice and just seems great and golden! He asked us all to share how we came to know God and convert personally to the church. I bore testimony of 3Nephi 11 and how that is when I received an undeniable witness from the spirit that Jesus is the Christ and that the Book Of Mormon is True. The spirit just filled us all! It was great well

 That's really all I have time for.
 I love you all so much, I'm so grateful for your examples and your prayers. 
Keep taking up the cross daily!
Love Elder Kaufusi
Helaman 3:35

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