Sunday, April 14, 2013

I live! and I loved General Conference!‏

My most beautiful amazing angel mother who I love miss and think about daily. I LOVE YOU, and I'm fine!

Well here I am again, just on Pday emailing you all as normal as can be, wink wink.
 well mother and family, don't worry. North Korea is just being a big baby....they remind me of Satan. 

anyways things are fine. Don't watch CNN they stink and exaggerate everything. 

Well Hmm it was my birthday last week huh?....AND THE BOX WAS AWESOME! thank you so much, such a blessing to have the best family in the World. It was good, I actually didn't want my birthday to be anything but then I got a surprise birthday party, and a surprise call from the office to sing happy birthday and stuff. It was fun, and I'm grateful for the people that the Lord has put in my Life.

 Anyways, yesterday and saturday was conference and wow it was great. It was amazing and i felt like there are so many things I can do to better myself and what not. First, I learned of being a witness of Christ. All the general authorities said at one point or another that they were Witnesses. Well, what is a witness, what does that entail? Witnessing of the Savior Jesus Christ is one of the greatest things we can do in our lives. For truly through doing this we will progress spiritually past all hardships and trials. To be a witness we must yield our hearts to him and allow ourselves to take up the cross and follow him. Consecration to his work is vital. I hope you are all being witnesses and doing MISSIONARY WORK!! I think about my ward and what I wish they could do to help us in the work and then I thought, "did I do waht the missionaries needed me to do for them before my mission?"....Well Now's the time to start!! 

Also, I learned of families and it was another witness of the great blessing which I have enjoyed to this point in my life. O how I can't wait for the Eternities where I can live with you all foreover. Well I'd say more but I'm out of time. 

I love you all so much. 
Keep up the work of the Lord in our home!
Love, Elder Kaufusi!
PS. I have been given "The action plan of escape" for if and when the time comes. I may be able to live out my dream of playing Rambo. I will get my 15 missionaries I am over out....and alive....and returned to their  momma's. Never forget, I have a "special set of skills" and I am not afraid to use them....called the Book of Mormon!

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