Monday, October 21, 2013


Hey Mom I'm on right now and will put forth my best efforts to give you a good little update on the work of the Lord!

 I got the package and our office is decorated perfectly for halloween! Thank you so much! 

What a whirlwind! 

Truly the work of God cannot be stopped, even if you want to do so just to take a breathe! It's amazing. I think I've slept in my suit 3 times in the past 2-3 weeks. I absolutely love being a missionary here in Seoul Korea.

 One of the major things that happened to me  yesterday was when we were heading to the subway. We were talking with everyone trying to find the prepared people. Our area has a lot of foreigners so talking to them is always interesting. We get to a big intersection by the palace and there are just these massive people standing at the light waiting. I look at them and was in awe because the guy was 6'7-8ish and the girl was 6'1-2ish. 

I was of course bigger than them but I've become Korean so anyone (excluding myself) that is over 6' is big! 

I was super excited to talk to them. I started talking to them and low and behold they were both....TONGAN!!! 

I was so excited and proudly told them my last name and it was great. My companion was a bit scared so he walked a bit away till I told him to come over. 

The girl was from Australia and the guy was straight from the islands. We talked about there religion and of course they knew who Mormons were but surprisingly neither of them were. They said that their families were mostly LDS but they were catholic. I told them the reason I was serving a mission is because the Book Of Mormon and the teachings of the church changed my life. It was a great experience to testify so naturally to people that I felt connected to. 

They had heard time and time again from their relatives of the church, but I pray that my short testimony might add to the ones left by their relatives and better prepare them for the day they accept the gospel. It was a tender mercy from the Lord. Please tell my Tongan Kaufusi family how much I love each and everyone of them.

Another small miracle we had was we taught a recent convert at a member's house. We were to teach the second lesson and it was a bit rocky. We didn't have much preparation time so we taught the second lesson. However, our points of focus were a bit different.

 Anyways, at the close of the lesson we bore testimony, and I simply told our recent convert that I know the Lord Loved him. That the Plan of Salvation is true, and that we must remember the spiritual moments the Heavenly Father has given us. Especially when times are rough because those experiences keep us going and remind us that truly we are converted. He was grateful and our member was on the verge of tears. 

My companion and I evaluated later on what happened and decided that it wasn't a well taught lesson, but that at least the spirit was able to testify, teach, and touch the hearts of those who listened. 

I'm grateful for the Lord, I'm grateful for this work and that the spirit must be obtained in order to do it. Being brought down to humility because you know that you must repent and change daily to gain the spirit is one of my greatest joys. 

I love you all and pray for you often. I hope that you all are truly aware of that. When I take the time to be aware of the prayers that are said on my behalf, that is when the spirit bears me up more and more. MOM DAD HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! All I can offer to you as a present is the assurance that I will work harder for the Lord. I know that by doing so you will gain presents through blessings that I could never give you temporally. 

Love You,

Elder Kaufusi

The Tongan people I met were Sosefo Puliuvea and Monika Puliuvea, I'm guessing they are cousins! Mom, ask Grandma Kaufusi and get back to me.


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