Monday, October 28, 2013


Hello Family, 
I feel like I was just here at my desk emailing you yesterday! the time goes by way too fast! 

The work here is continuing to increase. We in our personal area haven't had too much proselyting time because of trainings, interviews, and conferences. However, being able to see the mission progress as a whole is such a blessing and miracle. 

Faith is increasing, missionaries are moving forward, and the spirit is being manifested in many great areas in Seoul Korea. I feel such a overwhelming sense of gratitude for the missionaries' work ethics and worthiness. Had such a great feeling of happiness and joy as I was at church yesterday. 

The little kids all just attacked me and were yelling KA-POOOO-SHIIIIII!!! O how I love them!!! The children of the Lord in this country are amazing. It is such great motivation for me to work my hardest for them.

 This past week we had a young missionary forum and we gave a training on the importance of counseling and councils. The last principle that was taught was the importance of Love. That Love is the driving factor to success and effectiveness in councils and counseling  The spirit bore witness to me as I spoke that Love is the way for all the Savior did, does and will do.

 I pray that as you go throughout this coming week you can remember to show greater Love for one another. 

Love Elder Kaufusi

PS. THanks again for the halloween box! it was/is delicious! Don't worry about my weight, I am doing fine. I just look skinny.I am having a hard time finding Protein/Meat in mass quantities. I want to eat Sunday roast and mashed potatoes everyday for my first 6 months when I get home...ha ha.  If you could send anything it would just be toothpaste, deodorant, and big AK10 bands (my companions want some but all i have are the midget ones.  :) 

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