Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello Momma!

I will go ahead and answer your questions first. 

1)Yes I got the package!! thank you so much. It was greatly needed and now I shave and look like a real missionary again. Thanks!

2) Yes, I got the primary card and I love it so much. I put the picture with all the primary kids under my desk glass so i can see their smiling/shining faces everyday! What a promising future the Lord's church has in the youth and primary. And the pictures of Devin and Daryl were awesome! I love them so much. If you have any other family pictures please send.

3) It has been busy so I will finish up what I have to do on my end of the Drivers license. I'm really excited to drive in korea! especially because it's turning to winter! Pray for my driving ability! 

4) I don't know about the dates.... What do you think is best? A key to revelation is to study things out, so I need all information that would affect me when it comes to my return date. I haven't thought about it since I emailed you last, but I will need to ponder and pray on it. Here our my choices one more time: May 2, June 13, July 25.

So glad to hear everyone had an exciting week. It's always to great to get E-Mails from everyone, and it's such a blessing to hear that everyone is safe and healthy. 

Devin: Congrats on State, and growing tall and skinny, I'm doing the same thing here. 

Daryl: Congrats on basketball! work hard and just remember to have fun! 

Brons: Congrats on the Pick 6! So sweet, a RM that I stay in contact with told me he was at the game and how awesome it was. 

Alexis: Congrats on the new puppy! you need to take a family pick so that I can show my members and investigators my nieces and nephews! 

Mom and Dad: Thanks for being Amazing and being the rocks on which our family is built. 

Here in Korea we have had just an incredible past week that has been busy and full of miracles. 

One miracle that we had was Elder Evans and Elder Whiting of the Seventy came and visited, so we had a combined mission conference with the seoul south mission. It was a bit of a scramble because it was held in the south mission but we were asked to put it on so we were just running around trying to keep everyone in line. I thought that the meeting would turn into a "just find and talk with your friends that you have in the other mission" meeting but the Lord had a greater plan for us and it was one of, if not the greatest mission conference I had attended. 

One of the reasons came because the night before when I was saying my personal prayer I felt a prompting that in order to prepare for the meeting tomorrow I should fast. Of course rationalizations started to creep in to keep me from fasting such as: "if you fast, you won't have the energy to stay awake during the meet" or "you don't want to have to turn down food if someone brings you some because that will make you look self-righteous." I felt like I was wrestling with the spirit just like Enos! Finally I cleared my thoughts and immediately I just knew that I had to fast. 

The next day during the meeting the spirit was so strongly manifest and it was poured out upon us, but upon me. My testimony and faith was strengthened, and the questions that I had prepared were all answered. I had been fed spiritually and my heart was full with my testimony of the Savior. I know that through fasting I was able to have one of the greatest spiritual experiences I have had on my mission. It is a commandment of God that allows us to draw upon the powers of heaven and be guided by the spirit if we will but listen. 

If ever you are in need of greater spiritual strength or desire closeness with the Savior, Fasting and Prayer is what you must do. However, Not just mechanical fasting but truly offering up your heart and desires, and having awareness of your spiritual nature will do more than you can imagine. I love this work. I love the Gospel. I love Korea. I know that the Lord chose me to build his kingdom here. The Spirit is working on everyone right now, please look for the opportunity to be a tool in the Lord's hands. 

I love you All so much,
Elder Kaufusi

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