Monday, November 25, 2013

Week of Miracles

Hello my beloved family! 
I'm so grateful for your Love, Prayers, and Faithfulness. I Love you and Pray for you often.

 This week was a great week in the service of the Lord. (just like all the other weeks)! But we didn't have any big meetings to prepare for and so it was a full week of doing normal missionary work! It was such a blessing. 

We hit the streets hard talking to as many people as we could! Met some great people and were able to pick up a great new investigator. I'm so grateful to be serving right here right now. One miracle was that we were teaching our recent convert in preparation to teach his Girlfriend. He has great faith and a great desire, but he was a bit nervous about his girlfriend and her finding her own faith instead of coming just for him. Sunday we met with them together during church. We started talking and things were going ok. But just were a bit off to me. Then finally I realized that i wasn't praying for my companion in my heart! So In my heart I fervently prayed for the spirit to guide my companion and myself so that we could help this Daughter of God  learn of her divine heritage. The lesson went really well and ended with us giving her a baptismal date. 

My companion Elder Sol is an amazing teacher and I'm so grateful to be with him and learn from/with him. There truly are prepared people. All we have to do is find them! I hope you all are finding those friends of yours who are in need of the gospel! Elder Scott (i believe) challenged each member to have someone prepared for the missionary lessons by Christmas. I hope that you are committed to that commitment! I love you so much. You are the BEST ETERNAL FAMILY EVER!

Elder Kaufusi

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