Wednesday, December 11, 2013

메리 크리스마스‏‏

Hello Family! 
Sounds like you had another great week! I love hearing the great stories and experiences that you send! Here in Korea, things are going on! The season is getting very busy. 

We have transfers next week so we spent about 7 hours in president's office today. I'm so grateful to labor with such a spiritual leader like President Christensen. 

As for a miracle that happened this week. I was doing something called "passoff/language progress program," It's just a language program that we have all the missionaries go through to help them stay focused and progress faster. The last thing they do before they "passoff" is meet with us here at the office and we go over things and do some roleplays and evaluate them. It's not only a great opportunity to help these elder's in the language but also to come to know them personally and spiritually grow through sharing testimony. I was with an Elder that I actually have been pretty close with, I was his first exchange when he got to korea about 5 months ago. Anyways, I was able to talk to him and ask him some questions. He began to tell me of some concerns and I had the opportunity to give him a small training, share some things I learned in personal studies and bear testimony. It was interesting, Everything that I had studied and had been pondering about lately seemed to fit this situation. As I talked to him his attitude changed. I bore testimony of his sacred calling, the Savior, and the Love that is required to overcome difficulties and walk in meekness and humility. When I finished talking he looked at me and with great humility thanked me, and presumed to tell me that he had been pretty worried lately but that the things I said were an answer to his questions and his prayers.

 I was and am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be put in situations were I can be a tool for the Lord. I know like Ammon that as to my own strength I am nothing, but to be strengthened and led by the Lord is one of the most humbling and joyful experiences. 
How I love the Lord. 

At this time of celebration I hope that we all might look for opportunities to be tools in the Lord's hand. Be worthy and prepared to seize these experiences and feel/share of God's Love.

Elder Kaufusi

PS: I got out of President's office and to my great surprise there was this massive box on my desk!?! Thank you so much! Most blessed missionary in the World!!! 

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