Monday, January 20, 2014


Well Thanks for the Emails, great to hear that no one is hurt and what not. Sister Christensen (president's wife) said that she saw that a Kaufusi in salt lake died in the paper last week or something. Do you know who it is? 

The work is going great, We have had a great week of zone conferences but also proselyting! I went to the east coast and walked along the ocean with president and my companion one morning. It was so cool. We stayed in a hotel and it was like a family vacation! It's about a 3 and a half hour drive so we packed into presidents car and went over there. The conference went well, I'm so grateful for the misssionaries that I get to serve with. THey are inspiring.  THat night we drove back. I of course grabbed a whole lot of sea shells and a bottle of sand. 

A miracle we had this week was yesterday, sunday, we had some appointments and they all went well. That night I went to my old ward's mission leader's house and had dinner and shared a message using some of the sea shells. But the big miracles came when during the dinner my companion just let out a "YES!" and it was a text from our recent converts girlfriend. She is great and we were teaching her the lessons and she had a baptismal date but then her uncle said a lot of bad things about our church and her parents banned her from coming to our church. It was heart breaking. She was doing so well. Well the text she sent during dinner was that she persuaded her parents and from now on she will be able to go to church! HUGE MIRACLE! The Lord truly softened the hearts of her parents and strengthened her faith to be bold. Also we were on the way home last night and I saw this kid just smoking off the side of the road and I just got that feeling that he needed to be talked to. I went and introduced myself and started talking. we came to find that he had been to our church with his friend but because of work and things he was unable to continue. We asked him if he attended a church and he said, "yeah, yours, i used to go every week." Then he told us that he wasn't baptized. Now we will start meeting with him and help him to progress to baptism and lifelong membership! It was such a miracle. All it took was just the smallest hesitation and I would have missed talking to this prepared kid. But I know that the Lord was leading us. Im so grateful for this work, it is the greatest! 

If there's anything that I can do for you let me know. 

ELder Kaufusi

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