Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hello Family - Mission Life

Hello Family! No greater tender mercy then to see a picture and read the story of my family bringing someone into the fold of God. I can't express to you how amazing that was for me to see and think about. Truly the results of prayer and love! 

Things are going great for me here. Just rolling on through with things. We had Interviews with President right after staff meeting today. It was big because since Elder Sol and I have been together 4 we know that the next transfer one of us will be leaving the office. So we thought president would tell us during interviews today and he did talk about it but nothing really was stated! So it's still up in the air if I will go for my last 2 transfers or if Elder Sol will go and I'll stay in the Office for my last 2 transfers. The spiritual experience that I had though was President asked me what questions I had. The thing I told him that I was studying on and praying about was with the time left on my mission how can I know and accomplish all that the Lord has for me? How can I squeeze every little bit out of what is left? How can I have the change of heart and nature complete so that I can go through life and eternity with my head completely turned towards God? As we talked he began to tell me of his recent studies and insights on the idea of a changed heart. As he talked literally everything that I had been studying and thought about was brought  up and aligned so perfectly. He spoke of the words from Alma 5 and focused on, "Remember/Understand." It was incredible to see him be used as a tool from the Lord to help me gain personal revelation and direction. We do not change our hearts, the Lord changes our hearts. We must do all that we can to show forth our faith so that when the time comes the Lord can change our Hearts. 

A miracle this week was the opportunity I had to go on exchanges with a missionary that I had lived a long time with and had seen grow since day one into an amazing tool and servant for the Lord. As we were teaching we asked a man if he had ever wondered about where we, as human beings com from. Out of the thousands of times I've asked this about 99% of the people say, "no I don't wonder, and I've never really thought about it." However, this time the man said, YES. He went off on how it was one of the greatest mysteries to him and that he wondered so much about it. We were shocked to see how prepared he was and gratefully told him that he could come to know the answer to his heart's great question. It was an amazing experience and I'm so grateful the Lord allowed me to experience it. 

I Love you all and am excited to see who is next in the family teaching pool of investigators! 

Elder Kaufusi

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