Monday, April 21, 2014


Happy Easter! In Korea it's called 부활절 which literally means the season of resurrection. Mom you won't like this but I forgot that it was Easter....I was at church and after church we had our baptism for our recent convert's girlfriend an everyone was eating hard boiled eggs, and I just thought, "huh, that's interesting...wonder if there was a sale on eggs..." Then after the amazing baptismal service a man that I met a week ago that lives 2 hours away in a different area was texting me. He asked what I was doing for the "holiday." I asked, "what holiday?.;."  Then I asked the bus driver on the way home for dinner if today was easter and he confirmed it...So I forgot about easter, but I didn't forget the Savior, which is the most important part. You should all watch the video on called, "because of him." I love it because it shows progression. It made me think of what the Saviors atonement enabled me to do and what it allows me to do now. What an amazing gift. Truly the atonement does more than we can ever imagine, but I can testify that from all that it does do for me now, never has using it resulted in anything but joy and happiness. I love you. Sorry for the long emails, but Here's a miracle that we had that I'll paste.

Study is going great. I love the Book of Mormon and I'm gaining so much more out of it then ever in my life. Something I'm doing is setting some last transfer miracle goals that I can work towards. One is getting rid of anything that would keep me from the spirit. I feel that on my mission I've taken pride in the idea of being obedient, yet the more I ponder and pray about it, there's so much more to be obedient about. 

A miracle this week was both exchanges I went on this week. I went with Elder Hone and with Elder Van Orden. Going with Elder Hone is something I've wanted to do my whole mission. We were very close in the MTC, yet we have been in very far away parts in the mission field. However, finally, we were able to do an exchange, and the Lord really did allow us to see miracles. One of the miracles we saw was when we were on our way to 신촌 in the subway there was a kid. We were walking and talking and of course saying hello to everyone that we passed, but when he said hello back we felt like maybe we should stop and turn around and talk to him so we did. As we turned and began to talk we had a good conversation. During the conversation we felt the need to sit down and continue talking so we invited him to a coffee shop and he accepted and right there in the subway we sat down and began to teach. We testified of the importance of strengthening faith, and he began to tell us his story. During highschool he felt like a reject. He had friends, but he always wanted a "pretty" girlfriend, yet never had one. He talked about how he felt that he didn't measure up to the standards of the world and so during Highschool he became suicidal. He then found God through praying and it has helped him to come to the point he is at now. His faith still wavered, and even now he is not sure about himself, but he wants to believe and become more. We heard this story and were able to tell him of the hope that comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We taught the 3rd lesson and committed him to be baptized. He lived in the seoul south mission so while elder hone explained the book of mormon I called the elders in the south and set them up to meet with him later that night at 7. It was amazing to see the spirit light up this person's countenance as we testified of the Saviors redeeming love and the gospel of happiness. The Elders in the south did meet him and hopefully he repents and is baptized to start a new life in the gospel. Anyways being with elder Hone was like living the 26th chapter of the Book mormon. Reuniting with  a Brother in the Lord truly brings unimaginable joy and happiness. 

LOVE YOU ALL! KEEP LIVING THE GOSPEL! This week we have general authorities visiting so we are busy but If you want a sneak peek at transfers (next week). I'll tell you that.... I will probably get a new companion and I will stay in the office. Sad to see my beloved edler Sol go but he has bigger and greater things to do for his last run in the vineyard. 


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