Monday, April 28, 2014

Short Sorry

Well its my last p-day with my companion who i had for 7 months. 

SO we have to head out but this week was great! I figure I'll call you all soon enough and that will make up for the lack of emails. 

But this week was amazing. It included a mission tour, which meant spending alot of time with elder scott d whiting. and it was absolutely incredible! To be in the presence of a servant of the Lord was incredible. I truly felt like I gained so much revelation. My new and final companion is elder fonnesbeck from preston idaho and we are gonna run run run! Well I love you all and I'm happy to hear you are all great! Continue to be true to the faith and be favored of the Lord.

I'm back...just went bowling and rolled a 155 and a 133...I guess Korea is a lucky place! Sorry for the short email, I know how  you dislike them Mom....But just know that I love you and that the Lord is blessing you my momma! 

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