Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Well Hello there ya lil runts!

How goes it every body! Man such a busy week in the work of the Lord but I will try to tell you everything I can.
First, so many miracles this week! First off we had mission tour and President Ringwood came to visit! He is such an inspired man, when he spoke it was like my HULK/MISSIONARY side wanted to come out and I wanted to just go baptize the nation!.... (still gonna go baptize the nation!) He gave some very profound insights that spoke right to my heart through the spirit and I'm so blessed by the Lord to hear from him. Guess what, he's super good friends with Tony Rudman as well, so pretty neat little connection. I also found out that BYU professor Norm Nemro served as the mission president of Daijun?! so awesome! I feel so honored by the Lord to be here at this fullness of times! The work in  강남 is going well! However we are struggling with our most progressing investigator Teresa. She is just stubborn and doesn't really have a true testimony of the restoration. She wants to get baptized so bad. The big thing is we are focusing on baptizing for true conversion, and not just so she can come to church then go straight in-active after we leave. It's rough but the Lord continues to pour out his blessings upon us. For example, this week I've tried so much harder to talk to everyone I can, and contact everyone possible. So, everyday on the subway instead of sitting/standing by my companions I kinda look for a lost sheep to proselyte to. Ever since I've started this mentality, the Lord has softened people's hearts and they are more accepting of this message. This week, more people have come up to us and started the conversation then any other week in my mission! It's such a blessing to be working side by side with the Lord. Also, this last week I had the opportunity to go to the temple. It is such a beautiful and sacred experience. Once again, I challenge you all to go this week. Especially since you are busy. When you make time for the Lord you show your love for him and show your willingness to put him first. Remember, "any man having put his hand to the plough looking back is not fit for the kingdom of God." Complete consecration to the Lord is an opportunity that, if followed, will bring blessings into the eternities.
OK, So some crazy things that happened this week! Where to begin.... oh fun ha been waiting to tell you that I ate a bowl that was basically boiled blood! hahaha it was sooo coool and weird and I didn't know what to think.... it was like jello....but made out of blood. Ha, really weird. Didn't really have a taste but the kimchi was awesome as always!

 This week for P-day we went to these crazy shopping areas, it's like the black market or something! We went because Elder Warren is getting his final souvenirs and stuff. Every store we went into, the owner would come up to me and tell me they don't have my size. ha pretty fun though. That's another blessing from the Lord, my size. Not for physical reasons but because literally it is my best proselyting tool. People look at me and think I'm so tall and ask how tall I am and then I just start talking to them.

O yeah I GOT THE PACKAGE!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!! man I love you all so much and sending such a nice package reminds me of our eternal family :) ha one kid at the temple said, "if only my family loved me half as much as Elder Kaufusi's family loves him, I'd be set!" It's so true I can't tell you how great it feels to know that I have  a loving family that is continuing on the path of righteousness. So OK I'll bring it up.... the game..... man I feel like I had dajavu when I heard about it. funny story, we were going to go visit bro. Wilcox at his work and say hello so I called him and he was like, " can't talk right now, BUSY!" then he texted and was like "I'm streaming the radio of the game live what do ya need?" so I told him we were close and he was like "get up to my office!" ha we walk in and he's just devastated saying "GOSH DARN IT!!!! NOOOO!!!!" because his radio connection went out right after Taysom scored! Man he is such a BYU fan, I love it so much! Well, then he was able to get it back but the game had just ended. Well, he told me what happened and man I'm so proud of our D! so great! Offense needs to pull it together! After he insisted on getting me food even after we refused and we had already eaten lunch. He went to this American imported goodies store and just bought a ton of snacks and groceries for us to eat! It was super expensive and I didn't know how to thank him! Please thank him. Brother Wilcox and his family have been such a blessing to me in this short period of my mission. 

But yeah, what else. Teresa interrupted our lesson with her and started going off on how i look like Sylvester Stallone.... I took it as a massive complement because I love rocky and rambo (Bronson, watch Rocky 4 before your next game. It will help you get a sack).... Well love you all, here's my Lil personal bitsies!
Dad: Dang dad I'm so sorry you lost again. It's truly a shot to my heart every time i hear but your guys are doing so good! I know it is because you are one of the most amazing coaches of all time. I mean that with all my heart, you not only Coach with passion and amazing teaching skills but you coach with Christ-like attributes. That is what makes you a good coach and I'm grateful to be your son. Ha not gonnna lie dad, i wanna play for you when i get home. Anyways, love hearing about everything. You are such a hard worker, it's a blessing to have an example like you in my life. I Love you!
Mom: O Mom thank you so much for your package! ahhhh i Loved it! you are the kindest person ever! I pray that I can develop your kindness. Ha and man I loved the candy! i just ate it up!....kinda bad for my figure/diet but i don't care I love it!!!! Family sounds good because of yours and Dad's direction and unreal parenting abilities! I'm so glad you are getting even just a little more help around the house! The other day at our house I did dishes for 25 minutes straight.... and I thought of all the times i would wake up in the morning and find you doing our dishes from the night before, and i just wanted to cry thinking about your sacrifices and kindness. I love you mom!
Alexis: BIRTHDAY GIRL k so I typed up an email  for your birthday but it was too big and it won't send!!! so frustrating! Wow, I think I might throw this computer! but I wrote you a letter last week and you should be getting it like in 10 days or so. Sorry it's sooo late.... I did write it before your birthday though! Sounds like you had a pretty fun birthday. Wish i could've been there...miss you. But no worries, our celebrations will build up while I'm gone and we can have a massive celebration sometime! Well, I love you! happy birthday!
Bronson: Dude get another sack man! be like Devin! He's killing it, you gotta kill it tooo! the Lord gave you your talents for a reason! hahah. Man I love hearing about you playing! But dang why aren't we winning! give it to me straight bro, what's up with the team? Tell them to all get on track spiritually then you can win! Well loved your email! But dude you gotta be careful, staying up late can be a killer. Especially when you are in season! My 2nd semester I would go to bed early because I knew the consequences of going to practice without proper sleep! So don't mess that up!
Daryl.....your going to Sadie's!!!! WHAT__________! like me so Asian! Me got like angry eyes so bad now! yous thinks you can have friend boy!! no way!!! ok ok ok enough of my Asian English. I guess you can go on a date, if Devin approves then I approve. Ha, but if he tries any fast moves man I'll send one of my Korean assassins to take him out....really though their are Korean missionaries from the special forces and they can kill... But your knee seems to be doing so much better! keep up the good work! let the Lord be your crutch ;) How's church? I love you!
DEV! dude YOU ARE KILLING IT IN FOOTBALL! man I'm so proud of you bro! someone has got to do some good on the football field since I am gone and brons is struggs ;) jk you and brons are the athletes and I am the Asian ha.  touchdowns though! so sweet! You seem to be doing awesome! I love when mom tells me how great you are and that your just doing good in all aspects of life! School, Football, Church, Chores, Helping Mom. You are a stud! keep it up! and don't forget to always give thanks to the Lord for everything you receive! Well I love you man!
OK well I gotta go! but I love you all! PS I won't email till Tuesday next week so a day later because Korean thanksgiving is this weekend. fun fun fun! be righteous! don't stray from the path! o mom could you get me: Boden and Va'a's addresses? I love writing other missionaries, oh and elder Sager's. Oh and what ever happened to Terenn? or Lene? Brons ever find 홍정민?

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