Sunday, October 7, 2012


Holy cow! It has been such an amazingly hectic chaotic week, I don't even know where to begin because man my mind is still spinning because of it! so yeah, got emergency transferred because another elder had a family problem. so i am working in 주안 Joo-on. It is a lot different from 강남 that's for sure! It's basically pretty ghetto. the church is surrounded by "motels" so it is the little light among the darkness. But it has been great! seen some major miracles here already. Unlike in Gangnam it's just like you said dad, the people are poor and humbled, which is perfect for the redeeming light of the gospel. However, this area has been what they call "dead." there hasn't been baptisms in forever, or investigators.... when i first heard that i felt so sad for the Lord's children out here. However, I am excited beyond belief to begin the planting and the harvesting here! I feel like with relentless work my companion and I can really perform miracles from heaven.

Anyways, we have spent a lot of time just proselyting on the street! it is so great, i love talking to anyone and everyone. ha I literally try to stop everyone and share about our message now because i want to give these people the best possible chance to receive the restored gospel. One of my greatest approaches is telling them of the happiness this gospel has brought to my family aka yall. I literally mention you everyday to random people on the streets. I love my new companion, Elder Amina. Turns out that he's not Tongan....but Samoan and he's from Hawaii and if i had to compare him to someone it would probably be that one guy...who i should remember but i cant....fus, it's the guy that was friends with you and Hannah Millard, from Texas. Anyways it's fun.

Had my first Sunday yesterday which was fast Sunday here. So i got to meet everyone. It was amazing because in this area they had problems with the ward mission leader magnifying his calling and we sat down with bishop and explained that we need his help. So we and the first counselor sat down after priesthood and talked to the ward mission leader and he felt so bad that he wasn't helping us when he should have been. So now hopefully we will receive a lot more support from him. Also we are trying to help our small ward gain a foundation of living gospel principles.

The three things for our vision are reading the book of Mormon daily, daily prayer, and preparing for temple attendance. We believe that if we can help our ward to do these things then they will be better to help our efforts in the mission field. One really big miracle happen was this week getting the rundown of our area has been a bit disappointing like I said. But I have been praying fervently for the Lord to help us through the spirit install the drive of missionary work in the members of Joo-an. During sacrament testimony meeting I introduced myself and bore my testimony and told the people that i was grateful to be sent here and that I truly want to work diligently in this area. I think that struck a cord because the whole rest of the day the member talked about mission work and how they need to assist us and find ways help us. It was a moment where I got to see the Lord work through the spirit to push the building up of his kingdom along. Also we might be picking up an investigator that came to church this week so just another blessing/miracle from the Lord. I'm just so excited to get the work rolling in this place, I only pray that the Lord will give me the spirit and the strength to do so because it is a big project but I'm pumped to do it! I feel like the sons of Mosiah in enemy territory. Pretty cool fun stuff!
DAD: Our Defense is soo amazing dad! and not gonna lie you and i were totally calling the rise of Ziggy the lion since day 1! So sorry to hear about so many players getting hurt though....injuries are horrible, but they are good learning and humbling experiences from the Lord. So D is ranked #5? Who is ahead of us? You gotta smash Oregon State! it's the black out game? ok it's settled, I'm wearing only black this week! But what is up with our offense and special teams! they need to pull it together! who is going to be QB since Taysom and Riley are both out?! are they putting lark or Alex Kuresea in?


Crazy! how's the bishopric going? the work continues on and magnifying your calling brings the greatest blessings to our family and me, so thank you dad. I LOVE YOU! So sorry to hear about grandpa Kaufusi but he will be fine. He's just too tough. I love him and grandma dearly, could you tell them next time you see them please? CAN"T WAIT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY COMING UP
MOM: It is all ok Mother! I'm doing fine here in my new area and I love it! Change in the mission is not only necessary and good, but is inspired from God. So through faith I know I'm where I need to be. Sounds like everyone is so busy though! Ha mom in my new ward the first counselor's daughter is like Oaky! she's crazy haha but super fun. I spend most of sacrament trying to keep her from climbing all over me. Have any tips cuz you just know how to deal with these lil creatures! So excited for the triplets! gotta send me some more pics of them and what not! Don't worry about my package mom, i will love anything you give me! but especially pictures! I love seeing the family! Mom how is my Dora doing?... What are the Halloween plans for the family this year? anything exciting?! Well I LOVE YOU! CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY TOO!
ALEXIS: SISSY! how's it?! living it up without me still?....its ok the little Koreans need a big gorilla to help them out. So I saw a massive white bear dog....thought of you. I also see cats ALLL OVER THE PLACE! you should live here and be a crazy cat lady... you might enjoy it haha. So how's life, work, friends, Porsche? I love looking at the pictures of Porsche that you have sent me over time. She's such a curious kitty. In fact last night we got on the subject of cats while we were laying in bed and i told them the magnificent tale of MAXIMUS Kaufusi. Almost cried at the end...Anyways, I LOVE YOU! Play nice with Bronson
BRONSON: DUDESKI BROSEPH! tearing it up! Niceeeeeee. ha also how is the dating life going? keep me posted on your love life! Sounds like you are having a blast. You gotta keep telling me all about it because i love hearing it all! So what was your favorite talk from conference? we watch it this weekend and I'm so excited! Go Baptize those Beavers from Oregon State this week! Go fight-win!!
Love hearing from you. LOVE YOU
DARYL! AWWW MAN LUCKY YOU!!! I loveeeeeeee physicallllll therraaaappppy!!!!!!!! ha I loved just going crazy on the bike and putting it at top difficulty and killing myself for 20minutes! it's super fun! Learn to love it! But sorry you can't play basketball this season, o well just come back 3 times as good and you'll be fine! Did you have a good sweet 16?! I hope so! that would be so fun! Just remember I LOVE YOU!
DEVIN!! HEY THERE BEASTMODE! sounds like your killing it bro! so pumped for you! keep getting bigger! I want you to be bigger then me! Eat everything! but make sure you learn to cook so that you aren't always asking mom to cook you food. watch a lot of food network, that's what I always did. In my new area since food is scarce I do a lot of cooking myself! it's so fun! plus you can get a good wife from it. ;) Keep doing well in school! education is soooo huge! when it gets hard just be grateful that you aren't a Korean. Korean High School is harder then college. crazy huh?! LOVE YOU!
Ok twins! I'm super pumped for your patriarchal blessing. It will be one of the greatest tools throughout your life. Make sure you spiritually prepare for it, and after you receive it you cherish it. I read mine almost everyday. And I find something new or of comfort every time I read it! let it be the blessing in your life that it is intended to be! LOVE YOU ALL!!!! sorry about last week, it felt weird going through the week not hearing from anyone. so im super grateful for today!

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