Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Strange things are afoot here at the circle K....(bill and ted)‏

son of a mother goose egg! this week has been sooo chuch full of things i don't even know where to begin! ok First I will tell you what's going on right now. So elder warren a couple days ago got a super secret call from president that we weren't allowed to listen to. then last night he got another call and then he came out of the room and said it was for me so i went in and talked to president. There is a companionship that is struggling out in 인천 (incheon), 주안 area (joo-an). One of the missionaries is going to stay at the mission home for a while. So I'm being emergency transferred out there! CRAZY! ha I had to quickly start packing and stuff last night because they might come wisk me away today! It was a shocker, because there are only 3 more weeks left in the transfer, and im still being trained and yeah just crazy. also my companion is Elder Amina, he is from hawai'i. He is half tongan (yayyy). I will live with him (the district leader) and the 2 zone leaders in their 4man house. There's a bit of pressure though because elder Amina leaves in 3 weeks like elder warren so I will be taking over an area that i just got to for 3 weeks. It would be even more crazy because im trying to pass-off before the transfer ends and man it is just a whirl wind right now! So I'm hustling to pack up and stuff, gonna have to say goodbye to my gangnam style ward but it's ok. I'm so glad for this new opportunity that President Christensen has given me. i know that He recieves direct revelation from Heavenly Father, and this transfer will help me so much. I know there are things that I will need to do in 주안, and people i need to teach.
Ok so that was the big crazy thing i had to tell you about because it's happenning like right now. But I will go through this past week. So after i emailed you last i went to 인사동. we went with some other missionaries to get some last souvenirs before they all go home. Elder wilcox was there so we kinda just had some fun together. So we saw this sign and we followed to this back alley up to this spa... and i got to do something i've always wanted....Elder gillis elder wilcox and I paid 9 bucks each to have those little kisser fish clean our feet for like 30 minutes! ha it tickled soooo bad! but it was way fun. I also ate boiled silk worm...yummm! ok during the week was great because I went on exchanges. Very fun experience. We taught the first lesson to a new investigator at 봉천. I kinda sat there because i had 2 korean comps for the exchange so they were just going off in korean while i sat there and just prayed for them in my heart, and also that the investigator so that he could understand. Then at one point one of the korean comps looked at me and just said "teach" so i taught the restoration through joseph smith. It was a bit sudden but it ended up well. Teaching about Joseph Smith is always such a spiritually rejuvenating time. It went well. The rest of the week weas hard because we didn't have any appointments because it is 추석 (korean thanksgiving) so everyone was gone. reading elder sagers letter makes me feel like we are in the same boat. So many nice people that you see the spirit working in yet they don't keep commitments! It's so sad. but I know the importance that Agency plays in all our lives. A profound statement that president ringwood said was: "the savior did what he did so that some people could (through their agency) say no to our message." makes me really reflect on the love our Heavenly Father and Savior has for each of us. How easy it could be for him to make sure we come back to him yet he watchs and when we mess up he is their to bare us up and comfort us. I could only imagine the agony of being a father and watching my children do things that are harming themselves and keeping them from happiness. I pray that the korean people's hearts are soften so that heavenly father doesn't have to see them "dwindle in unbelief." Anyways um ok so it's "thanksgiving" so on saturday we had a zone activity! yayy! So went to a park right on the edge of the massive river. It was like being at a park by the lake it was beautiful. We rented bikes and road along the bike trails it was so great! except the bikes were not built for a big boy like me. Ha it looked like it had a flat tire when i sat on it, and to pedal i had to spread my knees out past the handle bars. Quite a sight, all the koreans their just started pointing and laughing at me. Pretty fun. After we had a 식사 (dinner appointment ) with our bishop. It was fun, ate alot of food. especially duck meat.... mmmmmm. After we played this fun little board game and left a small spiritual message. it was great! i love our bishop he's this hilarious old retired man who doesn't speak a lick of english ha. his hair is purple because he tries to dye it himself and it always goes wrong haha. it will be sad to leave him but o well, going where the lord needs me! sunday was super weird because we had nothing...only 1 hour of church and 15 people showed up. all the old people where dressed in traditionals dress for the holiday. But after had a little meal with a family. They were really nice and the old grandma and mother just kept telling me to i did. i ate a ton. It's going to be different because 강남 is the rich are and 주안 is like dirt poor. but that means that the people are probably more humbled and we will find alot of more prepared people. after church we were told to go home basically because we weren't supposed to proselyte on their holiday and the streets were empty. so we got home and everyone was tired and wanted to take a nap... but president had told us to do some deep cleaning over the holiday so i pulled out the fridges and man it was a mess.... my comps saw and started to help and we cleaned the kitchen for 3 hours straight. it was a mess and i scrubbed black grime off the floor for a good hour. then we switched the whole arrangement of everything. it was good. house is alot cleaner, so the spirit can be felt in more abundance! ha but the irony is, im leaving haha. it's ok, cleaning the house is my last parting gift to them. Well gotta a ton to do since im moving today. also have a zone activity. gonna be sad to say bye to the zone but they'll live. Got special permission from president since it is the holiday to watch like the RM or Other Side Of Heaven or Home Teachers. It's gonna be great! O plus in my new district i will be with elder Clearwater. Strange huh?!
DAD: FINALLY BYU SMASHED SOMEONE! geeze i was getting worried! now you gotta get everyone pumped for utah state! that's gonna be a must win. Just put brons in and shoot him up with some adrenaline shots or something! Anyways, how is everything else? So im sending a box home by boat so it should get there in lik 2 months. be on the look out for it! How's being bishop? probably busy as ever, continue to build up the youth! Don't have a heart attack while im gone! Love you!
MOM: O mother! I love you! all this cleaning of couse reminds me of you! You are just the best! im still snackin on that candy it is delicious, i run around like gollum from Lord of the Rings with my bag of Recess' candies as my precious! Anyways, things are great! Keep on keeping on! dance a little, you and dad should go on a date, and do like dancing or something fun. Kinda random but (it could help dad to lose a few). Love You.
ALEXIS: What are you up to sisssy!?!!! do anything fun lately. How's the hair? is it just lushious as ever (i have horrible spelling).  O my gosh they have the cutest fatest longest little dogs here! you would lvoe them! i saw one who was struggling so bad to get up the stairs because he was fat and tired and his stomach just dragged on the steps haha. I love them, but i know wanna drop kick one for fun! Love you!
BRONSON: Dude you are killing it, getting interviews and what not! ha ( bro wilcox keeps me informed). But always remember who gave you your gifts and always be the humble killer.....but kill.....dude you better murder utah state!! give the QB a head butt with your massive horse head! keep me updated bro! Love you!
DEARL: k so i need a picture of this guy that you are taking to sadies... how am i supposed to approve when all you tell me is he is devin's friend?! ha devin has some weird friends! haha (jk dev) how's josie. seeing all the dogs here make me miss her. Are you taking her on walks? SO how is the knee? does it hurt? are you continuing physical therapy? can you run? well i Love You!
DEVIN: DuDe you are such a stud! You know that by now right?! Ha you killing it in football still!? I wanna hear about all your sweet plays and stuff! you gotta tell me these things bro! plus you gotta send a pic of you in your uniform so i can put yours and brons's pics side by side! are you excited to go with little miss Hayward. Make sure to be a gentleman! have fun, be weird! Ha depending on your attitude you can make the date as fun as you want! you still play video games? ha random but just thinking about you. Love You bro!
Well Gotta go! Love you all! didn't get any emils from you because of this new schedule change. Sorry. I will eagerly await next week in my new area! I don't need anything. Just love hearing how you are all doing.  How can I help the Family? I'd send you some Kimchi because it's like my new favorite food...but i don't think yall could handle it haha. O yeah as my last little funny thing, so in 인사동 a old crazy lady came up to me and grabbed me and started yelling some gibberish about me being her boy friend. she tried to lead me away with her but i kinda kept walking and pulled away...then she spanked me.... well as awkward and weird that was, it's obvious....i still got game hahah LOVE YOU ALL!

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