Monday, October 15, 2012

o the land of jahoon

ha well hello there my long lost family!
Ok to clear up some things, joo an is a village....compared to seoul ha but it's still bigger then provo. so no, sadly im not ramboing it mom....maybe one day they will send me to the rice patties so i can get some big fat rice cheeks ha but not today! next,.....we lost NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... patience is coming into play with me and my cougars..... AHHHH why would we let it all slip in the fourth! gosh do i have to start praying for every game like i did in 7th grade?! I would love to see the pictures of the jerseys and the stadium. that would be so sweet.
Well we have really focused our efforts and I feel so blessed to be in this area. I'm preparing it for its glorious rising! literally im just going crazy with the amount of work here to do! I LOVE IT! staying super busy is awesome!!!!! I talk to EVERYONE! and yes i scare EVERYONE! this one lady in our ward litterally almost has a heart attack everytime she sees me.... some people think that people my size are like myths or something. But it is an amazing contacting tool so im grateful!
Wanna share a quick spiritual experience I had and of course it was related to conference. So of course General Conference as a missionary is completely different! WOW I literally felt like the spirit sat in the room and gave us revelation as we watched and listened to the words of our living prophet, apostles and leaders. It strengthened and confirmed my testimony so much that we have a living prophet. He recieves direct revelation from Heavenly Father and heading his counsel and the apostles' allows me to continue on my quest to eternal life. Anyways, I feel like I recieved alot of inspiration and revelation regarding mission work from President Thomas S. Monson. When he shared his experience about interviewing with the most successful missionary in europe and the missionaries key was, "picturing everyone he met in baptismal clothing and finding the joy of the Gospel." Man that hit me, because I do that sometimes but not everytime. It is so easy to just be talking to a guy who is coughing smoke and cancer lungs in my face and picture them not as they are but as they can become. So arfter conference ended we went street contacting and that is exactly what I did, i tried to not only show sincerity but to have christlike love in my heart to care for the people as he would. As I talked to people i felt like i had much more success because the spirit was litterally right there with me testifying to the people's hearts.  I know that in order to truly want to help others come into the gospel you must first find your own love of it.
In fact DEVIN YOU MUST PREPARE NOW! It literally makes me want to cry when i hear that you are reading the book of mormon with brons and gaining a testimony of it. That is something that really will make my day and week and month and year because coming to know the book of mormon is true is key to testimony and also key to going down the path of conversion. Devin, the road to get on a mission will be laden with temptations and trials that you will not even believe but, through the prayer of faith and the guidance of the holy ghost you can become ready to harvest the souls of God's Children. Do not take missionary preperation lightly.
Ok other good news um wow ward is nice! love them, still a bit shaky, really small but im gonna fix dat so no worries. I proselyte like a mad man! I have alot of amazing examples out here so im grateful, in fact some of my good brothers in the work are Elder Clearwater, and Elder Dallin Pope. They are such hard workers and i've been on exchanges with them both and we truly are giving our all to the Lord. You should say something to their families, nick clearwater went to school with me and dallin pope is from springville, his dad and brother are economic professors at byu, look em up ;) Today im gonna go throw the pigskin around and im SOOOOO PUMPED! man i need more workout time....o well, i might come home skinny but i will beat yall up with the Word of God!
DAD:BIRTHDAY  BOYYYYYYYYYYY! I LOVE YOU!!!!!! How old are you? and how much do you weigh?! gottta be alive for when i come home k?! but since it's your birthday go get youself something nice, like 4 double doubles....2 for your bday and 2 in remembrance of my love for In N out. Dad your line is doing so great. Like always im proud to be your son and to have learned the principles of the gospel from you in my youth. thank you.
MOM: BIRTHDAY GUUUUUUUURRRRRRLLLLLLL! I LOVE YOU!!!!! and you are a exercise instructor person!?! tell me all about it! sounds super fun, which is what you are all about! still do school board? So how's the romney? i lvoe politics because of you mom! remember when you made me go to the republican thing at timpview and listen to old people talk about how they think they nkow politics....yup i do. i only ask about romney because if he is elected the acceptance of the LDS church will blow up here in Koreal, the Harvest is truly vast! Well i'll eat alot this week just because it's your bday!!!! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!! i'd sendyou chocolate but im pretty sure it's made out of rotten teeth here... haha
ALEXIS: dang girl you are moving up in the world of vivint?!! so sick, how much do you get paid? when i get home i wanna live with you in your mansion pleeaaaassseweee! i'lll bring the korean kitties too! really though out side of my appartment are 2 twin kitties....and they are max's cousins! they have the same coloring as max! So how's the search for a new car? how's beenie wearing kt, that lil ginger! i live with a ginger named elder duke! well i LOVE YOU.
Bronson: YOU BEAST! geeze stop doing so good cuz im gonnna just have to come home and work my tail off to feel the shoes your leavintg me! So who is tui marrying? can she take care of such a;....mass..... hahaha dude you played sick. so proud of you bra! keep sending me pics and updates i love it! keep preparing dev for his mission! and grow out your hair! be a samson! dare you go on a date this weekkK!KKK!K!KK!K!K!K!K AHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAHHAH o well i willl survive im gonna have to take my frustrations out on my contacting and just contact twice as many people! Grossest thing i ate was boiled blood....weird... haha LOVE YOU
DEVIN!! THE TIME HAS COME!!! PREPARE FOT EH MISSION! dude you will be a great missionary, just keep growing your testimony! O and you are a beast on the field! so sick, keeping getting stronger, you still are behind me ;) i do like 325 core/ab excercises! tony horton status....jk, im a skinny chubby boy! but i love you!

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