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What an amazing day, I still remember when I got offered... barely haha but let this not be a sign of arrival, but a launch point. You've gained the honor but now you have to show that you're worthy of it. Keep working hard, become a beast like Brons! But read the scriptures and become a servant of the Lord like me! I expect to come home to you lifting twice as much as me! I'm a skinny little boy right now but skinny boys make for great tools in the hands of the Lord.
Anyways family i love you! That's all I have to say. Love is just crucial to our life on earth, and fulfilling our glorious destinies as inheritors of the Kingdom of God our Father. This week has been great, just goes by way too fast! Quick Miracle:
A miracle this week that happened Saturday was we were asked by our ward mission leader's son to go visit a less active together. He had felt that there was someone that he needed to visit. We also had a lesson right before we were going to go and we invited him to come and teach with us, then go visit the less-active together. He is about 15 and pretty shy but the lesson went well. During the lesson powerful testimony was shared, especially by Elder Perry and our little member was very impressed by it. Before we set out to the less-actives's we said a prayer in the church and prayed for that Lord to consecrate our efforts and allow the spirit to be with us. As we set out our little 15 year old member was just in awe of everything. He literally was just impressed so deeply by the spirit and kept saying, "wow, this is what it feels like to be a missionary." We ended up not finding the less-active's house but I see now that the purpose wasn't exactly for the less-active, but for our member to feel of the spirit of missionary work and recognize our calling as the Lord's servants. 

Anyways yes things are great here. President Christensen just stitched up my comp's fingure haha he cut it with an exacto-knife (reminds me of someone who cut their thigh with one of those....Dad...) He ran around like i did when I did something dumb and didn't want to tell Mom or Dad. Ha I was playing Brons, the brother who freaks out with him for a bit and tries to play doctor....but they I played Mom and told him he had to get if fixed. So we are at the office this morning!
I'm excited for the package, you don't need to send it if it's inconvenient but I will say, I love them. They are always amazing and today you saved my companionship with the food you sent! ha we ran out of food and for breakfast we were just going to eat rice, but then the poptarts you sent came to mind so my companionship was able to eat delicious poptarts for breakfast! It was great! saved the day! don't worry I'm going to go shopping at Costco today! we just didn't shop smart last week.
Fun experiences:
Ate cereal with water.....don't recommend it
Investigator came to me asking for a place to sleep....helping the homeless is always fun
Told an investigator that baptisms done at other churches are not valid because of the lack of priesthood keys and authority...he wasn't very accepting.
Made 200 cookies for the ward... You'd be proud mom...they were delicous! 
Fun when people ask if I'm korean....Lord's been helping me out alot with language study :)
Tried to do a couple pushups....failed....just kidding dad I'm rippled wtih muscle and Devin has nothing on me.
Ward mission Leader had a dream that I got transferred...he hasn't slept well and said he'd cry if it was revelation haha
Random question, Daryl how tall are you? people always ask me when they see our family pictures.
Love you all!
Elder Kaufusi

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