Tuesday, August 6, 2013

another week of crazy‏

  • another week of crazy‏

So busy! 

not enough time in the day.
 Literally by the time i finish calls and stuff and go to reach for my journal to write in it....it's 10:20 and I have to not do anything but prep for bed!

 it's so crazy so yes we had transfers and yes I am in a threesome training with Elder Luker and my new companion from Bountiful Utah Elder Perry!! they are such angels and i'm so grateful to be serving here at this historic time with them anyways. our mission added 1/3 because of all the new missionaries. everyone is training, it's ridiculous!

 man I love the 12 week program! but only Brons knows what that is. Anyways, in our ward we now have 7 missionaries, and i'm excited to get some work done for this 9 week transfer.

 Oh, and yes i got your PACKAGE and I am SO GRATEFUL for it! It was amazing and just a heaven sent gift. I gave all the little girls in our ward ak10 wrist bands. It was great. They all looked so cute and loved them. The toothbrush and paste was AMAZING and also the Garments and the Other things as well. Just amazing!! I can't thank you enough. I'm so grateful I was sent to the best family ever.

 Spiritual experience I had this week came by ways of our ward mission leader. His name is 김홍민 kim hong min ( become friends with him on facebook and tell him hello and how awesome he is please) He's truly a great leader and disciple of the Lord. So fun, yet so hardworking. I look up to him a lot. Anyways, at a meeting we had at our members house with investigators  i was sitting next to him and everyone else was eating and just talking. I was talking to him and asked him how he met his wife because they are always fun stories. They met and were married 3 weeks later... anyways it was a fun story and I was happy to get to know him better. then he asked me how I was going to get married. I, just like any other missionary, told him I hadn't and won't think about that till after the mission, then i changed the conversation to our investigators and stuff. 

Wasn't a big deal at all. Well lately I've been thinking about my work and how i can do better and if it is acceptable to the Lord and if it affected people. Yesterday at ward mission leader council kim hong min brought up the experience and got teary and said how it had a profound affect on him that I didn't talk about that marriage stuff with him. So through tears and broken english he looked at me and said, "I think you are a great missionary." It was an answer from the Lord to me that I was fulfilling my purpose. That my actions though small can affect those around me. I know that any other missionary would have done the same but to have that experience and have that spiritual experience with my ward mission leader was sacred and I'm grateful for the tender mercy the Lord did send me.

 well there's a foreigner black man in front of me and i think he wants to hear the gospel so i gotta go but 

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