Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 well this is super quick because i HAve to get going but I love you all so much and it was so great to see all the pictures and hear all the things that are going on!

 Brons looks fat,
 Lex's hair look beautiful, 
Daryl is awesome and i'm pumped to go driving in her self-bought car, 
Devin is just the snorlax as always! LOVE OUR FAMILY! 

Tell bishop I called his friend 3 times when he first sent the contact but something went wrong with the lady that answered the phone.... but i'll try every day this week till I get a hold of him!

 So much happening but no time. I love you. 

For all my friends that come home this week, i told them to go sleep in my bed and cuddle with zeus and eat if you could all be so hospitable i'd love that. Especially Mom, I I told them you would cook all their favorites. Your the best!

 literally have nothing to say because theres no time other than I LOVE YOU. 

 here's a short miracle.

Our most progressing investigator is a man named 

Moses who lived in L.A his whole childhood and then 

21-50 he's lived in korea. 

He has been to our church before and met missionaries 

a long time ago. The interesting thing is his interest in 

our church wasn't the Book of Mormon, it wasn't

 Joseph Smith, it wasn't Temples or not drinking coffee 

or polygamy but.....The law of Chastity....It was pretty 

interesting to have an investigator on our first visit ask

the question of if I'm a virgin and when we all said yes 

he was shocked! and continued to go off on how 

important chastity is in our world of changing values. 

Pretty amazing to meet someone like him because that's 

usually the last thing on people's minds. 

Love, Elder KAUFUSI 강대산 (Elder  : Strong Great Mountain)

Omni 1:26

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