Monday, March 3, 2014

Will I stay or will I doesn't matter

Well, I don't know if I'm staying in the office or not, or if they are going to let me go out to work down in the vineyard one last time! But I'll probably know by tomorrow, or the next day. However, my feeling is that the Lord has things in store for me and for what I can do to help others, and that is where I will put my trust. 

A side note, if I train maybe I could end up training Elder Mattingly one of Dad's friend's sons. Or maybe the other Orem utahn elder Miller (full name jacob tusitala miller) he's another ethnic Elder so that could be fun! But who knows what the Lord has in store! 

This week has been busy as usual we had some amazing miracles as we just put our head down and went to work. One happened yesterday! Our recent convert brought his friend to church last week and then again this week. We were able to teach him the first lesson. It was powerful and the spirit was so strong as elder sol and I testified of the restoration of the Gospel. As I recited the first vision and looked him in the eyes i could see the spirit working on him so evidently that i was shocked myself. After the lesson, (even though it was our first time meeting and teaching a lesson) we asked him to be baptized and he accepted. We pulled out our phone to pick a date and he picked the middle of march only a few weeks away. it was amazing! We knelt and he ended our lesson with such a heartfelt prayer. I was truly blessed to be in the presence of a prepared Son of God. But here is the rest of the miracle. We went and found out that his baptismal date wouldn't work because of stake conference. Naturally we texted him and asked if he would like to push it back a week and he said that he wanted to move it up a week! Miracles happen everyday, and to be worthy of the spirit to take part in them fully is such a great opportunity to choose who we want to be in this life.

 I pray that this week you will each wake up everyday and choose to follow Christ and be worthy of the spirit. Then throughout each day find those times where the Lord would have you do his will. I promise they are always there, and I promise that recognizing them makes an enormous difference in our lives. 

Love, Elder Kaufusi

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