Monday, March 24, 2014

Hi Family

So time is pressed as always but I loved all the emails. Little Marley Holladay is gorgeous! Can wait to meet her in person! Everyone sounds like they are doing good. Know that you all are always in my heart and prayers. 


Miracle this week was on our way to stake conference as we were riding the bus. 

We were in the very back and there was an awkward one seat in front of the last row that I basically had to just squat down on the ground to talk to the man that was sitting there. He was really nice, and was polite but after talking for about half of our bus ride he didn't have much interest. Sad that he didn't want to meet but grateful I was able to sit comfortable back in my seat I scooted back. Then I looked ahead to see that there were some men with open seats next to them. Immediately the first thought was, "you have to try and talk to them!" But then the rationalization came, "your back hurts and you just spent a long time trying to talk to the last person, that single 전도 should be sufficient for the bus ride. plus if you move and get up it will be disruptive and everyone will think you are weird.

Well I'm grateful that the Spirit nudged me enough because sure enough I got up and awkwardly made my way up the bus a couple rows to sit down next to a college student, even when there were clearly spaces for me to sit alone somewhere else. He was reading a biography about michael jackson and I couldn't have asked for a better way to strike up a conversation! We talked and it was great in fact I made an appointment to meet again. As I got off the bus I felt so humbled and grateful that the Lord was mindful of my weakness, and the things I lack, but he always lets the spirit push and encourage so that I might be uplifted in some sort of way. 

I love this work. 

Keep working hard, and Loving others even more!

Elder Kaufusi Love you all!

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