Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I love you hearing about my amazing family! 

Truly is such a blessing to have an eternal family. My testimony of that principle of the gospel is undaunted and I know that we will all be together forever! 

This past week was really great, full of miracles! One of which was a baptism! Our recent convert's friend was baptized by our recent convert and the Baptismal service was absolutely wonderful. To see the gospel spread from one persons heart to another's through love and compassion brings about such a special feeling of the spirit. It's interesting how koreans bare testimony, prayers and give speeches because at one point or another they always state that they will work hard on something, or they make a statement that they will do something more to change. It was a tender mercy for our recent convert to stand after his baptism and state, " I will live more faithfully for the rest of my life." What a blessing to see the gospel of happiness filling lives with that unbelievable joy. I thought to myself, "How often do we make those kinds of statements? 

How often in our prayers do we show faith, and assure our father in heaven that we are committed to do more and follow the given path? God knows our hearts, so why should we have to tell him that we are committed to do more?...Well when we say it in word we put our integrity on the line. Integrity, our word, is what changes a mere desire to an action. Integrity is what our nature is based on." I hope that you will all strive to be the Children of our Father that are based off a foundation of integrity. That not only are your thoughts are honest and pure but that all your actions follow accordingly, and your word is unbreakable and unchanging. 

I love you all so much. 

I give you my word, that I will sprint to the finish with all the energy I have! 

Love, Elder Kaufusi  

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