Monday, February 25, 2013

Corbin's letter; stupid irish!‏

GOSH DANG!! We almost pulled it out!!! ahhhhh man....those little
 leprechauns just know how to hit you below the belt! Gosh where was
 our William Wallace dad?! Oh well I will get over it. In time.. haha
 all the asians here are little brown squint-y leprechauns so it will be
 rough but I will live.

        Enough of that, I gotta make this quick because
 I am spoiling myself and going to a gogi buffet (MEAT BUFFET)
 Hallelujah! This week has been crazy, the work is rolling now. Picked
 up our first 3 investigators here in 주안. Also Elder Amina leaves in
 like 2 days so I am getting nervous for transfer calls tonight because
 i've only been in the area for 2.5 weeks and I'll have to run it this
 next transfer! But the Lord will provide. Good news, I passed off! aka
 i can now go senior comp! yeah super nerve racking. Reciting D&C 4 in
 korean takes like 5 minutes ha ha but it was good. However it adds more
 pressure...because now I'm like eligible to train next transfer and if i
 train that means I'm going to have to learn Korean a lot faster! but
 luckily I have my Patriarchal blessing that says I can speak
 languages (good stuff Daryl) so I know with reliance on the Lord I can

 A miracle that was brought about by the spirit is we met
 with this guy for the first time and he was sketchy and was holding a
 plastic bag. I was busy talking to people on the street and elder
 amina went and talked to him and the guy whipped out a big bible from
 his bag and started slapping it and yelling and going off about how
 the card we gave him didn't say anything about the bible!
 Well...sometimes elder amina can lose patience quickly so i ran over
 there to make sure he didn't punch this guy. But he was okay and he was
 in fact the guy we were supposed to meet so we calmed him down and sat
 and just asked him about Heavenly Father and asked some very inspiring
 questions that brought the spirit. His entire countenance changed when
 we talked and taught about the Book of Mormon. We would ask a question
 and he would literally sit there in silence for 5 straight minutes. It
 reminded me of Elder Christofferson when he said in a talk that when
 speaking in hostile venues it is the spirit that allows us to say what
 needs to be heard. I was so grateful that Heavenly Father heard my
 prayers and that the spirit, when i am diligent, guides me whether I
 know it or not!

 Okay some funny stuff.... while I was proselyting a taxi cab guy pulled
 me over and i was like "wow this guy wants to hear the gospel" so i
 crouch to look through the car and talk and he is saying something i
 don't understand and is pointing "down" then i realized what he was
 saying and i quickly zipped up my fly that was gaping open with like
 my tucked in shirt hanging out ha. So, moral of the story. Yes taxi
 drivers are creeps, but they still serve a purpose! ha ha.

Fun things I did, we had 12 week training follow up and yes mom i got your package!
 its still at the office because of a mix up but I am super excited!
 Anyways I got to sleep at presidents because it is so far from 인천. I
 felt super weird because it seemed like forever ago i was sleeping in
 the same place as i came to the country! anyways, super cool!
 These will be short, sorry...
 DAD: Well darn the Irish, but luckily your a Bishop and the spirit
 restrains your anger... ;) ha ha well at least your boy got a sack! Who
 is in on your base package? do you ever see Lene around or Terenn?
 MOM: Love you, can't wait to see the package. How's school board? any
 news on the Romney? I made homemade donuts last night! I am a total chef
 now! the years of watching foodnetwork with you is paying off.
 ALEXIS: good ol' dixie! you are following daddy's footsteps! (just
 don't throw a rock at a big farm boys truck and get chased back to the dorms)
 right dad? ha ha. How's the kitty!? are you making bank at vivnt?  Keep
 imagining that you make big bucks!
 BRONSON: SACK!! yeah baby the one bright hope about hearing about the
 game. You are probably getting pretty buff. I just got up and  looked at myself in the mirror this morning and....did a ton of pushups after.
 ha ha ha ha it's OK I'll get there after 2 years.
 DARYL: So proud you got your patriarchal blessing! Makes me feel the
 spirit just hearing about it. I hear there's a lot of awesome stuff in
 it! SO COOL! well you'll have to tell me all about it, and your good
 for nothing date that wasn't supposed to happen!!
 DEVIN: LEADERSHIP! read the white handbook of blessings about
 leadership with Brons! anyways awesome on getting the Liahona of your
 life brother! Cherish it and read it daily! Heard you got pulled up
 for football, nice dawg!!!! killer!!! HULK SMASH!!! I scare the other
 missionaries by yelling like Hulk and chasing them. dude...ha random
 but you still play video games? For some reason our night talks while
 lying on our mats on the floor and our topic has been video games so i thought of you and the
 times we had when we would sleep in my big bed and talk all night.
 STEPH AND TRAV (if home): Ello peeps! How's it! babies or pets yet?
 don't worry did a Craig answers vid the other morning so you all should
 get it soon.
 WELLLLL I love you all and am so blessed to be in the family i am!
 Needs: well a few, only if possible:
 1.Cleats ...a lot of soccer. my shoes are getting destroyed ha
 2. a Hoodie...getting cold, but they sadly don't have my size...
 3. Mom....I'm breaking out like a!!! ha ha
 4. ....victory secret beauty lip gloss, you know the one we all lips just haven't felt luscious
 in soo long ha ha

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