Sunday, March 31, 2013

We are under attack!!!!!.....from SATAN!!‏

sounds like I get to actually go Rambo here.
 If they do start a war I'm totally going to proselyte in North Korea....under the radar haha. 

Well things are great, I just picked up my SON this last week! His name is Elder Gardner from portland oregon! He's such a cute little fella, the spirit radiates from him and I'm so blessed. Also, still with my step son Elder 이승봉, he's doing great too. I've seen his testimony grow so much since being with him. It is amazing.

 Well things here are the same, we do A LOT of proselyting. Ha but I'm grateful that the Lord has given me a love for it! I love talking to everyone and try and help them. Lots of them are afraid of me still and don't want to talk, but man sharing my testimony daily is amazing.

 A neat thing going on is that we are teaching another mongolian! We taught the first lesson yesterday at church and he was pretty accepting. It was great! He doesn't know alot about religion or christianity so we taught him with emphasis on Christ and God. 

Korean is coming along, especially because I have to translate everything between my companions! 

Easter was good yesterday...just another day in the Lord's work ha. However, the ward did feed everyone hard boiled eggs after church. (i guess that's what they do here haha). Our ward mission leader's wife gave a great talk on what the resurrection means to her and us as disciples of Christ. It was great! Today I'm going to walk around the palace again with my new missionary son. Ha, just like what I did when I first came into country.

 Well I love hearing about how everyone is! Sounds like our house is as busy as ever! Make sure you all make personal time to talk with our Heavenly Father, and read that scriptures. These 2 things can lead to so much guidance and revelation it's unbelievable. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Elder Kaufusi

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