Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm so happy for you bro!

Even though I knew last week ha ha still checking emails and reading about the engagement makes me happy!

Well things in the new area are great! There were 3 people planned to get baptized in 2 weeks so I'm gonna finish up teaching them and hopefully help them enter into the gate of Baptism!  2 are Mongolians that need a translator so that is really fun. My companion who I am half training is a shy 23yr old Korean who speaks not a lick of English!!!! what a great opportunity or me to learn Korean! I just pray he doesn't get sick of my Korean questions/ and the language barrier.

Anyways we had stake conference this week in my new ward and President came. The area I'm serving in was President's first area! It was neat to listen to him speak. Also, a lot of talks were on the happiness of the Gospel it was great. I can truly say that this Gospel is where you can find perfect happiness. Being able to share my testimony of this gospel, the Savior, and this overwhelming happiness is truly a blessing. Fun to be back in a 4 man house. My roommate is a new Korean missionary who doesn't speak any English either and an older missionary from Bountiful named elder Ward. He is a BYU fan maniac! It's fun, our house is actually on the church property and is owned by the stake so literally it takes me 15 steps from our front door to the church. There's also a basketball court in the parking lot so I play basketball every other morning after getting destroyed by tony doing ab ripper.

Well, the work is great and I love it! Keep pressing forward in faith. The 2 new scriptures I memorized today were 1Kings 2:2 and 2Kings 6:16 they are awesome and Make me feel like crying repentance through a loud speaker!
I Love You!!!!!! Elder Kaufusi

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