Sunday, March 31, 2013

ELLO Chaps!‏

Alright my beloved Family I am on and emailing! 

Thanks for all the wonderful Emails! I love hearing about the family. You all seem so wonderful. 

Yes I got your St.Patrick's box and it as gorgeous! thanks for all the treats and what not. Funny story: So I gave the green plastic necklace to the recent convert in our ward just to be funny and make her day. Anyways she loved it and researched what the clovers mean and now she wears the necklace literally everywhere! ha just a little plastic beaded clover necklace. We had an amazing baptism of 3 people yesterday and she gave a little talk/testimony and she was wearing the green's her treasure! I got a laugh out of it. 

Anyways, the baptisms went amazing. These 3 investigators all had a baptismal date before I got here yet I got to teach them a couple times and within the small amount of time I became very close with them especially the 2 mongolians. It was such a blessing and miracle to watch them be baptized and enter in the gate! Now we just have to finish the baptism by fire next week in sacrament! 

I'm so grateful for this gospel and all that Heavenly Father and the Savior have done for me and everyone. I gave my first training by myself at district meeting. It was based on Elder Holland's talk "Urgency" that was given at a missionary president seminar. It's amazing. I feel like there is so much more we can do as missionaries here. We can truly involve ourselves with the spirit more and call down miracles from heaven! 

Mom, to answer your question, My companions name is Lee Seungbong. He is a cute little new missionary. Still struggling with communication betweeen each other but man I'm speaking alot of Korean! I love it! Happy you got the box! I hope nothing broke. 
I love you all so much and pray that the spirit is with you this day and for the rest of the week! 
Love Elder Kaufusi
Ps. I watched 17miracles....and cried.....I'll probably do it again tonight after planning! O and that John Lund man is awesome! you should feed him, and also please feed Va'a or something! has bronson met him? His family sent me some packages and I'm so grateful for them! anyways I LOVE YOU!

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