Sunday, June 16, 2013

Families are Forever

I'm glad you got my camera chips! I was talking with my companion and just was like, "Well if those 3 chips get lost in the mail, 6months of my mission will be gone..." so it was kind of scary to think about but at the same time i didn't care because I'm experiencing it!

 Sounds like everyone is so great. 
Mom, You're a trooper.
 Dad, you too....just bigger.
 Lex feed that little baby of yours.
 Brons love the pics! and im glad that someone that looks like a horse can finally run like one. 
Daryl Money is so nice huh?! one thing i wish i did was save more. be frugal! 
Devin you beast on the field! gosh I'm going to come home and you are going to eat me! But it's ok I learned korean so i'm still smartest....not really though.
Well this week has been crazy crazy as usual. The Work is moving forward. Our investigator with the baptismal date for next week didn't come to church this week so we went to find him. Went to his house and got to meet his family and I was able to talk with the mom about our church and bear testimony of the Book of Mormon and share 3 nephi 9:14. She really liked it and it was a miracle. She said that she'd get her son (who is 39) to church and help us. Also I gave her a book of mormon and committed them to read together. We will visit their home often and teach her as well. I'm excited for the blessings of the Lord to shower upon this family! 

Another miracle was that this man I met on the street actually met with us. We make tons of appointments on the street but none of them actually meet. But he met and it was amazing. He talked about how he was religious and then just fell away, and that his family situation was not good and that he really just felt he needed to find God again. It was everything a missionary wants to hear. Not that he had to endure trials but that he heeded the spirits small promptings to bring him to us and find the happiness that the gospel provides. It makes me tear up thinking about what angels have done to get him to this humbled meek state. 

I'm grateful for the Lord and his constanct efforts to prepare people. My efforts are so small, yet I get to enjoy the fruits of those he has planted seeds in and watched over since birth. He's truly the most selfless missionary! 

Well Keep up the good work. Live life to the fullest IN THE GOSPEL!
Love you! Elder Kaufusi

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