Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father! I Am Your Son!‏

Im so glad when daddy comes home
Glad as I can beeeee!
clap my hands and shout for joy,
then climb up on his knee!!!!!!
Put my hand around his neck,
Hug him tight like dissssss!!!!!
Pat his cheeks and give him what.....
I LOVE YOU DAD! You have been an amazing influence in my life and I am so grateful to be called your son. I will try to do as you taught and follow the Savior. I look forward to the day I get to hug you then pick you up and then pin you down! Today is not that day, but someday. I think the reason they don't let us call on fathers day is that Elders might cry more when they talk to their Dad's so yeah that's my justification for not being able to call. Plus dad's are very frugal and the idea of long distance calling goes against their frugal beliefs. ;)
Well, it was fathers day yesterday here, and I gave a talk in church...because I'm being transferred!

 Super strange, literrally i was for sure thought elder Gardner (my son) and I would stay and be eternal companions for 3 transfers. But the Lord called me a different way. Our ap, aka my highschool friend elder nicky clearwater, called me and was like, " not supposed to call you yet..... sorry bye." then the other elders in our house got the call they were staying.

Then 20 minutes before bedtime i got a call from president that I'd be going to a place called 길음 to be zone leader again. I thought they would've learned the first time that I have no leadership abilities! But I guess the Lord can make use of my big body to slap around the elders in the zone above me. 

I'm staying in the North mission with President Christensen. I knew I would stay north. President and I are just too close! he can't forsake his large brown son! 

But yeah my new companion is named elder Luker and we served out in 인천 for a couple weeks by each other. He's a go getter so I'm excited. However, my ward was pretty surprised i was leaving. in sacrament our first councellor texted me and asked if i was giving a final message and goodbye talk. I said yes. No one really knew. 

Sad to go but change is necessary. 동대문 is the area i've been the longest. 3 transfers i was there. Well, a bit sad because some of the missionaries that I was really good friends with and my mtc companion will be in the south mission. I will miss them greatly, but the work goes on and the vineyard definitely needs alot more pruning! 

My last talk to the ward was on working with the lord at this time of hastening. I shared Jacob 70 and 71. 

Well yeah, it's getting hot here.

 A quick miracle. So we do alot of proselyting, anyways we were out talking to everyone and then went honme. that night a member called and said she saw us talking to everyone and that she had a referral for us. The referral has high potential and it was awesome. I met him and his cute little kid and was able to talk and start a good relationship with him. Sad to think i won't get to teach him and see what happens but I'll be happy to get the call that he's getting baptized. 

Well hmm interesting things this week. I made a planner case....and the back cover is a picture of Alexis dog, Bella!!! my little niece who is going to be big enough to play with when i get back.  Its almost rainy season so that's exciting!  hopefullyy it will cool down this heat!

 Please send lots of pictures of Brons and the Honey. 
Also LEx and the puppy baby. 
Daryl and her soccer trip to the mother land oh...canada.
Devin and the ...muscle gaining attempts....
Oh mother i went  running the other week....almost died hahaha I'm a chubby little boy that was cutting his hair this morning and accidentally shaved some of my eyebrow! classic right?! Well I'll stop rambling. I LUBbA YEWSSS
PS. If missionaries that served in korea every show up at the house looking for food MOM...please feed them. I just keep giving them all your name, cell number and our address. Telling them to go eat! My mom will cook for you oh yes and I also told them that if any of them need a place to stay that you would be fine with it. 

I sure love ya Momma....keep those crazy siblings of mine in line.

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