Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bath House Here I Come

 I have experienced the Korea today. I ate 보신탕! aka dog soup. SO now I'm officially korean....I shrunk 3 feet or 4,
my vision got...thinnner,
and my english is below par.

 Anyways, yes sounds like the summer is going to be full of awesomeness! I love our family and just how great our lives are. Literally the blessing of having such an amazing family is something I will never be able to comprehend, but as I try to do so, I see the hand of the Lord. 

So, continue to recognize the hand of the lord in your lives and in your interactions with eachother. 

This week we had some great miracles. one of which was we were able to pick up some new investigators and the investigators that we had before that didn't have gospel interest are softening and the spirit is taking place in them. 

It's amazing to see the spirit work within them all. Boldly asking them to follow the savior is something I love so much. Not because it just feels good to "cry repentance," but to say with the sincerity of my heart that I know what this gospel can do for them and if they change they can experience happiness and peace beyond what they know, is just an experience I savor as a missionary. 

Had a very tender moment when we were walking down a street in a poorer area and this little kid was outside of the little corner store staring at ice cream. So, i talked to him and bought him the biggest watermelon ice cream and he was so bewildered and grateful. He may never see missionaries again and never remember me but the fact that I was able to do something good for someone and show compassion through a small act was amazing. 

Also brother Bronson...I went and did some singing proselyting like you suggested! We sang hymns on 17 floors of an apartment building 2 hymns each floor. No one came but they have video things outside the doors and when we would start singing you'd watch them turn on (after they've already rejected us) and they'd watch us and listen to the hymns. It was great. I know that the spirit got through to  them in one way or another.
 Ha on the 2nd to last floor the security came and kicked us out. He was a nice old man and i proselyted to him as he walked us out...He accepted a pass along card so a miracle within a....kick out.

Well,  I love you all keep holding the faith strong! Please Tell our amazing Edgemont 8th ward I love them as well.

 Loved the pictures of the engagement photos, send more! Brons go to the temple and prepare yourself spiritually for this step of your life. 

Sent a letter to Lex with my memory cards and stuff so let me know if you get it.......There's a lot of pics and videos on 3 cards so please be careful with them.
I love you all!
Elder Kaufusi
P.S. I'm on my way to a bath house right now! oh la la, yay!

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