Monday, June 24, 2013


Alright got to be quick! 

Going down to Gangnam for a lunch/pday activity with some of the missionaries from the south mission including myMTC comp and lots of my missionary friends .....  :( it's so sad to think this is the last time i will see them and the last time I will go to my birth place in  Gangnam. I think when i get out of the subway and the memories of that place smack me, I'll cry.... Anyways, im in a place called 望擠 Gir-eum which is still in the smack of seoul it actually borders my last area, but it's a different zone and stake. My zone extended up to the border so hmmmm might need to do some proselyting up there.... RAMBO!  I''m here with an amazing missionary named Elder Luker! He's from Nephi Utah and he's the man! We are working so hard. We hit the ground running! He is 2 transfers older than me and we are just pulling down miracles from heaven! here's a couple 

  •  At the beginning of this week we just worked as hard as we could hoping to get some good street lessons and find new investigators, but the lessons or investigators weren't coming. A bit of a trial of our faith because we were working so hard and not seeing results and satan of course came along tempting us with discouragement and despair. 

  • However, we kept working and just showing forth our faith in the 瞪紫. Well in 4 days went from 10 contacts to 305, crushing the standard the excellence by more than double. Then this Sunday, the miracles came. A random person Elder Luker met a week before on the street came to church, and a miracle within that is he didn't know how to get to the church. He met a member on the way over and asked him how to get to the 輿團 center next to the church so the member helped him thinking he was just a random person. Then he was able to come to church and see that it was actually an investigator! He stayed all of church and for the wonderful baptism/luncheon after. He was with us for 5 hours! During church we were able to teach him, and the spirit testified to him that baptism was something he needed. It was our first meeting but he has told us of a desire to be baptized and we will continue to teach him and help him progress to following the Savior. 

  • Next on the street that night we were able to meet with a man I met a couple days ago. He's a Jehovah's Witness and I was a bit afraid he wanted to bible bash, which is definitely what we didn't want. So we searched for a place to sit because he wouldn't meet at the church. We walked by a school and I asked if he'd be ok if we go in there and talk. He said, "no we aren't allowed to go in." Then we passed by the gate which was opened and people were playing soccer so I asked again....he said the same thing. Finally after seeing that there was nowhere to sit and talk I asked again and he said, "ok since other people are in there i guess we'll be ok too." (not a direct translation from his korean六六六) We passed a soccer kid laying on a bench just sleeping then sat down about 15 yards away and started with a prayer than started a discussion. After a minute the soccer kid walked over to us and in english said, "hello, I have been thinking a lot about mormonism and what you believe, would it be ok if I sat down and listened to your sermon?"  I felt like a missionary of old like Wilford Woodruff in england just preaching on boxes and having people searching for the truth listen. The kid ended up being amazing and just opened his heart and expressed his desire to truly know. so like elder anderson said in his conference talk; we invited him to "come and see" so we will meet him again and just allow the gospel to change his life!

  •  Well sounds like the wedding is rolling on! I'm super pumped for you two! keep me updated on everything! I've decided I'd like a nephew by the time i get back so...yes ponder that hehehe. Lex Send me a pic of bella! i want to see how big she is now. I put her as my planner cover and i show everyone i talk to on the streets my niece :)  Dev, kill it this week at camp and you/the boys be good to mom. If I hear that you all caused any mischief I will be very disappointed! Daryl how was Canada ! are so dark! I have to tell everyone about you because every doesn't believe that I'm american....half calf for life! Mother! Keep being amazing and don't be afraid to take a breath every now and again!

  • love you all. the scripture that came to me this week is luke 2:37 I believe. It's a goodie!
  • Elder Kaufusi

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